Sonos Not Working After Update: Why And How To Fix It?

Sonos Not Working After Update: Why And How To Fix It?

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Do you see an error after attempting your Sonos device update? Has your Sonos device stopped working after the update? There can be varied reasons behind the error or a Sonos update failure.

Sometimes, the Sonos device may show a specific error when attempting an update. In this situation, you can certainly know the reason for the error. For instance,

  • Error 1101 may appear Sonos device is incapable of checking new updates due to a poor connection between the Sonos device and Sonos servers.
  • Error 1002 appears when more than one Sonos product fails to complete the update process. It may also occur when using the Sonos bridge.
  • Error 30 appears when the Sonos device fails to download the update fail needed to attempt the update.
  • Error 9 occurs when a few of your products are on Sonos controller 1 while others are on Sonos controller 2. It can be fixed by downgrading your S2 products to S1.

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How to fix Sonos after the update?

Now that you know the common reasons why your Sonos device is not working after an update, there are some of the common ways to fix it:

Re-try the update at least once

The first rule is to re-try updating the device again using the Sonos app. You can attempt a retry using the same Sonos app i.e. Sonos controller 1 or if you use other apps. You can retry the update using the Sonos controller S2 Sonos app. Here are steps to follow in the Sonos app to re-try the update:

  • Open the Sonos controller app you are using
  • Now tap on More to go to the settings menu
  • From Settings, scroll down to find software Update
  • Clicking on it the Sonos will start checking for any updates available
  • Install updates, if available.

Restart the router

Are you using your Sonos device using a home router? If yes, you may have to reboot your router before attempting an update again.

If your Sonos is unable to connect after an update, restarting your router can possibly fix the Sonos update system. After an update, your device is assigned a new IP address which, at times, your router cannot detect. This stops your Sonos device from receiving a proper network, and it ceases to work.

Rebooting the router can fix the problem. To reboot your router

  • Unplug the home wifi router from the power source
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Plug your router into the power source now
  • When your router has regained network access, try updating the device again.

If this does not work, try resetting your router. This should be done when the other troubleshooting solutions are not working. To reset your router:

  • Keep your router plugged in during the process
  • Find the reset button of your router, placed either at the lower back or bottom
  • Hold down the reset button with the help of a paperclip for a few seconds
  • Let go and wait for the router to function again.

Restart the Sonos device

The third most common way to fix the Sonos update error is to restart your device that requires an update. Just like restarting your mobile phone fixed half of the problems, the same goes for Sonos products.

Here are the steps to follow to restart your Sonos device:

  • Unplug the Sonos power adapter from the power source
  • Wait for 10 to 20 seconds
  • Plug the Sonos power adapter into the power source again
  • Give it at least 2 minutes standing time for rebooting and connecting to the internet
  • Wait for the top white light on the control panel to light up. This will indicate that your Sonos device is back online
  • Now, go to the Sonos app and rerun the update.

Remove mid obstacles

Sometimes a Sonos device cannot update or does not work after an update due to network problems.

If your Sonos device has a weak wifi signal, it can cause problems during or after the update. To fix the issue, place the Sonos device closer to the router. Disconnect the other connected device to the router and allow the Sonos device to be first connected to the network.

This provides better bandwidth access to the Sonos device. Re-try updating the device again to resolve the issue.

Check router settings

If the above solutions do not work, try checking the router settings. There can be various router settings that may be preventing smooth Sonos updates like parental controls, firewall settings, and other controls.

Reinstall the Sonos controller app

No matter the reason for the software update issue, you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling your Sonos controller app to fix the issue.

While this may not be a sure shot, there are still greater chances of resolving the issue. Just install the iOS or Android app from your mobile device and download and install it again.

Got to the Sonos app settings and try updating the system again. This should resolve the issue.

Re-add the speakers

If there is an issue in updating only particular Sonos speakers, try re-adding such a speaker to the Sonos app. To delete and re-add the Sonos speaker into the Sonos app, you need to first reset the Sonos speaker. To reset a Sonos speaker:

  • Unplug the speaker from the power source
  • Press and hold the join/mute button and reconnect to a power source at the same time.
  • Continue holding the button until the Sonos speaker flashes orange and white light
  • Once the light turns green, the process is complete. The speaker is reset.

You can now re-add your Sonos speaker on the Sonos app. To add it back, follow the same steps as adding any new speaker to an existing system.

In the Sonos app, go to Settings> System> Add Product. Find the product from the drop-down list and follow the on-screen prompts to re-add it. Now, try updating the speaker again. This should resolve any update issue.

Conclusion paragraph

If you have been having problems with your Sonos since the latest update, don’t worry, there are a few ways to fix it. We have outlined two of the most common fixes in this article. If you are still having problems after trying these fixes, please contact customer service so they can help you troubleshoot the issue.