How To Reset Sonos Speakers (All Versions)

How To Reset Sonos Speakers (All Versions)

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Sonos speakers come with compatible voice commands and excellent sound control. Naturally, if you have one of the 8 power speakers from the product line, they get put to good use daily.

The product line of the company currently boasts of the following:

  • Smart speakers: Move, One, One SL, Play 5
  • Soundbar: BEAM and ARC
  • TV sound system: Playbase
  • Subwoofer: Sub
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In this post, we will help you debug various issues with the speakers at home easily, with reset or reboot.

A lot of people have asked us, why is my Sonos blinking red? Why is it blinking orange? So, we have compiled the complete list of colored signals in Sonos products and what they mean, so you don’t have to be worried about the health of the speakers for no reason.

Status Lights On Sonos Speakers And Their Meanings

Not Blinking

The product is disconnected from a power source, is shut down, or you have manually disabled the light at some point.

If you think it should be blinking, check that your power cables are properly attached. If that does not fix the issue, go to the settings tab from your controller app. Check inside System, select the room the speaker is set up in, and see if the LED is turned off. This is a default setting of the Sonos Arc.


Your device is fully powered up and ready to go.

Blinking White

Your Sonos device is just restarting. Either because you have forced a manual restarted or turned on the power outlet. This is when Sonos is also connecting with the Wi-Fi router, looking to get an IP.


Your device is turned on but kept on mute. Use the app to increase or decrease the volume.

Blinking Green

Your device is booted up and ready to be configured.


Your device is correctly booted up, but it is not able to finish set up, or the product might have been overheated. It could be possible when your speaker has been turned on for a very long time. Allow the device to cool down by shutting it off. If the orange light does not go away, you should contact the customer service of Sonos.

Blinking Orange

The product is either not able to connect properly, or it is not able to play music. Check the app to make sure you have a playlist on, and something is in the queue to play.

Blinking Red

If your device was not able to connect to the router or didn’t complete setup in 30 minutes after starting up, it would usually start blinking red. You should restart the device to complete the setup.

Blinking White And Red

Your product did not finish an update. You have to restart and try installing the update again. If you are unable to complete the setup, you should contact customer service.


Sonos Move device usually shows this light when it has connected through Bluetooth with another device.

Now that we know all the pitfalls, and what the lights mean, we can proceed to reset it. However, the factory reset option of the Sonos device should not be your first resort.

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Why You Should Not Factory Reset Unless Necessary?

For normal issues, you should not use the factory reset option. This is kind of the nuclear resort that should be done when every option has been exhausted.

If you are facing one of the common problems like not being able to find the Sonos system, or seeing error messages, or not being able to play music, you can simply restart the device and in most cases, the problem will go away. The Sonos customer service is also extremely helpful, so you can connect with them for help.

Rebooting your Sonos device is simple. You just power off the device, and it will restart the system without any loss or corruption of data. However, a factory reset will fully wipe off any information stored in the system. You should only consider doing a factory reset when you are trying to add the device with another account, selling it, or changed the router, or relocating to another location.

If you are facing common issues, let’s first try to reboot the system through the following steps.

How To Reboot The Sonos Device

  • Switch off the power outlet, and remove the cord from the plug.
  • You can alternatively remove the power outlet from the Sonos device.
  • Wait for at least 20 seconds to let the device exhaust any remaining power, and then connect it to the power outlet.
  • Wait until the device powers up properly, and try playing music again.

This is provided that you already completed the setup before. Otherwise, you have to set up the speaker before you can use it.

How To Reset Any Sonos Device?

As we said, the factory reset is the last resort that should be saved for the last when nothing else fixes your problem. You can do it when you need to add the speaker with a different email address.

Resetting will wipe away all the data saved in your device. This includes your account, WIFI connection, any updates you have installed previously, etc. There is no way to get back this data once the reset is complete.

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Resetting Sonos Play Devices, Connect And Playbar

  • Remove your device from the power outlet.
  • Press the play button and hold it for several seconds, while you also plug in the device into the power outlet.
  • Keep pressing the play button.
  • The light will start blinking white and orange.
  • When the device has completed the reset, the light will turn blinking green. This means the reset has completed successfully. And now you can add this device to your house network.

Resetting the Sonos One, Play 5, Sub, Beam, Playbase

  • Remove the plug from the power outlet.
  • Press the connect button and keep holding it.
  • While you keep pressing this button, also plug in the power cable to the electrical outlet.
  • Hold the connect button until you see the indicator line turn white and orange.
  • After resetting, the indicator button will turn green. This means your reset was successful and now you can add the device to your home network and set it up from the scratch.

If you are struggling with any of the above steps, or don’t want to read the instructions, here’s a visual guide you can watch alongside. You will need to reset your Sonos after a factory reset unless you are selling it.

How To Reset Sonos Speaker

How To Set Up The Device Once Reset Has Completed?

This will be pretty much the same as setting up the Sonos device for the very first time. You should already have the Sonos controller app on your tablet or your phone. The app itself has a handy guide on how to set up the Sonos product.

You can get instructions for adding music services of voice commands. You should also check that app is perfectly up to date before you set it up again. If you don’t have the apps, you can down them from google play store or app store. You cannot set up the device on a laptop or desktop device.

  • Open the controller app on your mobile device.
  • Click Set Up A New System.
  • Create a new email account if you wish to re-register it with a different account.
  • If you are trying to reset the account with your account, you can simply log in to the same account with existing credentials.
  • You will get a screen saying ‘set up speakers’.
  • The app will open a wizard that has step by step instructions.
  • Follow these steps and your Sonos device will connect to the WIFI by the end of the wizard.
  • At this point, you can set up your music and video services.

If you need to add the device with the existing Sonos system, follow these steps.

  • Open the Sonos app from your mobile device.
  • Go to settings.
  • Open the system menu and go to the Add product tab.
  • A wizard will open up with instructions on how to connect the Sonos device with the existing Sonos system.

How To Set Up Voice Recognition On Your Device?

This is an optional step. But if you use Alexa or Google Assistant, it’s a good idea to set up voice recognition for your Sonos device. This will come after your process has already been set up completely.

The voice service will come from the setup process. For example, if you have a Sonos one, you will get it during the set up itself. You can skip this step if you don’t want to set up. Or you can choose your preferred voice assistant and add it to the device. This will allow you to issue voice commands to play music, and do much more.