LuguLake Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speaker System Review

lugulake bluetooth tv soundbar speaker system review
lugulake bluetooth tv soundbar speaker system review

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Lugulake T180 is a product of which manufacturers are feeling proud. This is the top product on the list. The sound bar is very nice to look at.

The gem is 3.5 inches wide, 38.9 inches long and 2.8 inches high. The construction of the bar is very nice.

One can set it for a very larger television screen range from 42 to 65 inches. The design of the speaker is so nice that you can complement this with other products of your room.

LuguLake Bluetooth Sound bar Speaker System with Subwoofer

LuguLake Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speaker

Lugulake is only 6.4 pounds. So it isn’t very bulky in the sense of other products. It’s very simple to install with sound speakers for its lightweight nature.

You can easily hang it on your wall. You may keep it on a table surface also. Luckily, the configuration doesn’t demand lots of wires. So it reduces efforts a lot.

Features of LuguLake Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speaker

  • The speaker comes with new Bluetooth 4.0 technology. One can connect Lugulake from 33 feet away. It also has 3.5 mm audio port for using in non-Bluetooth devices. You can share games, movies, and music with this speaker from anywhere. One can make pair easily. You need no pin or code to make a pair with it.
  • You will get premium sound from it for having bass enhance technology. It has two powerful watts drivers which give high definition and impressive sound. You can enjoy movie or music any time by this speaker.
  • Added functionality – The solid cradle of the speaker grapes your iPhone or iPad in a relaxed viewing position. Moreover, the device is put in a bulky safe case.
  • There is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with the speaker. You will get 10 hours playtime. This is a great explanation for those people who like to watch movies constantly. When power comes to an end, you can add charging cable to the USB port of the computer to recharge the batter.
  • Package contents: There are many things inside the package. It has a micro USB cable, portable Bluetooth speaker, instruction manual, 3.5 mm audio cable and pleasant customer service.

Pros & Cons of LuguLake Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speaker

✅ Pros❌ Cons
One can operate the function of the speaker through a remote deviceMay not come before you simultaneously with an established subwoofer
Design with full range drivers and tweeter which ensure crystal clear sound quality
Besides smart devices help you to connect it with play stations and game player
Booming bass standard along with exciting sound effect

Soundbars vs Soundbases Which one is right for you?

You have an intention to upgrade your TV’s sound. But you don’t like to add 5.1 surround system cluttering inside your room. There are 2 basic chooses before you, one is a sound base, and the other is a soundbar.

A soundbar is a special type of speaker system. You can add it to your wall, under your TV set, in front of a cabinet.

The Soundbars come in the market for the alternative of low-quality TV speaker. These soundbars are stereo offerings. Some of the packs are enough to give virtual sound experience.

All of the soundbars come with 2.1 channel echo setups. It means that you will get 2 speakers and a divide subwoofer.

You may get some exceptional also. It comes with bundle subwoofer and more speakers into 1 device.

The benefit of an expanded soundbar is that it has stereo knowledge. But this design makes a distinguish subwoofer more obligatory.

A sound base is a flatter unit which easily sits under the TV on a stand or cabinet. They have more bass driver instead of a soundbar.

It implies that you don’t need a separate subwoofer. Soundbases are made by considering the weight of the TV; it can support. Additional space gives better audio dispensation rather than soundbars.

Both Soundbases and soundbars are featured with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. You can add it to other devices like tablets, smartphone, and computers.

The physical connection is possible by adding a USB port with some outside hard drives, outputs or HDMI inputs to supper 3D TV and full HD playback. At present, you will get a single visual input which lets you add everything to the TV.

A particular cable runs to the soundbase or soundbar. The new Sonos playbase follows this trend.

Why You Choose LuguLake Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speaker

LuguLake Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speaker Remote Controller

Remote Controller

The remote control helps you to alter between multimedia. Moreover, the controller is full of programs to add 100 channels, 4.0 Bluetooth, 6 kinds of LED lights, FM radio, Sounded Volume. You should just lie on the bed and control it with the remote control.

Wood Subwoofer

The speaker is enough to produce obvious crystal sound. Eight-inch wood subwoofer driver gives a room-filling audio experience.

It has 3D surround sound processor along with DTS digital decoding. Serious wood bass cupboard and density boom low-frequency sound.

Additional, a subwoofer may be adjusted.

Soundbar Recombination

LuguLake Detachable Soundbar appears with both internal filling and beautiful appearance.

Twirl to split apart two satellite speakers, then align and wind these 2 parts set up with a long TV bar. LuguLake 2.1 speaker is a made for various purposes.

Far More Than Shocking, Immersive in the Music & TV Movie

Some of the TVs have very low voice setting. Adding soundbar would be a super plan for home theater and a drift. This can quickly sync with the Bluetooth device easily.

The 2.1 channel speaker is added with 3 usages. Therefore we suggest people use it in the bedroom, living room, classroom or some other places.

What Others Say About LuguLake Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speaker

This system is amazing. The bass is very loud. Its sound is very clear. The speaker has a knob behind the back of the bass box. You can add treble and bass with it. I have a bass about halfway. It provides this a good kick.

The speaker is possible to put standing up, put together and to lay down as one piece. The sound is nice and crispy to me.

The volume level goes up to 30. I have used 23 just to test the sound. I used it around 19 for regular watching.

You can use Bluetooth, USB, AUX. The speaker comes with FM radio. I have used FM radio and got it was excellent.

You can skip or pause the tracks with the help of the remote control system. The controller is connected to the box; this is the only problem.

After all, I like the system very much. The sound of the speaker is very good and loud also.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on LuguLake Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speaker

Question: Is it possible to add except Bluetooth?

Answer: Yes. It is.

Question: How is the Bass?

Answer: The bass is super.

Question: Does it work with the home theatre projector?

Answer: If the projector gets RCA audio out, then it is, yes. If not, you should buy an adapter. I have bought a new TV set. I converted a 1/8 inch line out to RCA to obtain it work. The system works well.

What Finally

There are many features with the speakers. It has dual tweeters of one inch as well as a complete range driver of three inches each.

The speaker has a great capacity to fill the room with wonderful sounds. Its standard is upgraded with 3D surround sound processor. These effects add life to the surroundings. Everything seems to be real.

LuguLake Bluetooth TV Soundbar Speaker Finally

It has a room for an output jack to add with an external subwoofer to finish the sound system. The silver display panel indicates the main functions to maintain the speakers.

Operating becomes very easy as it is maintained by a small remote. One can manage all the functions wirelessly from a little distance.

Along with these features, Lugulake T180 gives easy streaming of audio. It has a powerful Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The connectivity system of the product can make a pair of smartphones, laptop, iPad, iPhones, MP3, DVDs and other devices.

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