How To Set Up Sonos Speakers (All Versions)

How To Set Up Sonos Speakers (All Versions)

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Have you bought the exciting Sonos speakers for yourself and are looking to set them up? Well, this article has all the information you might need to configure your Sonos products.

We often get the question- What do I need for Sonos setup? The answer lies in a Wi-Fi connection and a device to download the Sonos app on, but let us dig deeper to know more.

With the steps outlined below, you could set up the premium Sonos devices, without having to work much on the installation.

If you are wondering what do I need for Sonos set up, the answer is not much – just the speakers, devices, and the internet,

So, let’s get started.

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Plugging The Speaker

The first step involved in setting up a Sonos speaker is unboxing the product. To begin with, the box contains the power cable. This would be used to connect the speaker to the power outlet. Thereafter, you would be required to place it in the correct position. The flashing green light indicates that the product is ready to be set up.

Now, you cannot keep the Sonos anywhere in the room; it has to be positioned strategically. It depends more on the mode of internet connectivity to the product. Here are some ideas to find the right position for the speakers:

  • Wi-Fi connection

If you are looking to connect the speaker via Wi-Fi, the natural position would be somewhere close to the router. This is because the Sonos product would need a strong Wi-Fi signal. So, the position has to be strategic, close to the router.

  • Wired internet connection

In the situation that you are looking for a more stable wired internet connection, the best idea would be to place it as far as the Ethernet cable can extend. Since this cable would be connecting the router and the speaker, it is ideal to maintain a smaller distance, based on the cable length.

Installing the Sonos App

The advantage of this speaker is that it can be configured and set up with the help of the official Sonos app. So, soon after plugging in the speaker, it is useful to download this app and sign up, to make the whole process simpler.

Thereafter, it is a simple list of steps to be followed before you are done! There are primarily three methods for downloading this app on your phone or tablet.

  • Method 1 – Download the app from here.
  • Method 2 – Navigate to to download the apps.
  • Method 3– Search for the ‘Sonos’ app in the Apple AppStore or Google Playstore and download the official app.

Once the app is downloaded on your system, set it up, and keep it ready for the next step in the Sonos installation process.

Selecting The App Setup

Once the Sonos app has been installed, on opening it, you would be prompted with an option to set up a new Sonos system. This is our next step.

The app essentially needs to be told what kind of setup you are expecting it to perform. One Sonos setup example would be to opt for the Standard setup. This sort of mode is used mainly when the user connects the speaker over Wi-Fi. This, however, cannot be used for an Ethernet connection or is a special Wi-Fi range extender is used.

The Sonos Boost, or the range extender, is often put to use for improving the network signal. However, the Standard setup is meant only for a Wi-Fi connection without the Sonos Boost. You could choose the other option based on the mode of connection you plan on using.

Choosing The Speakers

When you select the Standard set up and are connecting the speaker to the Wi-Fi, it is imperative that your smartphone or any other system is also connected to the same network. This is the only way in which you could have access to the list of connected speakers from your phone.

Once this is done, on the Sonos app, you would be able to see a list of speakers available. If you have just one Sonos speaker in the house, the selection process is simple. All you do is click on the product name. In the situation where multiple speakers are available in the same area, you would have to particularly go through the list, and choose the one that you want to configure. The idea is that you swipe right across the speakers and select the correct one.

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Initiating Join Mode

This is the next step in the process of setting up the Sonos. This initiates the speaker to connect to a temporary Wi-Fi connection created. This entire step will be guided through the app. Once the correct speaker is chosen on the app, it would ask you to press a few buttons on the speaker itself.

These buttons would have to be pressed at the same time. This establishes a connection to the temporary Wi-Fi network. Now, different versions of the Sonos speaker has different buttons for this functionality. Here are a few Sonos setup examples for the Join button feature:

  • Sonos Play 1 speaker

This would require the user to press the Play or Pause button along with the Volume up button at the same time. This establishes the connection.

  • Sonos Play 5 speaker

This product has a dedicated button for the Join functionality, included on the side. This resembles an infinity symbol. Clicking on this button alone establishes the connection for this speaker.

While these are a few Sonos Setup examples, there is no need to worry if you cannot figure out which button to press. This is because the app would guide you on this issue and tell you the right button for the specific speaker.

It works as easy as that! And how do you know if you have pressed the right button? Firstly, you would hear a light sound followed by a flashing orange light from the speaker. Thereafter, the app would ask you to confirm if these signs are visible or not.

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Speaker Configuration From App

From this point onwards, there is very little to be done by the user, since the Sonos app takes over. It automatically configures the speaker for further use. Here, all you can do is sit back, relax, and watch the app at work, setting up the product perfectly.

Once this is done, you would be prompted to give a name to the speaker. You could either name the speaker based on the room in which it is placed, or you could give a unique name that is specific to your interests. The idea is that when multiple speakers are connected to the network, each product should be well recognizable.

Establishing Connection To Wi-Fi Network: Optional Step

This is one step in the entire process which is not applicable for most speakers since they would be able to go through this process automatically. This step includes the user connecting their phone or tablet to the temporary Sonos Wi-Fi network.

For this, simply go to the Wi-Fi settings of the phone and click Sonos. On navigating back to the Sonos app, you could be prompted for the Wi-Fi password as well. However, most Android users would not have to go through this step manually.

Also, for Sonos Play 5, this is again an automatic process. Thus, this is an optional step that comes into use only for some mobile devices and Sonos speakers.

At this point, the Sonos speaker is available and active for use. It has been completely set up, and you can go forward with using the product to its fullest potential. To get songs from different portals, it is necessary to choose Add Music Services. This would give you access to Apple Music or even Spotify.

Can You Add More Speakers?

We have received this query from a lot of Sonos users. Is it possible to add multiple Sonos speakers in the same app and Wi-Fi network? Well, the answer is a resounding yes!

You could get yourself as many Sonos speakers, in as many versions, as you would like, and all of them would be uniquely connected to the common app on your phone or tablet, or computer. Setting up the other speakers is as easy as setting up the first one.

Click Add another Player on the app and you are good to go. Thereafter, as a user, you can continue with the rest of the steps for installing the speaker. However, make sure that you provide a different and unique name to keep the speakers identifiable. The whole process is as simple as that, and it can be configured and set up by any user, without much hassle.

Sonos has an extremely intuitive and easy-to-follow method for setting up its speakers. Finally, what do I need for Sonos setup? All you would require is the speaker, the connecting cable, a working Wi-Fi connection, and the app on your phone or tablet or computer.

Following the instructions on the app is sufficient for getting started with this interesting line of speakers.