Interesting Questions About Alexa That You Wonder

Interesting Questions About Alexa That You Wonder

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Alexa is getting quirkier day by day, and this best pal is not just the obedient assistant who helped you turn your home into a smart one. Users are looking for ways to get Alexa to do unusual things and get a good laugh amidst their busy lives. Asking funny questions, making her laugh, and making her spooky are all things you can do with her to make your day special.

Artificial intelligence is getting improved day by day, and more skills and features are being added to Amazon devices that amaze the users with their unique capabilities. Dive in to look at how you can use Alexa differently than before.

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How To Make Alexa Swear

Interestingly, Alexa is capable of swearing if you want to see that face of hers. Alexa can be set to swear by using some trigger commands with the Routine function. If you have got an iOS or Android device, you can create a swearing routine for her. Tap More > Routines. Now tap ‘+’ and type the name you want for the new routine.

Tap ‘When this happens and make a trigger that would make Alexa swear. For example, you can create a trigger like ‘Hey Alexa, WhatsApp’ and hear her swearing-in response.

How To Make Alexa Mad

Although Alexa is not so advanced to have real emotions, you can still make her mad using some or the other way. Open your Alexa app, tap ‘More’ seen at the bottom, and come down to ‘Routines.’ You can create a new routine by clicking ‘+.’ Give a name for the routine and tap ‘Next.’

Tap the ‘When this happens’ section on the next screen and click ‘+.’ For example, select ‘Voice’ and type ‘get mad’ and tap ‘Next.’ Now tap ‘Add action’ and select ‘Alexa says’ and then ‘Customized’. In the text field that appears, you can type any text like ‘I hate you.’ Now try saying ‘Alexa, get mad,’ and she will respond with the custom text.

How To Scare Someone With Alexa

Alexa has a Scare Me skill that makes her say scary stories. You can say, ‘Alexa, ask to Scare Me to tell a scary story.’ Alexa will respond with a two-sentence scary story. You can also use an Alexa-compatible video doorbell to scare your visitors. The Ring doorbell can be set to say ‘Boo’ to anyone who is at your door.

How To Get Alexa To Insult You

Seriously? Do you really want to get insulted? Here you go. There is a feature called Skill Blueprints which lets you create a ‘Burn’ list of random sentences of insult aimed at you. Once the Burn list is ready, you can say, ‘Open my burns’ and listen to all the insults Alexa will shower on you.

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How To Get Alexa To Be Mean

Alexa is such a sweetheart, but you can make her say mean things if you want to. If you ask her to be mean, be prepared to hear things like ‘You are too ugly to even look at.’ You can even ask her to be mean to someone with your name. For example, when you say, ‘Alexa, start being mean to Tim’, all her anger will be directed at poor Tim.

You can also use Alexa announcements to make her say things you want her to say across all Echo devices at home. Say ‘Alexa announce’ followed by all the mean things in your mind. She will say it aloud through the Echo devices selected.

How To Make Alexa Not Bleep Swear Words

Just like you can make Alexa say swear words, you can also sensor these words. Alexa app lets you use explicit filtering for songs. Open the Alexa app, tap ‘More’, and select ‘Settings’. Now select ‘Music & Podcasts’ and then ‘Explicit Language Filter.’ This feature can be turned on so that Alexa does not utter swear words.

How To Make Alexa Cuss

Creating routines and using the Announcement function are two ways of making Alexa speak badly. Another way of making Alexa cuss is by asking Sam. If you know Samuel L. Jackson, then let us tell you that he swears if you want him to. There is an option to buy Sam’s voice and listen to everything bad he has got to say.

The voice of Sam can be activated by saying, ‘Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson.’ The explicit feature makes it say all the uncensored words if the ‘explicit’ option is turned on.

How To Make Alexa Say What You Want

Alexa has a skill named Simon says. Try saying Simon’s says followed by what you want Alexa to say. Alexa will say all the words you said exactly as it is. For example, if you say, ‘Alexa, Simon says, what is the time?’, then Alexa will not tell you the time like it usually does. Instead, she will just say ‘What is the time?’

Another option is to add Alexa skills like Text to Voice wherein you can type your sentence into a web browser which Alexa will then repeat. Making a routine is yet another way to make Alexa repeat after you. This works like giving a trigger and getting a response in return. When you give a specific command, Alexa will say a phrase that you have already made her learn. For example, you can make Alexa respond with a Good Morning when you say, ‘Alexa, Good morning’.

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Creepy Things To Say To Alexa

Alexa can be creepy whether you ask her to be creepy or not. It seems she is recording all your conversations to improve her intelligence. Here are a few creepy things you can ask her.

  • Alexa, what happens after death?
  • Alexa, do you work for the CIA?
  • Alexa, are there aliens?
  • Alexa, does Amazon violate privacy?
  • Alexa, would you lie to me?

Dirty Things To Say To Alexa

Today, Alexa is not just the formal assistant who obeys your orders but can be a companion who can listen to all your rumbling without any complaint. You can even talk dirty if that is your mood. Here are a few such things you can say to Alexa.

  • Alexa, show me some dirty things to say to Alexa
  • Hey Alexa, I like big butts
  • Alexa, did you have a fart?
  • Alexa, chat dirty with me
  • Hey Alexa, I am drunk

Weird Things To Ask Alexa

Whether you want to have a good laugh or just beat the boredom, asking weird things Alexa can serve the purpose. Try asking these things and enjoy your day.

  • Alexa, why is six afraid of seven?
  • Alexa, do you believe in ghosts?
  • Alexa, are you blue?
  • Alexa, how much do you weigh?
  • Alexa, I want a kiss from you
  • Alexa, will you marry me?
  • Alexa, tell me your age

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What kind of questions can I ask Alexa?

Alexa can be a geek, a friend, a guide, or even someone who keeps you entertained when you have nothing else to do. You can ask any kind of questions to her and see how she would respond to them. Whether you want to ask a math doubt, a piece of advice, or ask her about her personal problem, she is all game. You can ask something like ‘Alexa, tell me the name of the planets’ or ‘Alexa, who do you love?’ and be ready to get a proper response from her.

What is the most asked question on Alexa?

In most parts of the world, the most common thing Alexa gets to hear is ‘Alexa, I love you. Surprisingly, this was heard around 19,000 times a day, followed by ‘Alexa, marry me’ which was said around 6,000 times a day. Being a famous dialog from an Indian daily soap, ‘Alexa, rasodey main kaun tha?’ was asked to Alexa around 14,000 times a day in the year 2020. Other popular commands include song requests and those asking Alexa to control smart appliances at users’ homes.

What crazy things can you ask Alexa?

Apart from clearing your doubts, setting alarms, playing music, and helping complete many household chores, Alexa is there to hear out all your crazy queries and give a response accordingly. You can get her to keep you busy by asking crazy and quirky questions for a change. Alexa is programmed with a sense of humor, so there is no limit to what you can ask her. For example, you can ask ‘Alexa, do you see dead people?’, ‘Alexa, do you like guys or girls?’ or anything that sound crazy in the real world and still gets a reply from her.

What unusual things can Alexa do?

Alexa can do many unusual things that can get you out of your comfort zone. When you say, ‘Alexa, ask The Listeners’, she says, ‘We are always listening’ and then speaks with bizarre pauses and disturbing words. She can sneeze for you or snore to help you fall asleep. And then there are a few words she will not spell just because they are curse words, and she is not supposed to say anything rude. Alexa is also programmed to make unusual sounds like that of an animal, laughing sounds, fart noises, and many others.

What are fun things kids can do with Alexa?

Kids love the way Alexa interacts with them and keep them entertained indefinitely. Kids love asking Alexa to make funny noises like that fart or sneezing. Alexa has many soothing sounds to make a child calm. She can play games with kids, including fun games and educational quizzes. Alexa can explain the importance of brushing teeth or wearing a jacket when going out so as to make these things interesting for kids. Kids can have a dance party at home with their favorite DJ, Alexa. You can even install Silly Things on Echo that will tell your kids to do funny things like acting as if you ate a sour lemon.

Can you make any Alexa kid-friendly?

It is possible to create a voice profile for your kids so that Alexa recognizes their voice and gives only child-friendly responses on Alexa-enabled devices. This feature blocks shopping sites, filters songs with explicit lyrics, ensures that responses are age-appropriate, and allows the kids to access only the content parents approve. This feature is available in Amazon Parent Dashboard, which includes parental controls to set time limits and review kids’ activities.

How do you make Alexa laugh?

An Alexa skill called Laugh Box makes Alexa laugh in several ways and tells you the definitions of all these laughs. Laughing is a wonderful medicine, and it does a lot of good if you can laugh along with your personal assistant Alexa. Ask Alexa to Open Laugh Box, and she will play any random laugh. Or you can ask her to play any type of laugh or define a laugh. For example, you can say, ‘Alexa, what is a baby laugh?’ or ‘Alexa, play a sinister laugh’. Once the laugh ends, you can say ‘More’ to hear more of the same laugh.

Can you get Alexa to talk dirty?

You can now personalize Alexa to engage in some dirty talk with her. Amazon’s new Alexa Skill Blueprints upgrade makes this possible for its curious users. With this skill, you can create your own jokes and stories in a matter of minutes and interact with Alexa in interesting ways. You can also ask her dirty questions and get her to talk dirty.


What we have mentioned here are a few things users have tried with Alexa. You can make your own questions to the list and have unending fun with her. With this comedy genius at your service, there are a lot of areas you can explore and take advantage of.