How To Turn Off Alexa?

How To Turn Off Alexa?

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Turning off Alexa means you want your Alexa device to no longer listen to you. It means you want an Alexa device to work as a normal speaker and not as a smart speaker.

It is known that Alexa is always listening but only responds back when it hears the wake word. It records all your conversations.

However, you can prevent this if you want by turning Alexa off. Here are some of the ways you can turn Alexa off on different devices.

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How To Turn Off Alexa With Voice Command

Can you turn Alexa with a voice command? Well, no, there is no such voice command that turns Alexa off. Try saying, “Alexa, turn off” and it won’t work. This is because, if it is turned off by voice command, you will have to turn it back on manually as Alexa can no longer hear you.

You therefore cannot turn off Alexa with voice command. However, you can definitely do this manually, by turning off the microphone button on the Alexa device control panel.

How To Turn Off Alexa On My Phone

Cutting down to the chase, there is no way to turn off Alexa on the phone. If by turning off Alexa on your phone, you mean you no longer want to use Alexa, you can simply uninstall the Alexa app downloaded on your app.

However, if by turning off Alexa you mean you want Alexa to just stop listening to you or stop recording your conversations, here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Alexa app on your phone
  • Go to More > Settings
  • Within Settings find Alexa Privacy and tap on it
  • Tap on Manage your Alexa data
  • Follow on-screen prompts to stop Alexa from recording conversations
  • Further, go back to the Alexa Privacy menu and tap on ‘Help improve Alexa’
  • Toggle off the ‘Use of voice recordings’ button.
  • Now, tap on ‘Use messages to improve transactions’ and toggle it off as well.

How To Turn Alexa Off On Fire Tablet

How To Turn Off Alexa?
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Do you have a Fire tablet? Do you think the use of Alexa is draining the Fire tablet’s battery too quickly?

You can actually save your battery by turning off Alexa on fire tablet. You surely cannot uninstall Alexa from the device but you can turn it off or disable it.

To allow Alexa to not be active when the device is held, follow:

  • Open the fire tablet
  • Go to tablet’s Settings
  • Follow Device options
  • Find the Alexa title. Tap the slider to allow Alexa to not come up
  • Now, get back and go to Apps and Games
  • Tap on manage all Apps
  • Tap on ‘All category’ or swipe left three times
  • Find the Alexa app icon and tap on it
  • Tap on Force Stop, clear the data and the cache.
  • Now, go back, find the Alexa Cards app
  • Open it, tap on force stop, clear the data and cache

Otherwise, you can just open the Alexa app and press on deactivating app to turn off Alexa on fire tablet.

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How To Turn Off Alexa On LG TV

If you don’t want to have an Alexa voice assistant on your LG TV in the first place, do not set it up. However, if you are already past that, it will further depend on the current version of your LG TV web Os. To check the WebOS of your LG TV, follow on the LG TV screen:

  • Press the home button on the TV remote
  • Go to Settings > General > Devices > Tv > TV information


Settings> All Settings> support> TV information.

If your LG smart TV has WebOS 0.5 or higher, you will have an LG Think Q app as well Alexa app downloaded on your mobile device.

You will further have a ThinQ skill enabled on your Alexa app. If yes, then turning off Alexa on LG Tv becomes super easy. All you need to do is disable this skill to turn off Alexa. To disable the ThinQ skill on the Alexa app, follow:

  • Open the Alexa app on the mobile device
  • Go to the menu on the right bottom corner of the screen
  • Tap on skills from the menu
  • Search for ThinQ skill in the search menu
  • Open the skill and tap on disable (if the skill is enabled)

That’s it! Once your ThinQ skill is disabled, your Alexa account is no longer linked with the LG Tv and your Alexa won’t work i.e. it will be turned off.

Alternatively, if you haven’t used ThinQ skill to connect Alexa to your LG TV, you will have to turn off the Alexa by removing the LG device from Alexa devices.

For this,

  • Open the Alexa app
  • Go to Devices at the bottom of the screen
  • From the setup device, select LG TV
  • Remove the LG device from the Alexa Devices

This can turn off the Alexa on LG TV.

Turn Off The Alexa Completely

The best way to turn off the Alexa completely is by uninstalling the Alexa app from your mobile device. This way your Alexa device will no longer be connected to the Alexa in any way.

Turning off Alexa means your Alexa device would lose its essence and no longer be a smart speaker. It will now act like a normal speaker and will only work with Bluetooth (if compatible). Another way is to remove the power of the Alexa device. This will not only turn off the Alexa but also the Alexa device. Alexa device needs to be plugged in permanently and connected to the internet to make it work as a smart speaker.

If you have any other Alexa device besides the Echo, you can choose to completely factory reset your smart Alexa device to turn off the Alexa from it.

There is no other way to turn off Alexa completely in true words.

How to turn off Alexa
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Does the Alexa alarm turn off automatically?

No, the Alexa alarm does not turn off automatically. The alarm ringtone you set will roughly play for around 4 minutes if the alarm is not turned off manually.

If you hit snooze, it will stop for roughly around 9 minutes before the alarm starts sounding again. If you command, “Alexa, stop”, the alarm will be turned off. Using other phrases like hush, silence, end, discontinue will make Alexa reduce the alarm volume.

Can you turn Alexa off when not in use?

No, you cannot turn Alexa when not in use. You can only turn the mic off when you don’t want Alexa to listen to you. Alternatively, you can unplug your Alexa device to turn it off.

Why does Alexa turn off by itself?

Alexa does turn off by itself when you have set the sleep timers for a predetermined period. If you have a different Alexa device like a Bose speaker, it has an Auto OFF feature that prevents the Alexa to turn off by itself.

How do you turn off Alexa for the night?

Follow Alexa app > Devices > Echo & Alexa > Do not disturb

Select the Echo device you want to turn off for the night. You can select do not disturb for all your Echo Alexa device to turn off for the night.

Why can’t I get Alexa to shut off?

Alexa can’t be shut off until you disconnect it from your home wifi or just unplug the Alexa device from the power source. Moreover, if the Alexa device is playing music in a loud sound, it probably won’t shut it off as Alexa is not able to hear your voice due to loud music.


You can turn off Alexa by turning off the mic button, uninstalling the Alexa app, putting the device on Do not disturb, unplugging the Alexa device from the power source, or disconnecting it from the source of the internet.

These are the only workaround to turn Alexa off. There is no one button to just turn off Alexa. This is because if the Alexa is turned off, it no longer will be able to hear your command to turn it back on.