Does Nest Yale Lock work with Alexa?

Does Nest Yale Lock Work With Alexa?

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The Google Nest x Yale lock is a tamper-proof lock that allows you to control your house’s access and security through your mobile devices or tablets. The device allows you to unlock and lock your door remotely, schedule the entry of guests, automatically lock your door, and gives you a 10-day history of when the door was unlocked and by whom.

Many Nest products are compatible with Alexa. You can even use your Nest device to control your Amazon Alexa Speakers. Nest products such as their video doorbells, cameras, and thermostats can be controlled through Alexa. However, this feature is not yet available with the Nest x Yale lock.

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Can The Nest X Yale Lock Be Controlled Through Voice Commands?

Just because the Alexa assistant feature is not available with the Nest x Yale lock does not mean that the lock cannot be controlled through voice command. Next x Yale lock has been designed to support voice commands through Google Assistant.

All you need is a device that supports Google Assistant, such as an Android phone or a Google Home speaker. Google Assistant assists you with tasks such as locking your door, checking whether the door is locked or not, and setting up a locking routine. Unlocking the lock with the help of voice-commands is not possible and has been designed in that manner to keep out unwarranted visitors and strangers.

In order to use voice commands to control your Nest x Yale lock, you need first to get Google Assistant. The application will be readily available in certain devices such as your android phones, Google Home speakers, Google Nest speakers and displays, and Google Nest Hub. For Apple products such as your iPhone or iPad, Google Assistant has to be downloaded from the app store since it is not built-in on these devices. The Nest x Yale lock has a built-in application that needs to be connected to the google assistant on your phone or google-assistant enabled speakers.

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How To Connect Your Nest X Yale Lock To Google Assistant

Before connecting your Nest x Yale lock with Google Assistant, you need to ensure that you have a stable internet connection and that your devices have already been set-up. Once the two requirements have been met, you need to open the assistant settings on your google assistant enabled phone or tablet.

You can do so by using the voice command “Hey Google, open Assistant settings.” Once the Assistant settings page is opened, navigate to “Devices” and select “Add a device”. A list of devices will show up, and you will have to select your Nest x Yale Lock from among them. Once the devices have been linked, you need to click on the “Done” button. Once connected, you can use voice commands through Google Assistant to lock your door, create a locking routine every night, and check your lock’s status.

While connecting your lock to Google Assistant, you need to make sure you are using your Nest Owner account. Without the owner account, you will not be able to connect your Nest Device to Google Assistant. Your owner account is the account that you created the first time while setting up your Nest Home.

Useful Voice Commands for your Nest x Yale Lock

Once your Nest device has been connected to Google Assistant, you can start using voice commands to control the actions of your device. Google Assistant can be used to control other Nest products such as Nest Thermostats, Nest Hello Video Doorbells, Nest Cameras, and Nest Secure Alarm System.

Google Assistant acts like your personal assistant who assists you in managing your smart home devices. Below is a list of voice commands that can be used for your Nest x Yale Lock:

  • Hey Google, lock the front door
  • Hey Google, Is the Front door unlocked
  • Hey Google. Goodnight
  • Hey Google, how many times was the door unlocked today?

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Nest x Yale Lock Alerts and Notifications

The Nest x Yale lock comes with a notification feature where you can customize the notifications you want to receive. Through the Nest Application, you can enable or disable different kinds of notifications.

The lock also features a history section on the Nest application where you can access a 10-day history of whoever has been in and out of the door with the detailed timings. The lock can be set up in a way where you can get a notification on your phone for the following actions:

  • If your lock is running low on battery
  • When an incorrect password has been entered on your lock over five times
  • When the door has been locked or unlocked by someone, the application will show you the name of the person since everyone will be assigned a unique password.
  • When the lock has gone offline for more than 10 minutes

Purchasing the Nest x Yale Lock is a great investment as it would make a great addition to your smart home. Instead of a traditional keyhole and key system, the lock comes with a keypad with numbers. This eliminates the chances of unwanted thieves and suspicious strangers trying to pick your lock.

You will always be notified about whoever is visiting or leaving your house. The nest application allows you to give out unique passwords to people you want to access your house. Apart from giving people access, you also have the option of denying access by removing their password so that they are unable to open the door. With the Google Nest x Yale lock, you will never have to worry about losing or misplacing your keys or having your lock picked. The lock does not just make your living experience smarter but makes your home a safer space too.