Can you use Sonos with Bluetooth?

Can You Use Sonos With Bluetooth?

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No outdoor party is complete without a solid playlist that gets everyone in the groove. Having a solid sound system can determine the success of your party. Bluetooth speakers are an inevitable addition to any outdoor occasion as it gives you the flexibility to play your music anytime, anywhere.

A Sonos sound system is a premium option for anyone looking to upgrade their home sound system. This article will tell you all about Sonos, the various options available within the Sonos sound ecosystem, and whether they connect via Bluetooth?

Can you use Sonos with Bluetooth? Yes, the Sonos Move is the Sonos speaker that capable of Bluetooth support. All others need to be connected to the Wi-Fi to work seamlessly.

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What is Sonos?

Sonos is a software-driven audio company that was started in 2002 in California that sells wireless speakers and home theatre systems.

Their products are designed on the principle of Whole House Audio, i.e., a home sound system where you can play high-quality music via multiple speakers placed in different rooms simultaneously via the Sonos network, music playing in different rooms is synced for a complete audio experience.

As a company, Sonos has revolutionized the home music system, connecting multiple devices without ugly wires peeking through. Their products give you the ability to stream your music from a wide range of devices through your home wi-fi connection.

Over the years, Sonos has partnered with over a hundred music streaming services, which include Spotify, Apple Music Pandora, Amazon Music. MOG and OO Music. The Sonos devices are compatible with the three most popular voice assistants available, i.e., Amazon Alexa. Google Assistant and Apple Siri. Sonos speakers make it very easy to play your music with high-quality audio across your home.

While most other speakers available on the market are Bluetooth enabled, Sonos is unique in its approach to home sound systems. This often leads to the question, “Can I use Sonos speakers with Bluetooth?” Currently, the company offers eight powered speakers: Four Smart speakers: Mover, One, One SL and Play: 5, Two soundbars: ARC and BEAM, Television sound system: PLAYBASE and a Subwoofer: Sub.

Of these products, it is only the recently released Sonos Move, that is capable of Bluetooth support. All others need to be connected to the Wi-Fi to work seamlessly.

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What is the Sonos Move?

Sonos Move is the first product launched by the company that actively supports Bluetooth pairing for its device. The company describes the Sonos Move as “freedom without compromise.” They refer to the compromise that most commercially sold Bluetooth speakers make on the sound quality.

Despite being a Bluetooth device, the Sonos Move is advertised as a speaker that works to retain the premium sound quality synonymous with Sonos.

The Sonos Move is a portable and durable device that can be operated wirelessly in indoor and outdoor environments. The device supports Wi-Fi, apple airplay 2, and it is the first Sonos speaker to provide complete support for Bluetooth.

While the primary function for the device is to be connected with Wi-fi, the Bluetooth feature can be used for audio streaming along with Bluetooth Low Energy, which is a simplified setup. The speaker supports hands-free voice commands from both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa; however, they are currently unavailable in Bluetooth mode.

In the Wi-Fi mode, the Sonos move can be controlled via the bespoke Sonos app that can be used to control the entire Sonos sound system.

Setting up the Sonos Move

Setting up the Sonos move is very easy. The device setups in minutes and can be managed via the Sonos app, airplay 2, and voice assistants. The battery backup for the device is impeccable, providing 10 hours of steady playback.

The device can be charged either on the device base station or with a USB-C cable, making the speakers portable and hassle-free.

Can you use Sonos with Bluetooth?

Additional Features On The Sonos Move

The Sonos move comes with a new feature called Auto Trueplay. With the other Sonos devices, users could control sound characteristics via their phones. But, with the new Sonos move, the device will utilize the built-in voice microphone to adjust the speaker’s audio output automatically.

What About Other Sonos Products?

Interestingly, prior to launching the Sonos Move, the company had mocked the disadvantages of Bluetooth in its ad campaigns. In fact, all the other Sonos speakers sold require Wi-Fi or wire connections to play music, audiobooks, podcasts, and audio content available on streaming websites. According to Sonos, the reason for avoiding Bluetooth was not to compromise on the sound quality.

How Do I Connect Other Sonos Speakers To The Sonos Sound System?

In the original setup, all you need to do is connect Sonos to one single speaker to your home wi-fi network. Then you can connect more Sonos units (up to a maximum of 32 devices) via the dedicated secure wireless mesh network called Sonosnet.

But now, you can simply connect a number of Sonos products in your home through your home Wi-Fi connection- there is no longer a need to connect one device to the Wi-Fi router.

Using The Sonos App To Build Your Personal Sonos Sound System

The Sonos app makes the setup a lot simpler. The app guides you through the setup of the new system, or to add new speakers to the existing setup. The app and the individual speakers sold by Sonos make the sound system a truly customizable experience for the user. The Sonos app makes connecting and syncing multiple devices and absolute breeze, ensuring that you have a hassle-free audio experience at home.

The Sonos app supports almost all streaming services available in the market, with many apps like Spotify, allowing you to stream within the devices. The Sonos system is capable of handling home theatre applications and can successfully run a surround sound setup.

Prior to the Sonos Move, the company provided additional products like the AMP and the PORT to the speakers to the Sonos system and the music player. In 2004, the company had launched the amplified ZonePlayer ZP100 and CR100 that allowed for greater connectivity. The recently launched Sonos S2 is touted as a major upgrade to the sound system.

What Is The Sonos S2?

Sonos S2 is seen as the major refresh of the Sonos lineup. Many see it as the biggest update in the company’s history.  The company refers to this as “a new app and operating system (OS) that will power the next generation of products and experiences.” This product lays the foundation for new Sonos devices and features. It also marks an end for aging Sonos devices working on older technology and hardware.

The S2 is a new operating system with a redesigned software ecosystem. Those who want to switch to the new software can download the new Sonos S2 app from either the iOS.  macOS or the Android App Store. The S2 is a necessity for the future line of Sonos devices.

Almost all Sonos devices are compatible with the S2 app ecosystem. Only some legacy Sonos devices and those sold in 2015 or earlier are incompatible with the S2. All other devices sold after 2015 are compatible with the app.

The company is planning to launch new products that will be compatible with the Sonos S2. This includes a refresh on the Sonos Playbar, which will be replaced by the Dolby Atmos Soundbar. Other new product announcements include the Sonos Arc, the Five (which is a replacement to the Play:5), and the third generation of the Sub.

Most tech media outlets are still speculating whether these new products will have Bluetooth support or if they will rely on the connectivity provided by the Sonos S2. The Sonos S2 is an exciting direction for Sonos and its vision for a seamless home sound system.

Finally, Should I Invest In The Sonos Sound System? Will They All Have Bluetooth Support?

To sum up, most Sonos speakers do not work with Bluetooth connections and require Wi-Fi to connect. The Sonos sound ecosystem is built on WIFI networks, with a wide range of speakers that can be customizable for your individual music needs. The Sonos speakers are known for their impeccable sound quality and durability.

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Sonos gives you every opportunity to customize your sound experience, without compromising on the quality and experience of sound. The company has been critiqued for its aging tech in connectivity and speakers. But, with the release of the Sonos Move, you can expect more high-quality Bluetooth powered products from the company.

The launch of Sonos S2 is an interesting direction for the company that has previously relied on Wi-fi connectivity as its primary network. Sonos has invested in growing its reliability on the wireless connectivity system while diversifying the product range to include Bluetooth options.

All Sonos products can be bought via their website or on e-commerce websites like Amazon.