How To Switch Spotify Accounts On Alexa

How To Switch Spotify Accounts On Alexa

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When you have an Amazon account, you are literally paving the way for amazing opportunities to work with Alexa, the voice assistant.

You can make her play music, set alarms, manipulate the switches, and the list is endless.

Many music services linked to Alexa, like Spotify, let you listen to your favorite playlists as you go about your daily chores.

So the prerequisite is linking the Spotify account to your Amazon account, and you are good to go. But the problem doesn’t end there.

Your choice of songs may not match your family members, so it is a better idea to have different Spotify accounts.

Here we have detailed how to use more than one Spotify account on Alexa and how to change Spotify account on Alexa.

But before that, it is good to know how to link Spotify and Alexa accounts.

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Linking Spotify and Alexa

Using your smart speakers, you can link Spotify to Alexa with the following steps:

Open the Amazon Alexa app

How To Switch Spotify Accounts On Alexa 05

Press the Play icon seen at the bottom

How To Switch Spotify Accounts On Alexa 00

Scroll down the Music & Books section and press More Music Streaming Services / Manage Your Services

How To Switch Spotify Accounts On Alexa 01

Select Spotify

How To Switch Spotify Accounts On Alexa 02

Log in to your Spotify Premium account by giving the username and password

How To Switch Spotify Accounts On Alexa 03

Link both the accounts

How To Switch Spotify Accounts On Alexa 04

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Is multiple Spotify accounts a possibility?

It is definitely possible to have multiple Spotify accounts, the only requirement being the presence of multiple Amazon accounts.

You can link each Spotify account to a different Amazon account and enjoy unlimited music.

There is no need to consider this a time-consuming idea, as setting up multiple Amazon accounts takes only a few minutes.

While setting up an Amazon account initially, you might have created an Amazon Household linking all your Amazon devices.

This comes in handy when you are trying to create multiple Spotify accounts.

When you create another Amazon account to link a second Spotify account, make sure that this account is set up within the same Amazon Household.

Yet another use of creating a new Amazon account is for making children’s accounts that give you better parental controls.

Why have multiple Spotify accounts?

When you use the same Spotify account, your music preferences will be saved. So when someone else in your home wants to listen to music, it plays your favorites.

Having different Spotify accounts resolves this issue by having different preferences for each Spotify account.

In addition, having several Spotify accounts is ideal if you want to listen to different music in different rooms, depending on what each occupant wants to hear.

Adding a new Spotify account to Alexa

  • Go to the Amazon Household page with the Amazon profile using which Alexa was set up
  • When you select Add Adult, you will get instructions to send an invite to your family member. If they do not have an Amazon account, they can create one
  • Log in to the Alexa app using the new Amazon account credentials
  • To link Spotify to this account, go to More > Settings > Music & Podcasts. Now tap Link New Service and then select Spotify. Follow the instructions to link your accounts.

Using Spotify Connect

Luckily for Spotify users who cannot create another Amazon account, there is something called Spotify Connect that lets them listen to music in various Alexa speakers the way they want to.

Follow the below steps for activating Spotify Connect.

  • Close the Spotify app on the device used to run Spotify. This is necessary for the initial connection to work without any issue.
  • Give Alexa the command to connect to Spotify by saying, ‘Alexa, Spotify connect, and follow the below steps.
  • Open the Spotify app on your device and play a song
  • Tap on the device icon on the Now Playing bar
  • From the devices listed, select your Amazon speaker to transfer the song being played to Alexa

The voice command you gave initially might not work if you already have a Spotify account linked to the speaker.

If that is the case, you can try connecting the speaker to your phone as a Bluetooth device.

Switching Spotify accounts on Alexa

Switching Spotify accounts is quite easy if you have taken the pain of creating new Amazon and Spotify accounts.

You can switch your user profiles on the speaker and listen to songs on your own Spotify account. You have to say, ‘Alexa, switch to [name] profile’.

Once this command is given, you can use any of the Alexa Spotify commands to listen to an album, playlist, or whatever you want to listen to.

The speaker now knows to play the music based on the preferences of the chosen profile’s Spotify account and not any other.

To change the Spotify account linked to your Alexa profile, open the Alexa app.

Go to More > Settings > Music & Podcasts > Spotify. Disable the skill and re-enable it to connect your profile to a different Spotify account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use Spotify Free with Alexa?

Yes, Spotify Free can be used with Alexa to play music on your Amazon speakers.

The good news is that Spotify Free can be used with other speakers, too, like Bose, and is not restricted to Amazon speakers.

How can I set Spotify as the default music service for Alexa?

  1. Open the Alexa app
  2. Press More seen at the bottom
  3. Go to Settings > Music & Podcasts
  4. Select the section named Default Services
  5. To make Spotify as default, tick Spotify on Music and Artist And Genre Stations

So the process of switching Spotify accounts on Alexa comes out to be pretty simple if you have laid the proper groundwork.

Create a new Amazon account for every Spotify account you are newly creating. The whole setup makes it easy for each household member to enjoy songs close to their hearts.

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