Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter Review

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter Review
Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter Review

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Here’s all that’s necessary to show your preferred speakers right into an instant audio system. For the pill and your smartphone.

Connect your speakers into this hidden and little wireless audio adapter. Push the coupling switch, and you’re prepared to flow and manage your audio. From as much as 50-feet away.

Set your smartphone your preferred tunes from each one. Link your portable system with one push of the wireless pairing option for your speakers.

Logitech 980-000910 Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth Streaming

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You’re prepared to hear. After that, repairing is automated to get a trouble- knowledge that’s free.

It links to any speaker having regular plug-and-RCA speakers, with your house audio system.

Features of Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

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  • Multipoint wireless connection. Simple automated and pairing repairing you are done. Set your system towards the adapter once having a single-button push.
  • Long range wireless. Supply audio from as much as 15 yards from your speakers.
  • It works together with many speakers. It connects into house music methods. Any computer speakers along with A /V devices utilizing RCA. The product is a recipient, not a transmitter.
  • RCA to cable, the bundle includes Bluetooth Audio Adapter, energy cable, consumer certification



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  • The Bluetooth link is not very false. It works across my 30′ patio via a solid wall and completely.
  • Sound quality that’s not as open to the idea. I may identify with my semi-audio-manufacture ears.
  • Does what it must pipe wireless music to my recipient.
  • Includes a good rubber base to keep it



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  • Not the most efficient selection.
  • Audio prevents playing to get a minute or two or falls out.


The setup

Within the easy-to-open-box, you’ll look for a first clear plastic blister dish. Use the wireless adapter, power adapter, micro-USB cable, 3.5mm to RCA.

Like wireless adapters, setup was very quick. Logitech held the coupling option. That’s top had been a great style decision.

Logitech 980-000910 Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth Streaming

But it managed to get a compliment with increased of the responsive reaction and larger.

That can be a pleasant although little enhancement. Also, you get confirmation tone whenever you unpaid or some a tool.

The adapter is a lot smaller compared to prior design. Though it’s small and light, the rubber base area stops it from slipping around. In the case when you’re inserting and unplugging wires.

The standing light has become a subdued orange in the place of green. It’s not especially annoying since the lighting is situated at the bottom of the system.

Obviously, the adapter is not large. Concealing it inside your entertainment program is simple.

Today let’s have a look at the two most important updates of the 2014 design. Range and parallel connections.


Despite its small dimension, it’s assured to create a declaration in your table. The pointed, rectangular sides have a contemporary attract them.

Also, the smooth rubbery layer makes it feel healthy within the palm. That’s some of those items that you don’t experience concerned about whenever choose it up.

The bright-blue LEDs illuminate the wireless logo. Also, the underside is only impressive.

We don’t anticipate this type of primary system to own a high-class style. But it relishes if you’re coupling it with your high-end sound gear.


Since it has efficient equipment that is such, this isn’t a battery managed the system. It offers a wall adapter, so you’ll have it blocked in all the time.

Logitech 980-000910 Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth Streaming

All this power’s advantage may be the unique sign quality you receive from it. It’s with the capacity of hitting up with no destruction of quality to 50-feet.

As you make, the bathroom wishes to toss on some audio within the family room? The sign, not a problem may travel through gates surfaces or fundamental obstructions.

Functionality Highlights 

To Check the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter opted to link it to some Bose AV system utilizing the added 3.5 mm to RCA connector cable.

After looking for a vacant power socket to your AC adapter, then I hooked up the device and was greeted with a flashing blue light around the base of it.

Pulling my Bluetooth settings within an iPhone found that the Logitech BT Adapter device recorded and tapped to link to it. The light then went into some blue, and that I had been able to stream audio to it with AirPlay.

To quickly divide the Link and pair with a different apparatus (an iPad miniature), all I needed to do is to tap on the button.

Audio quality through the adapter was rather good, and that I managed to walk nicely into my yard (roughly 45 ft.).

Multi-point Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth audio adapter boasts MultiPoint Wireless Technology. That allows customers to link two products to its use simultaneously.

MultiPoint is popular with other wireless products along with newer wireless headphones. It’s a comfort instead of something innovative.

Nevertheless, MultiPoint places Bluetooth-allowed speakers on the deeper ground with airplay. That currently enables many products to become linked in the same period.

It had been alone among its friends. Even though, unique Logitech wireless audio adapter lacked MultiPoint.

Still, should you desire to perform audio from the second system that’s combined? You’d to remove the device link the 2nd.

Multipoint enables you to maintain two combined devices attached and eliminated more actions.

You need to stop or quit the sound about the first system before you perform. However, you don’t need to mess around using the wireless connections.

Towards the Logitech BT Adapter, you could have significantly more than two products.  Combined on.

That notice you can’t link more than two products considerably simultaneously. For me, the largest problem using the MultiPoint execution may be the short space.

Whenever the sound quit from push play and the device about the system that is next. In my assessments.

I came across that after the very first system had ceased. I pushed play about the audio and also the device. Appearing out of the audio that was related.

It seems this flag is in the first system, however, delivering the adapter a signal. Despite the fact that sound has ceased.

And so I waited an extended period before outstanding play. About 10 to 15 seconds. And there is no further any lag from striking end about the first system.

Sound quality and range

Logitech’s second major update towards the new model is just a longer variety. The container claims the number is as much as 50-feet, within line of sight.

The number stretches beyond the traditional 33feet. However, for useful reasons, I came across the sound was not consistent beyond 40feet. Like the bigger Amped Instant BTSA1 adapter which comes with an antenna.

You might get a great sign at these longer ranges. But surfaces are usually to be considered an element in a typical house format.

Logitech 980-000910 Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth Streaming

Even so, I experienced fewer dropouts compared to previous Logitech design at deeper miles. Also, the stability was similar to the Amped Wireless adapter.

Three years have apparently provided an opportunity to enhance the sign. Since overall the audio was clear to Logitech’s technicians.

The Logitech wireless adapter that was brand new held warm-tone characteristics. And broad soundstage that I preferred in the earlier 2011 design.

Some fans might choose no electronic running at all. but I believe in loading applications it’s preferable for that kind of compressed sound you’ll notice.


Extended-in coupling function pushing the wireless switch places the adapter. The adapter links when required following a system.

That’s combined for that very first time. We related the Logitech Bluetooth Adapter to some 5.1-funnel Sony DAV-DZ20 DVD home theater program.

And it performed audio through numerous resources. A MacBook Atmosphere an iPhone 6, along with a Motorola Moto H (Gen2).

We could connect with resources simultaneously to two of those products and change between them.

The Logitech Bluetooth Adapter turns the wireless. Wireless information into analog indicators through the cables connected to the speakers.

Following the link is set up. Within our screening, we didn’t identify any quality fall. We performed the same MP3 file on the same program using a CD. In addition to through the Bluetooth Adapter.

We realized that just the thumps were lacking while streamed wireless using the MacBook Atmosphere. It’s carefully and removes if we listened quite attentively.

For several useful reasons, wireless sound into Analog’s transformation is more than adequate. The wireless link didn’t fall once the adapter was in the connected system.

User reviews on Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Logitech 980-000910 Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth Streaming

Works well. Range is limited

I purchased this to listen from my audio system to audio. It’s effective within the space as the line of sight isn’t blocked the recipient.

Outdoors, the number is restricted via a glass door to perhaps 10feet. The audio is great. I am hoping to get a different one for my workplace.


Directly came across these evaluations while searching for Bluetooth speakers. I purchased this in early 2015.

I hooked it up to my music radio/surround sound. I have experienced no problems at all! I have a large room also it works great for me.

Should You Buy It?

Whether the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter is a fantastic purchase at Rs, 1,995, is dependent upon the speakers you have. Should you possess a set of really cheap speakers which are priced like this adapter, then purchasing it makes little financial sense.

But if you have a set of pricey wired speakers and you have always missed their capacity to play music from the cell phone. In this situation, the Logitech adapter is a great purchase.

Considering this way with the support of this adapter, you are going to have the ability to convert your old favorite wired speakers to wireless. Speakers without a hassle.

Therefore, because the adapter doesn’t have any functionality or other problems worth mentioning if you would like to purchase it’s entirely up to you along with your current installation. From our end, we provide the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter up two halves.

Product info of Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Product size              0.9 x 2 x 2 inches

Item Weight               6.2 ounces

ASIN                           B00IQBSW28

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Question: Can there be some problems in using this to link a pc across a typical sized home to your stereo system?

Answer: If I recall correctly, Logitech asserts 50 feet. It reaches nearly just 50 feet. If I walk around my drop and the sign has to go through the wall, then I receive about 35 feet from it. So my response is, it is dependent upon how big your home is and what number of walls that the signal must undergo.

Question: I am hoping it is 12volts or not, as I’d love to use it in my ship.

Answer: It is a 5v adapter

Question: Is there a sound tone performed through the speakers if it matches or does it pre quietly.

Answer: Yes and it is why I wish I had not bought one. So annoying.

Question: Can it be battery powered?

Answer: No it isn’t. A/c powered using a rather compact brick adapter.

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The Final

Only at that cost, it’s a good idea for anybody that’s an age old program. That lacks contemporary inputs but is usually in excellent working order.

All the periods, these audio techniques seem much better than little wireless speakers.

That price a great deal more. This great little system’s a total boom for the dollar, might create a beautiful gift.

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