How to turn off Sonos Speaker (All Versions)

How To Turn Off Sonos Speaker (All Versions)

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Sonos speakers have taken the world by storm. While most users are migrating to Sonos for accessing audio systems across the house, there is a pertinent question doing the rounds. Can Sonos speakers be turned off? For starters, Sonos provides energy-efficient speakers. But how do these speakers work? Let us take a look at each speaker’s mechanism.

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Sonos Beam

How do you turn off the Sonos Beam? Is there a power button that comes along with it? The answer is no! Sonos Beam is designed in a power-efficient way that works towards saving electricity automatically. Thus, you do not need to turn off the device at all.

All you have to do is leave it alone if you do not want to use it for a while, and the speaker will get in a Standby mode on its own. It gets rid of the whole effort of paying attention to the Sonos speaker and putting it off at the right time.

So what exactly happens in this Standby mode? Essentially, your device is resting at this point. The next time you want to use it, you can simply play the music instead of having to turn on the device again. Apart from that, there are no other buttons to be pressed for putting this device in action again.

So, it stays with you when you want it to work, and automatically subsides into a sleep mode when there is no music being played. No power button comes with the speakers. In situations when you have to turn the device off, for various reasons, you can simply unplug it. Sonos makes operations as simple as that for its speakers!

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Sonos Move

The Sonos Move is another interesting device from the brand. Most users of Sonos are used to not having a power button at all. This is because most of their devices have an automatic standby mode.

But the Sonos Move comes as a surprise at this point. This is the only product in the Sonos line that comes packed with a power button. Since this is a battery-powered device, this power button becomes all the more critical. This also makes it convenient for the users, mainly because this is portable as a machine.

You can save up on battery while you are on the move. This means you can run the speaker for longer durations without having to recharge its batteries.

So, how do you turn this speaker off? First and foremost, locate the power button. You could either check this from the manual or figure it out while you first install the device. Next, for turning the speaker off, you would have to press the power switch for about five seconds. How do you know when your speaker has actually been powered off? Essentially, the device will chime and give out a soft sound. Following this, the LED lights turn off, and you are good to go.

At this point, the Sonos speaker is off and saving up on important battery power. But even otherwise, when the speaker is turned on, and it is not playing any music, it is designed to save power at all times. This ability to save power when the device is idle is a specialty of the Sonos brand.

Sonos Play 1

Sonos Play 1 has a slightly different design as compared to other devices from the same brand but works on the same principle. Essentially, it does not have any power on or off the button. Does that make operations difficult? No!

This device is one of the most compact speakers available today. It comes with limited buttons like Play/pause, volume up and down keys, accompanied by a status indicator. So how do you turn off the speaker when you do not want to use it?

The idea is simple. You could be playing on the Sonos speaker in one room or multiple rooms. So, when you have to stop the music and the device, all you have to do is click on the ‘Pause All’ option from the Rooms menu in the Sonos app. This effectively stops music streaming in every room.

If you are playing in one room only and want to stop the music, you can simply press the Pause button that comes embedded in the device. Pressing this Pause button once stops music streaming, and pressing it twice moves on to the next piece of music. This is all that you have to do to put off the music and the device.

Apart from that, the Sonos Play 1 is designed in a way that it always stays on. But when it is not playing any tracks, it uses minimal electricity or best results. So, you would not have to worry about putting this speaker off when it is not in use.

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Sonos One

The Sonos One is a rather smart speaker that has already created a massive base of fan following. It has been successful it creating more Sonos loyalists amongst the speaker enthusiasts. It has a very convenient interface and structure that make way for easy handling processes. But how do you turn this speaker off? Is there a power button to help you put it off?

Like most other Sonos products, the Sonos One does not come with any power button on the device or the app. It is designed in a power-saving manner that goes off when the device is not in use for some time.

Usually, the buffer period is 2 minutes, beyond which if the device is not in use, it transfers into the standby mode. Granted that you do not have to save up on battery power at home, but it still helps you save on power. So, when you are done listening to music, you do not even have to bother turning it off. It automatically goes into Standby until it is used the next time again. And starting the device again is also simple.

However, there are situations when you actually need to turn the speaker off. For instance, you want the TV to play the audio through its own system instead of through the Sonos speaker. In these situations, you can plug the device off, and you are good to go. The next time you want to start the speaker again, it will take a few seconds to boot up once it is plugged in before it can stream music.

How To Turn Off Sonos Wifi?

The Sonos speaker almost always runs on wifi or other network connection. For most portable speakers, the Wi-Fi becomes a mandate. But for other devices stationed at home, you have the chance to turn it off.

Firstly, why would you want to turn off your Wi-Fi connection in the Sonos speaker? For starters, your speaker could be connected to the internet through a wired Ethernet LAN cable. This gives it stronger connectivity. Besides, various components within the speaker do not actually require a wireless connection. In these cases, you could turn off the Wi-Fi and keep a secure network for your device.

How do you turn off Wi-Fi? Navigate to the Sonos app on the smartphone and click on Settings. Follow this up by clicking on System. This will display a list of all the rooms in which the Sonos speakers are connected. On that page, click on the particular room you need. Once you click on the specific room, you will have access to the devices in that room. This is where you can switch off your Wi-Fi from the Enable/Disable Wifi option on the screen.

But there is a problem if you take the speaker out of the room, disconnected from the Ethernet, and disconnected from the Wifi as well. In that case, if you have to connect it to a wireless network for taking it outside during traveling, you would first have to use an ethernet connection and receive the Wii signal. Ideally, it is best if you reconnect to the Wi-Fi network before taking the speaker out of the room.

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How To Turn Off LED Lights On Sonos?

If the Sonos speaker is your bedside device, it is wise to turn the light off. Not only is it less distracting, but it also saves energy. For this, simply navigate to the Settings -> System icon of the app. Choose the room and the speaker, and either toggle off the status light or untick the status light based on the phone’s operating system.

All products from the Sonos brand are designed to be extremely energy efficient. Unlike most other speakers, these devices work on power saving on their own. Gone are the days when the users would have to turn the speakers off before hitting the bed at night. Sonos works automatically and takes care of this problem. All the speakers convert into a standby mode after a few minutes of inactivity.