How to turn off the language filter on Alexa

How to turn off the language filter on Alexa

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Not everyone likes to listen to swear words in their house. Especially families with children that wish to teach their kids a more appropriate language. Amazon has a built-in feature to disable such language on your device. However, if you’re willing to listen to swear words and explicit language in your music or podcasts, there is a way to turn off the language filter on Alexa; all you have to do is follow these steps, and you can talk with your Alexa without any language filters.

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Steps to turn off the language filter on your Alexa

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone and log – into it if you haven’t already.
  2. Sync your Alexa device and make sure it is active.
  3. Tap on the “More” option and select “settings.” Note that depending on the version of the Alexa app “more” option will be replaced with three horizontal lines on your screen.
  4. Once you have opened settings, select “music and podcasts,” and then look for “explicit language filter” and select the option.
  5. Once you open the “Explicit Language Filter,” you can choose to either activate or deactivate content that has explicit language from being recommended by your Alexa.

Follow the above five steps, and you will be able to listen to more mature content via your Alexa or censor such content on your device whenever you wish to. Kindly note that some music services you might listen to do not support explicit language filtering. If any music service you are listening to does not filter out the explicit content, turn OFF the “explicit language filter” and turn it ON again for better results.

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Making Alexa use swear words while answering you

Normally Alexa is a family-friendly device. This means that Alexa neither uses nor condones using any words or phrases considered explicit. However, there are some workarounds that you can use to make your Alexa say at least some PG-rated words if you wish.

Using Alexa announcements

The easiest way to make your Alexa use some strong words is simply giving it a command to announce those words. For example, you can command Alexa to announce someone is $h!T, and it will do so. You can use similar words or phrases in any way you like. As long as your words are not too mature for Alexa’s settings, you can get it to say anything you want.

Using the Samuel L. Jackson voice skill

We all know and love the quirky replies Samuel L. Jackson gives while in character in his movies. Amazon has introduced its voice and quirky retorts as a paid skill for its Alexa service through the Alexa app and smart speaker devices. Simply pay for the service, install the skill, and get roasted for asking to set the alarm by Samuel L. Jackson himself!

Do remember to turn OFF the explicit filter on the app settings after you’ve purchased

Simon Says Skill

If you do not wish to purchase the Samuel L. Jackson voice just to hear a few swear words, you can very well download the Simon Says skill to make Alexa repeat any word you might want it to say. However, the crudest words are still off-limits and cannot be used to make Alexa say them. You will have to settle for using similar-sounding words instead.

Use the custom Q & A blueprints for Alexa

In a bid to make Alexa more interactive, Amazon released the Alexa skills blueprint to let users create their custom responses to different queries. People soon realized this was another way to sneak in swear words by Alexa and listen to it. Still, words considered highly profane are off-limits no matter what you try and do. The best you can get through the family-friendly Alexa is some soft words and PG-rated words at most.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does an explicit language filter mean on Alexa?

The explicit language filter on Alexa blocks amazon music and any other music and podcast streaming service from playing songs and podcasts that contain some known explicit words or phrases. However, some content can have more mature themes and language without such explicit words or phrases. These are not filtered on Alexa. The explicit language filter does not block words on any song or podcast that’s playing. It simply blocks content from being played entirely.

What is explicit language in music?

A piece of explicit language music includes words or phrases that are sexual, violent, aggressive, or offensive. Everyone does not prefer such music, and people, in general, would like to stay away from it, hence the explicit language filter.

Why doesn’t Alexa use curse words?

Alexa is a family-friendly service. This means that Alexa will never allow such words to pass through its speakers. The only workaround is listening to explicit music or podcasts over which amazon has no control. However, the explicit language filter blocks such content from playing on your device entirely.

Why is Alexa censoring my songs?

Being a family-friendly device, Alexa might have its explicit language filter turned ON for some reason. Simply go to the settings and follow the above steps to turn OFF the filter, and you will have effectively removed all censors on your music and podcast choices to listen to any content you would like to play on your device at any time you prefer.


Different kinds of people have different requests for Alexa’s talking skills and the content it recommends. The largest request is that some people want to hear explicit language in songs and music, while others do not. Depending on your needs, you can change the settings from Alexa’s settings and listen to whatever you would like to hear.