Reset Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Headphones: A Simple Guide

Reset Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Headphones: A Simple Guide

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Resetting Beats Fit Pro true wireless in-ear headphones can solve a lot of issues you might be having. Including problems powering up, charging, or connecting the phones; inconsistent or lost connections; no sound or other problems; delays and distortion in the sound, and more.

And while resetting Beats Fit Pro earbuds is a pretty straightforward procedure, it can really help to have a clear and detailed guide, so that’s just what I’ve put together here.

How To Reset Beats Fit Pro Headphones: Two Simple Steps

Resetting Beats Fit Pro wireless earbuds couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is:

Step 1

Place both Fit Pro buds in the case and leave the case’s lid open

Step 2

With the lid open, press and hold down the System Button (on the case, just below where the buds sit) for about 15 seconds

The LED indicator light should flash red and white, indicating a successful reset, and you can release the button.

Before you reset your Fit Pro headphones, you might want to remove them from the Bluetooth page on your PC or phone, which helps to ensure that the reset will be most effective in resolving certain problems, especially around connection.

This means that after the successful reset you will have to reconnect the buds to your device, and for assistance with this, you might want to check out my article on How To Pair Beats Fit Pro Headphones.

Why Reset Your Beats Fit Pro?

A full factory reset of your Beats Fit Pro true wireless headphones can solve a lot of problems you might be having, and so it is recommended to reset them if:

  • Your headphones will pair with your device, but you keep losing the connection
  • You are having problems charging your Fit Pro, or even powering them on
  • There are problems with sound – stuttering, delays (like between sound and video), gaps or stoppages, any distortion or strange sounds, or no sound at all from one or both sides

After you factory reset your Fit Pro, you will need to reconnect them with your phone, PC, tablet, or other device, and you might also need to re-enter certain settings and preferences in the Beats app. But these aren’t difficult processes, and a reset is highly recommended if you are having recurring problems that you can’t quite figure out how to fix.

What If It Still Doesn’t Work?

If the factory reset of your Beats ‘buds seems to have worked, and you’re still having the same problems with power and/or charging, with connection or with sound, you might want to do a little basic troubleshooting.

  • Are your Beats Fit Pro fully charged?
  • When you are charging them, are the cables tightly connected on both ends?
  • Are your headphones and your device turned on?
  • Is the device unlocked, is Bluetooth turned on and is Flight Mode turned off?
  • Are your Beats in range of your device? Bluetooth can have up to several hundred feet of effective range, but obstructions and interference can decrease this.
  • Is there any possible interference? This can include wifi routers, other wireless devices, high power transformers or even USB ports.
  • Are your Fit Pro headphones paired to another device, or is your device paired to other headphones, speakers or anything else? If so, your pairing may not work.
  • You can also try to restart your phone or PC, and if you haven’t already done this you should remove your Beats from the Bluetooth page on your device and try re-pairing them.

If resetting your Beats Fit Pro earbuds has not solved your problem, and none of the above troubleshooting makes a difference, you will probably need to go to the Beats Online Support Page for further assistance.

And finally, if you’ve arrived at this article, but you actually have a different pair of Beats headphones – that is, not Beats Fit Pro, but a different model – you can go to our more general article: How To Reset Beats Headphones: A Simple Guide.