Sonos vs Bose: Which Is the Best Speaker On The Market?

Sonos Vs. Bose: Which Is The Best?

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Bose is a behemoth in the sound industry. Sonos has captured a significant market share very quickly over the last few years. If you are torn about which new speaker to buy, we have reviewed some of the classic offerings from both brands and compared them by feature.

A quality speaker can transform your audio experience. The in-built speakers that come with your TV, laptop, or other devices can be alright. But they don’t give you the perfect experience that you get from a setup that has been created by specialized tools.

As an enthusiastic patron of fantastic audio systems, there is nothing better than knowing that you have bought the best speaker for your home. Sonos and Bose have a vast offering and come with their own sets of features and benefits. They do have a little difference in the sound profile of their devices, which is to be expected because they both have their proprietary system.

This is why we have selected two sets of speakers to compare. They have a similar pricing model and a similar value offering. The first two devices are play bars, which is a need for all when setting up a multi-room sound system. The second one is a regular speaker. After reading this, you will be able to find the answer to how good is Sonos sound quality?

There are some great soundbars in the market, but Bose SoundTouch 700 and Sonos Playbar, both have changed the game.

Let’s compare the features of these two devices and see which one comes out at the top.

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Sonos vs Bose 01
Image source: Wilshire Media Systems

Bose Soundtouch 700 Vs. Sonos Playbar: Which Is Better Sonos Or Bose?


Both of these soundbars are very close in pricing.

Before you make a decision solely based on the price of the devices, let’s see how these two options come out in a head to head battle.


The problem with soundbars is that they all look very similar. They are kind of flat and straightforward, and there is not much flash in the design. In this case, this is still true. Both the Sonos Playbar and Bose SoundTouch look very similar, with somewhat minor differences.

The Sonos Playbar is a little taller than the Bose, and it is not very deep. The Bose sound touch is shorter and has a bigger width.

One thing they have in common is the minimalistic look, which we expect from all Playbars. The Sonos Playbar has a cool silver and black color scheme, which gives it a sleek appearance. You will find a few buttons on the left side, including the button for play and pausing music. There is also a button for changing volume.

The Bose speaker does not have many ups and downs in the color scheme; it is all a simple flat black shell. If you are going for subtle and sleek, this would fit perfectly with any décor.

Remote Control

This is a must-have for anyone designing a home speaker system. The Bose SoundTouch comes with a remote. However, the Sonos Playbar does not come with a remote. You have to configure the Sonos app to work with the TV remote. If the extra step is a deterrent for you, then you can choose the already available remote for the Bose speaker.

However, what impresses us is that you don’t need an extra remote with the Sonos, and the TV remote works with minimum configuration. Some of you might not be a fan of managing additional remotes, and Sonos is the perfect choice for them. Do everything from your TV remote.

Sonos vs Bose 04
Image source: Digital Theatre Solutions

Sound Quality

Now to the main point, the sound quality of these two devices. The look and feel of the speakers might be an essential factor, but this is what decides which speaker you will choose. And we are happy to say that there is not too much difference between these two devices.

Both of these speakers have an excellent bass response, but not so much that it hurts your head. This is what we expect from all quality speakers. If you need something extra to hit the low notes extra hard, then you need to find a subwoofer too. Something that could work with both of these speakers.

Both of these speakers perform very well in the mid to high range of the notes. These notes are very prominent. If clear music is your thing, then you will love the experience in both of these speakers.

The small difference between the speakers come at the surround sound. The Bose Soundtouch 700 has a little bit of edge on the Sonos in this department. Sonos surround sound does not give you as much clarity and surrounding experience.

One thing is clear, if you are only using your TV speakers, you will see a massive difference in the audio quality when you buy any of these speakers.

Special Features

Speakers are not just supposed to give you superior audio quality anymore. They also need to be smart enough to work with your home system. Both of these devices have this one quality in common, where the makers have thought of every possible new configuration you need.

Whether you wish to connect with your chosen audio streaming service or connect with a smart speaker, both of them give you a choice to customize. The Sonos Playbar also has a smooth sync feature, which means, when you have multiple speakers set up in different rooms, you get multi-room audio without missing a beat.

Bose SoundTouch has also outdone itself by taking comfort and flexibility one step further. You can now pair your phone through a Bluetooth connection and play whatever songs you want straight from your phone. There is also the option to link with NFC in this speaker. And last but not least, you can connect to wifi, and control it with the Bose app for what you want to play on the speaker.


For many, this would be a minor consideration, but the weight of the device matters. If you have a little place, want to carry it around the country while traveling, or just want to wall mount it, you want a lighter device.

The Bose SoundTouch has perhaps the only, tiniest disadvantage in this arena. It is slightly heavier than the Sonos speaker. If you are putting it up on a shelf or using a wall mount, make sure it can carry on the weight of the speaker.


The Sonos app has another significant advantage here. It has a straightforward UI, and you can easily understand where you are going as compared to the Bose app. If you are going to be using the apps a lot, then this could make a difference for you. But since Bose comes with the remote, you don’t always need to use the app to change a track or volume.

Sonos vs Bose 02
Image source: morizuki


In the Sonos vs Bose comparison it is challenging to decide which device is better. They both give excellent features and come with all the facilities you can ever need. The Bose speaker would be the natural choice for anyone who has been a fan of the brand and used them for a long time. The designs are hard to compare because look and feel is a very subjective choice.

The Bose speaker does have an edge on mimicking surround sound, and it also lets you connect your phone through Bluetooth. It also comes with a physical remote in case you are not interested in controlling with the app and doing much manual configuration.

But the Sonos speaker is a solid contender. If you have bought any Sonos speaker in the past, it would be a cakewalk to create a complete network of these devices with seamless sync. When you play music from one room, you can transfer it to the other place in a heartbeat.

What about the price when it comes to Sonos vs Bose?

Sonos devices also tend to be a little cheaper than the Bose ones, if that is of importance to you. What we can conclusively say that either of these devices will not disappoint you. They don’t have the exact sound profile. The Bose happens to hit a harder base, but Sonos is all about convenience and adaptability.

Besides, some of the Sonos speakers are also humidity resistant, which makes them perfect for any kind of environment you want to set it up in.

If you are looking for a single speaker for your home, then Bose is the better choice. It would give you quality music. It is affordable if you are buying only one. It lacks the number of streaming service choices that Sonos offers. So, for setting up a home system with every streaming available, Sonos would be our pick.

Considering that the Sonos devices will allow you to play your favorite tunes from anywhere in your house, with very little maintenance and excellent transference, this is an excellent choice for multiple speaker owners.