How To Play Your Own Music On Sonos?

How To Play Your Own Music On Sonos

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Does none of the streaming music apps doesn’t have songs of your taste? Or are you bored of streaming music online? Do you want to create your own music playlist with endless songs? Do you want to play your own music on Sonos speakers without interruption?

Sonos speakers are indeed best when it comes to listening to music. Playing your own music collection is still the most convenient for most of us that streaming music online doesn’t provide. You may never find the choice of your playlist on streaming music services sometimes.

Do you also fall under such a category and looking for ways to play your own music collection on Sonos? After proper research here, we have curated all the feasible options possible.

Here are some of the ways in which you can play your own music on Sonos.

How To Play Your Own Music On Sonos?

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Uploading Own Music Tracks To Online Streaming Services

Not all, but some of the music streaming apps allow you to upload your own music collection, store it in there to stream it offline whenever you want.

If your Sonos product doesn’t support Airplay, this is a great alternative to listen to your own music. Moreover, this allows you to listen to them without staying online all the time.

There are some such online streaming services Sonos support. You just need to add these streaming services to your Sonos account to begin listening. These are:

  • Apple music
  • YouTube Music
  • Deezer

You may have to buy a premium subscription of them to make them able to connect with Sonos. Another viable option is by using Plex. Plex and Sonos work well together, and you can stream over 65,000 songs with its help. All you need to do is store all your songs collection to your Mac or Pc or NAS drive and start streaming them using Plex on your Sonos speaker. This will require you to add Plex as a music service to your Sonos app.

How To Add A Music Service To Sonos?

Adding a music service to Sonos will make it super easy to play your own music stored in your music service account. This is basically done to connect your Sonos account to your music service account. Here are the steps involved:

For iOS and Android device

Open the Sonos app on your mobile. Go to Settings> Services & Voice.

Now under Music Content, tab on Add a service. Select the music service you want to add.

Tap Add to Sonos and wait till it integrates.

Sonos supports a variety of music services, and the list keeps on growing every day.

For Mac or PC

If you want to add music service to your Mac or PC Sonos app, follow the following steps:

Open the app and go to Select a Music Source section. Under it, click on Add music services.

Choose the music service you use, sign it, and wait for both of the accounts to integrate.

With this, you can play your own music stored on the music service app and play it on Sonos speaker in a flick of seconds. You can also add multiple accounts of the same music service in the Sonos app. So, more than one member of the family can enjoy their choice of songs easily.

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Using Airplay 2

If you have a Sonos speaker that supports Airplay 2, there will be no trouble in playing your own music on Sonos, provided you are an iOS user yourself.

Airplay will let you play all your music stored in any of your iOS devices on the Sonos system. Not only music, but you can also listen to stored audiobooks, podcasts, and other audios, for that matter.

Here are all the Sonos products that are compatible with Airplay. These are: Sonos One, Sonos One SL, Move, Beam, Amp, Arc, Sonos Playbase, Five, Play:5 gen 2, and SYMFONISK.

How To Use Airplay With Sonos?

To do so, first enable the Airplay on your iOS device. Open the Control Centre in the Settings to do so. Once enabled, you can add your Sonos product to the list of devices Airplay can send audio to.

Now play the music collection on your iOS device to begin playing it on Sonos speaker.

OS requirements: Your iOS device should have an operating system of iOS 11 or higher for Sonos app compatibility. For the iPad, the operating system should be iPadOS 13 and higher.

Using Mac, PC, Or NAS Drive

You can also play your own music on Sonos through your music collection stored in your personal computer, your Mac, or a network-attached storage device (NAS).

You can share your music collection from your medium to Sonos through the ‘Sonos app for Mac and PC’. Now, just open the app, browse for your music and play it using the Sonos app on Sonos speakers.

However, while playing music on Mac or PC, or NAS drive, the system should be kept turned on. In the case of NAS drive, the device it is connected to should stay turned on for Sonos to access your music library.

How To Add Music Library To Sonos?

For Sonos to be able to play music from your music library stored in your PC, MAC, or NAS drive, it should be able to access it.

Here is how this is done:

  1. Download the Sonos app on your system
  2. Open the app and visit the Manage menu. Select Music library settings from therein.
  3. Click the Add or (+) icon as prompted.
  4. If you are not sure where your music is stored in the system, click on the My Music folder. Select any other appropriate option where your music is stored otherwise.
  5. Now, follow the onscreen instructions as and when prompted to complete the entire process. It will take a few minutes to upload your music to the Sonos app depending on the size of your music library.

OS requirements

Your Windows PC or Mac should fulfill the Sonos app OS requirements to make it compatible with your device.

If you are using Windows PC, the OS should Windows 7 or higher. For Mac, the OS should macOS 10.11 or higher.

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Using The Android Device

You can also play your music stored on your Android device on Sonos through the Sonos app. Here is how you can make your pre-stored downloaded music on your Android device show in the Sonos app and play it on Sonos speakers. Some of the requirements of the same include:

  • Sonos should support your Android device

For this, your Android device should have an OS of 7.0 and higher. Update your Android device to the latest OS if Sonos is not supported.

  • Your Sonos app should be up to date

Update it in the Play Store or App Store if not.

  • Sonos should support the format of the audio files stored on your Android device

The supported audio files format by Sonos include MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, HE-AAC, OGG, FLAC and WAV

  • The audio files/music should be stored in your Android device Music folder only

Playing Music From Android Device

To play your own music from your Android device on Sonos, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Sonos app on your Android device
  • Go to the Browse tab and tap on This Mobile Device.
  • Choose the music or playlist you want to play.

Also, the Android device should stay connected to the network always to make this work. If the device went offline, there would be an error message displayed as the Sonos app may not be able to access your music library then.


These were all the feasible options to play your own music on Sonos. If you have an insanely big music collection, you may need to spend some extra bucks and take a subscription of music services like Amazon Cloud player, Subsonic, etc., that lets you stream your own music of large collection.

If your song collection doesn’t go beyond thousands, the above options may be enough for you to enjoy continuous streaming of your own music collection.