How To Turn On Bose Solo 5 Without Remote

How To Turn On Bose Solo 5 Without Remote

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Remote control has made our life easy. It lets us sit comfortably and manipulate all the latest devices, including TV, speakers, soundbars, and many more, without going physically to these devices.

BUt what happens if your Bose Solo 5 remote is not working anymore? Or the move night is starting your Bose Solo 5 remote is nowhere in sight? This is what this article is all about.

Bose speakers like Bose Solo 5 and soundbars don’t even have a power button if you are not a remote control person. But you cannot rely on a remote control all the time as it has a high probability of being lost or not working when you want it the most. Luckily, there is a way around this problem and let us see how.

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Problem With The Bose Remote?

Sometimes, it so happens that the remote control of Bose Solo 5 stops working without any obvious reason. It becomes difficult to turn the device on or off in that case.

You can troubleshoot for yourself to find the issue if it is a minor one by trying out the following things.

  • An easy way is to try changing the battery of the remote control. If the battery is low, the chances are low that it works well. Ensure that the power outlet you have connected the speaker to is properly working. If not sure, try plugging into another outlet. If you are using surge protectors, connecting to a fully functional outlet is important.
  • Just like we do for all appliances at home, unplugging and plugging them again can be a solution for many persistent issues. Disconnect the speaker for some time and connect it again to see if the remote is working. Another option is to search your home for any device compatible with Bose’s remote and check if the remote is working with that device.

Turning On Bose Solo 5 Without A Remote

Even though Bose Solo 5 comes with remote control, it can still be operated without one. There are many ways to do this, as explained below.

Use another remote control

If the remote is not working, Bose gives you an option to buy a replacement. You can buy a replacement remote at Bose’s website. The Bose service center is at your service if you have any queries about buying a new remote.

Use a universal remote control

A universal remote control works on all devices irrespective of the brand. You will get many universal remote controls in stores that are not made to suit just one device but many. When you buy such a remote, your Bose Solo 5 can be easily turned on and off without a hassle.

Pairing the speaker with a TV

When you pair your TV with a Bose speaker, you can make it work without a remote control. Newer televisions come with two options to pair – connect the devices with a cable or use a Bluetooth connection.

For cable connection, you can use an HDMI cable. First, switch off the Bose speaker and connect the cable to the corresponding HDMI port on the TV. The other end of the cable has to be connected to the HDMI output of the speaker. To create the bridge between them, choose the Source and Function options and then HDMI on both the devices.

Use an optical cable to connect to the TV’s optical output port. The other end of the cable must be connected to the speaker’s digital audio input port. In the speaker’s Source button, choose the D.IN source. In the TV’s audio settings, select External Speaker under Speaker Output.

Now use a digital cable, one of which is connected to the speaker’s Aux-In port and the other end to the TV’s Audio Out port. The last step is to select AUX from the remote’s Source option. Once the connection is complete, you can listen to the sound from the TV.

How To Turn On Bose Solo 5 Without Remote
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Connect the speaker using Bluetooth

Your Bose Solo 5 speaker can also be connected to the TV using Bluetooth. The advantage is that there are no messy cables involved when you go with this option. You can press the pairing button on the speaker to enable Bluetooth. Open the menu using the TV’s remote, select Source from it, and then Connection Guide.

Now you will see a list of devices open for connection. Select your speaker from it, and then it becomes possible to listen to the speaker’s sound through your television. A benefit of Bluetooth is that this kind of connection can also be used to link the speaker with other devices like a mobile phone. Moreover, more than one device can be connected to the speaker and operated at the same time.

Use a programmable Bose remote

You can create a programmable remote of your own if your Bose remote control is not working. Go to the Bose Control Space Remote and click on Settings.

Go to Universal Remote Area and select Configure. Follow the steps that lead to pairing the remote control.

Use Bose Control Space Remote Application

An app called Bose Control Space Remote Application can be downloaded to your mobile phone from where you can easily operate your Bose speaker. Apart from operating the speaker, it lets you control networked Bose Professional System Components using the wireless method.

You can customize the app according to your requirements, and its basic functions include volume setting, turning the speaker on/off, Source selection, mute mode, and Parameter Setting. This is a free app that enables customized wireless control.

Now you know that if your Bose remote control is lost or damaged, there are several ways to operate the speaker without it. It is always recommended to buy a new one instead of going for the methods that involve making a lot of connections. Whether you buy a new Bose remote control or go for a universal one is entirely up to you. Choosing the latter makes it possible to use the remote with many other devices as well.

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