Logitech Z623 Watt Home Speaker Review

Logitech Z623 Watt Home Speaker Review
Logitech Z623 Watt Home Speaker Review

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Are you currently searching for an incredible offer on speakers? Make sure to take a look at Logitech Z623 audio program. You’ll be amazed, no pun intended.

Clearly, as it pertains to speakers, the sound is extremely essential. Using the Logitech Z623 speakers, the sound is wealthy and massive.

Specialists declare that it’s probably one of the most three-dimensional speakers they’ve experienced from the 2.1 program. Treble and the Bass happen to be completely tuned-out of the container.

You receive beautiful, incredible energy and sound efficiency at a fantastic price. You’ll even be happy with its THX certification.

Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System, 2.1 Speaker System

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Some you might remember the leader behind THX. George Lucas changed the audio in the movie. You’re getting a few of the cinema audio straight to your house theater program.

For quality and ideal sound. Consider full benefit of the Logitech Z623 speaker system’s number to perform audio.

That needs an active subscription. Or you may use its configurations that are processed to fit your choice.

Features of Logitech Z623 Home Speaker

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  • THX-certified 2.1 speakers provide activities and your music alive in business. That is immersive. Quality audio.
  • 200watts (RMS) gives you the ability to hear loud while you wish. The audio handles enable you to call the amount and bass up or down quickly.
  • Inputs and RCA allow it to be simple to plug-in as much as three audio products. iPod your PC, game system, DVD player and much more.
  • A potent subwoofer along with two speakers provide sound large enough



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  • Bass is powerful and clean.
  • Mids and great levels too.
  • No buzzing, crackling sounds, singing.
  • On-quantity handles and audio bass t/ aux



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  • The audio cables are little small. Perhaps 2-feet more might have been good.
  • Costlier compared to z-2300



Z623 sound set that’s Logitech’s had been created using the movie lover in your mind. They’re among few 2.1 sound sets to become fully-certified by theater audio professionals THX. That ought to imply film soundtracks seem how the manager meant.

Logitech Z623 Watt Home Speaker Review

We’d claim this isn’t purely accurate. Many administrators will need one to notice their films in surround sound. When the Z623s might provide remarkable music, but we were nevertheless involved.

The subscription is relatively small, although rather large. The feedback makes simple for connecting your computer.

Or perhaps a gaming system utilizing the phone inputs. Bass energy and quantity settings are positioned on the satellite that was best.

That makes it easy without achieving for that subscription to alter tone configurations.

Additionally, it houses headset port and an additional 3.5mm feedback. That is easy to connect a set of a mp3player or headphones.

It’s, therefore, multifunctional, the best satellite links towards the subscription. With a somewhat large captive cable.

That means you must have not a problem putting it where you would like it. Fortunately, it’s a massive 1.85m long. That’s the remaining satellite runs on the more conventional attentive phono cable.

Sound quality

Your peers set the Logitech Z623 at PC World Asia. Within their laboratory through its paces. Listed here is the way the audio set got on.

Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System, 2.1 Speaker System

The Logitech Z623 works together with any supply that’s 3.5mm stereo audio-out. Its RCA feedback will also allow you to connect it up together with many devices.

Like, Xbox 360 Console, DVD-player, PS3, your television and so forth. Because it’s THX-licensed, the system for films first used.

And it’s related to the program, with a Creative X-MM and Fi XtremeMusic- Audio software.

The Logitech Z623 sent slamming bass with levels and typical mids. The subscription that is 8inch did an excellent work reproducing low-end floor-banging bass.

The satellites carried a reasonable quantity of levels and mods. But I want there are more description and quality.

I came across the Logitech Z623 suited to audio than films, the THX certification. The machine performed with the looks from all the audio resources it, and I attached

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The subwoofer may be the many appealing offering in the program. It’s a bass result should the button turns.

Consequently, we discovered that less of its maximum degree. Or 45 percent seemed best for the lossless audio recordings.

And around 60 percent of activities and films. A strong seismic bass that it produced you experience than notice at volumes. The result was ideal for activities movies and bass- tunes that are major.

I’d like to notice more control and greater pace. We pleased using its powerful and profound bass.

Set alongside the sub of the Logitech Z623 is sub shipped somewhat stronger than the Creative Gigaworks T3 sub.

However, the Gigaworks T3i s appeared punchier with a throw that was increased amazingly.


The middle-bass driver done without distortion till it did not seem swollen. And it achieved 90 percent of the most volume were outputted with average quality.

Nevertheless, we discovered it somewhat missing openness emphasis and specifics.

Because of that, the general mids replica seemed a little annoying. Never as crisp as what we noticed such as the Creative Gigaworks T3 from speakers.

Instruments and vocals might have seemed less close to imaging that was greater. Dialogues in films also seemed somewhat smooth. That created us discover the whole system more suited to hip hop. Trance-music than hearing punk, traditional or band.


The Logitech Z623 confirmed enhancement in highs. I compared it such as the Z323 using the cheaper versions.

The levels didn’t seem severe or shrill but weren’t vibrant and available both. You may still notice information on these crashing hi-hats and cymbals to some particular level.

Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System, 2.1 Speaker System

However, lighting and the extensions might have been more straightforward. That creates the whole sound healthier.

The levels likewise seemed more than we would have loved them relaxed. It was evident after I compared the audio against even the Altec Lansing MX6021. That provided different sound signatures or others such as the Creative Gigaworks T3.


The Logitech Z623 offered great device divorce for audio. However, the imaging and also the soundstage was just typical.

Being a 2.1 program, the impact while viewing films was merely standard. We got the best imaging whenever we place the satellites toed-in. At around 45 levels and four-feet besides one another.

Component overview of Logitech Z623 Watt Home Speaker


Satellites make use of a 2.5″ full-range driver. The driver seems quite right once the grill is eliminated.

The surround is just a rubber that is gentle There’s a pleasant gleaming stage plug-in the middle of the driver.

In place of Whizzer or a dirt camping. Back to the driver appear pretty much produced and exhibits the z623 is shielded.


The grills required a little of paper-clip flip. Once I used the best quantity of pressure eliminating. But it arrived down easily. Grills are a steel mesh and appear not close enough not to interfere.


The subwoofer driver is meant to become an 8inch. But the driver reduces right down to only a little more than 7inches. Across when you take away the huge grill.

Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System

Giant magnet stamped metal container, paper cone. Appears like quite an excellent driver thinking about the system’s cost.

No pole part with this driver you will find microscopic holes. Within the cone behind the dirt, limit to vent the stress. The index seems practical although universal.


The satellites also have six screws keeping both halves and are two-piece ABS plastic. That’s possibly adequate since the driver is not large and crossover points not so low.

The subscription case is cheap MDF and 9x12x11 inch. But heavier than I anticipated. Compared to the box’s size, the interface with this subscription is huge.

10″ long with the interface and 2.5-inch size flames on both factors. It requires a lot of the container quantity up.

Amplifier panels and power are equally included in the subscription. Plenty of carrying out a couple of material of chips.

I’m wondering there’s some reasoning for changing a crossover for that subscription inputs. Some equalization, and three stations of Class D sound.


The speakers have RCA two inputs and 1/8inch headphone port. There’s no method to change inputs. I did not bother attempting to perform two resources in the same period. So I don’t know switching is managed.


Correct audio has bass and quantity buttons. Supply container appears clear. I didn’t discover fixed while screening or any discrepancy.

The bass switch includes an indent to help you determine the regular place quickly. Additionally, is an aux-input privately of the satellite and a headset output?

Why you like Logitech Z623 Watt Home Speaker

Enjoyment contacts that are simple

  • Fast-inputs for approximately three audio products and entry RCA.
  • Simple to plug-in game units, iPod computers, HDTVs.
  • Headset jack for listening.

Efficient 2.1 system

  • Two high-performance satellite speakers provide rich midrange and fine, clear high records.
  • 130watts subwoofer gives you, heavy, distortion that is large-space and bass-shaking rumbles.

What do the others say on Logitech Z623 Watt Home Speaker?

The subscription provides and procedures deep-bass using its 7inch driver. This driver is larger than many computer speakers were present in by those.

Because of its dimension, the woofer provides thumping on bass. And assists the speakers accomplish a low-frequency response of 35Hz.

Nevertheless, its powerful bass may also be a disadvantage. Whenever the Z623 change completely up, the audio drops its quality.

The reason being the sound-pressure within the subscription. That accumulates quicker than the aspect locations can vent it. Traditional fidelity degrades.

Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System

These speakers use computers, audio many and people, tv Xbox and wifi game units. That creates the Logitech Z623 ideal for many capabilities.

The average side speakers are little enough to put into the part of one’s table. Or from the method as the subscription is big. You might need to obtain audio wires that are longer.

The THX-Logitech Z623 speakers surround sound to create your gaming classes and film times immersive.

It provides full stereo. Nevertheless, the woofer falters in the large quantities. It can be small too active for that speakers.

The user review on Logitech Z623 Watt Home Speaker

So happy

Don’t appear anymore. Little to express happy these speakers pack an enormous strike. Without creating a thin sound at high-volume.

The bass creates an incredibly clear audio at all degrees of quantity. Super easy five minutes, to set up for the most part.

I notice issues concerning the wire between correct and remaining audio being to a brief. But I ‘ve not found this a problem. Both parts of my monitor stay correctly.

Logitech speakers deal

The center sent me their newest prohibitive costs on the selection of items. And so I clicked on them.

They came inside a day or two, and my boy blocked them directly. I should say they’re beautiful. The bass reaction is surprising.

And, whenever you crank the amount up the audio isn’t distorted by them. Purchase a group of these speakers for the desktop PC. You’ll enjoy an excellent sound.

Product Info of Logitech Z623 Watt Home Speaker

Brand Name                                     Logitech

Item model number                        980-000402

Operating System                            N/A

ASIN                                                   B003VAHYTG

>>Read customer reviews and rating, HERE<<


Should you don’t need surround sound, the Z623s are worth your cash, at least. They’re effective, could be designed to create audio.

That was excellent having a small tweaking. And, therefore, are handy to get a PC setup. So it’s recommended.

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