Sonos Flashing Green Light: Here’s The Truth 

Sonos Flashing Green Light: Here’s The Truth

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Sonos is a well-known brand that introduced the multiroom audio system for the first time. Sonos speakers are known for their excellent sound quality and durability. It is for this reason, Sonos speakers are a bit more expensive than their competitors.

Sonos has a variety of speakers in all shapes and sizes. Starting from Sonos One to Sonos Beam, there are ample options you will find that will suit your different needs.

However, one thing that stays the same in all its speakers is the LED light statuses.

If you have a Sonos speaker, you will witness different color lights on the top of your speaker i.e., over the control panel. Each of these light colors indicates a different purpose and status.

If you are new to your Sonos speaker and facing issues with different changing lights, be it Sonos flashing green light or orange light, hear the truth about all these lights and know what they indicate.

You will see a small dash over the control panel, which changes color. There are various green led light issues people come across due to the fact that they don’t know what they actually stand for. If you are one of them and don’t know what to do when the Sonos speaker flashes green light, here is what you need to do.

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When Sonos Is Flashing Green Light

When your Sonos speaker shows a flashing green light, it means it has been powered up and is ready to be connected. However, if it suddenly starts showing you a green light out of nowhere, this means that your speaker has been put on reset.

In such a case, you will need to add your Sonos speaker to your Sonos app all over again. Also, if you ever find that the music is not playing on the speaker even though it is playing from the Sonos app, you need to connect your Sonos speaker again (which may have been disconnected for one or more reasons)

Here are the things to follow if you can’t add back your Sonos speaker after the flashing green light.

  • Make use of ‘find missing product’ in the Sonos app

The easiest way to add back the missing speaker is to just open your Sonos app on your iOs and Android device. Open Settings> System> Find Missing Product and follow the steps on screen thereafter to add your speaker back.

  • Check the power of your Sonos speaker

Sonos speaker sometimes disappears from your Sonos app Rooms list when it lost power. Connect your speaker to the power plugin to get it started again (if so).

To check if your speaker is powered on, press the play/ pause button on the top control panel and see if the status light reacts or not. If it does, it is powered on.

To add your speaker back, tap on Settings> System> Add Product and follow the instructions thereafter as visible on the Sonos controller App. For adding it to your room, simply add the product to the system first and then tap on rooms to add the product into it.

  • Reboot the speaker

If nothing above works, you can choose to reboot the Sonos speaker. For rebooting, remove the cable from the Sonos speaker and plug it back in after five minutes. Wait for your speaker to power up and blink the white status light. Now, check on your Sonos controller app if your speaker is visible.

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If not, add it back to the system, as described above.

  • Reboot the router

The last thing you could do is reboot your router too. Unplug it and then plug it after a few minutes to see if the speaker appears in the Sonos app. Make sure your router and speaker are kept close enough to make it work.

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When Sonos Is Showing The Solid Green Light

A solid green light (no blinking) on your Sonos speaker shows that the speaker is muted. To unmute it, you can increase the volume of the Sonos speaker either from the speaker itself or from the Sonos app.

When Sonos Is Showing Blinking Green And White Light

If you see that your Sonos is blinking green and white light, this means your speaker is not registered to your Sonos account.

It is easy to get your Sonos speaker registered with your Sonos account.

When Sonos Is Showing No Green Flashing Light On Power-Up

There are times when your Sonos may be behaving weirdly. Even after rebooting, no green flashing light appears that usually indicates that the Sonos speaker is powered up, then you need to reset your Sonos speaker.

To reset your Sonos speaker, just power it up like you usually do and simultaneously hold on to the Play/Pause button until you see an Amber-led status light on the control panel. Release it thereafter and wait for the light to turn green.

Now, go to the Advanced settings on Sonos apps to reset the controllers.

The light status you should be aware of includes:

  • Solid orange

A solid orange light on the Sonos speaker indicates that Sonos is powered on but unable to setup. For this, just reboot your Sonos speaker.

It also shows that the product is too heated up. In such a case, you should shut it down and make it rest for a while before turning it on again.

  • Flashing orange

This is visible when the Sonos speaker is setting a connection during setup. There is nothing to worry about about this.

However, if you see 5 rapid orange flashes, this happens when the speaker is unable to start playback. In such a case, open your Sonos app to check the queue or troubleshoot it for playback interruptions.

  • Blinking orange and white

This either happens when the speaker is updating, is being reset, or experiencing a fault. When it fails to update, you will see a flashing red light. To correct this, reboot your speaker and try again.

  • Solid Blue

This light occurs in Sonos Move and indicates that the device is connected to Bluetooth mode. When it’s flashing, it means it is in the pairing mode.

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This was all about the Sonos products’ light status. We hope next time you see a flashing light, you can troubleshoot your Sonos product yourself without taking the help of the Sonos community.

If your problem persists, you can always call Sonos customer care or drop them a message at their Sonos community, available through Sonos’s official website.

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