Best Turntable for Sonos: Our Top 6 Picks for 2024

best turntable for sonos

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Sonos wireless speakers are pretty amazing, with astonishingly clear and musical sound and a really beautiful aesthetic, and if you want to find a good turntable for sonos I think you should get one that’s just as amazing!

Whether you are on a tight budget, or would rather consider a premium turntable, I have compiled a list of what I think are the six best turntables to go with sonos systems, and they are all fantastic products and fantastic choices.

I will recommend both wired and wireless turntables at three price levels – Budget, Mid-Priced and Premium – and say a little about each one of my picks.

And before we get into all of that I will clear up the question of which Sonos speakers actually work with turntables – because, in fact, not all of them will, so you should be clear about your particular model of Sonos.

If you’re in a hurry, and just want to see the recs, here are my top choices:

Which Sonos Products Will Work with a Turntable?

Not all of them, unfortunately, so before we get started, we should determine if your Sonos speaker or streamer will even work with a turntable.

As you’ve probably noticed, I am including both traditional wired turntables and Bluetooth wireless turntables, and certain Sonos speakers will need one or the other, while other Sonos speakers can’t use either, and will need a Sonos Port to work with vinyl.

Confused? Ok, here’s a list of Sonos products with exact compatibility:

Sonos Move 

 Has Bluetooth, so any Bluetooth turntable will work perfectly. Does not have aux input, so my wired turntable choices will not work.

Sonos Roam & Roam SL 

Have Bluetooth, so any Bluetooth turntable will work perfectly. Do not have aux input, so my wired turntable choices will not work.

Sonos One  

Does not have Bluetooth, and does not have a wired input, so the One by itself will not work with a turntable. To use a Sonos One with a turntable, you will also need the Sonos Port.

Sonos Five 

Has a wired aux-in input, so any of my wired turntables will work perfectly. Does not have Bluetooth, so my Bluetooth turntable choices are out.

Sonos Port 

The Port streamer does not have Bluetooth, but does have a wired input, so any of the wired turntables in this buyer’s guide will work, but not the Bluetooth wireless turntables.

Sonos Amp 

 The Amp streamer/amplifier does not have Bluetooth, but does have a wired input, so any of the wired turntables in this buyer’s guide will work, but not the Bluetooth wireless turntables.

As far as older models go, just check your user manual to see if it has either Bluetooth connectivity or an aux-in or line-level wired input.

And to be clear, any and every Sonos speaker, or even a full multi-speaker Sonos wireless network, will work perfectly with a wired turntable if you are also using the Sonos Port streamer.

What to Look For in a Good Turntable for Sonos Wireless Speakers

Given how great Sonos systems sound, I would say sound quality is the first and foremost thing to look for in choosing the best record player for Sonos, but let’s consider all of the important factors:

Sound Quality

 Clarity, dynamic energy and musicality are all hallmarks of Sonos speaker systems, and so it would be great if a turntable had these same qualities, and complemented the Sonos sound particularly well

Look and Feel

Sonos wireless systems are known for their beautiful modernist aesthetic, and while not necessary it would be great to have a turntable with the same clean, minimalist lines and the same superb fit and finish

Built-in Preamplifier

Any Sonos speaker, streamer or amp will need a turntable that has its own phono preamp built in, but luckily lots of the best turntables these days do


I will include choices for Bluetooth wireless turntables, as well as several more conventional wired choices, because – as we discussed above – you will need one or the other depending on your particular model of Sonos speaker. And keep in mind that the wireless ‘tables can all be used with a wired connection as well

So yeah, you want to make certain you’re getting a turntable that works with Sonos – whether wired or wireless – and it’s nice to have one that looks fantastic sitting next to your Sonos speaker, and in the list below all of this will be strongly considered.

But the main thing is sound – I mean that’s why you got a Sonos in the first place!

So, all of this kept in mind, let’s jump right into the list of best turntables for Sonos speakers and streamers!

The Best Turntables for Sonos Speakers in 2024

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Best Record Player for Sonos – Budget

Fluance RT81 Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable with Audio Technical AT95E Cartridge

I cannot in good conscience recommend any of the really cheap record players or turntables for use with a Sonos speaker. Some of them sound decent, and they can be really good values, but the Sonos is just too good, and will reveal their deficits with merciless clarity.

But if you’re willing to spend a bit more than two hundred dollars you will arrive at the amazing Fluance RT81, which may be the least expensive turntable I know with what I would consider real audiophile-quality sound.

The Fluance RT-81 is a basic belt drive turntable designed to provide the most open, honest, detailed and dynamic sound possible from vinyl records, and we can say the exact same about the legendary Audio Technica AT9E phono cartridge they’ve included.

The tonearm, base and all mechanical components of the 81 are engineered to get as much detail from records as possible, and to suffer the least from room interference, and the built-in preamp is incredibly dynamic, sweet and musical.

A beautifully built and pretty turntable, especially for the money, the Fluance RT 81 Elite is an amazing value, and definitely the best budget record player for Sonos.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Exceptional detail and definitionAt this price, none
Clean and musical phono preamplifier
Great included cartridge
Build quality and reliability
Incredible value

Best Wireless Record Player for Sonos – Budget 

Sony PS-LX310BT Fully Automatic Wireless Belt Drive Turntable with Preamp

Here’s a secret – I really wanted to recommend the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT as the best Bluetooth wireless turntable for Sonos speakers at this lower price point, and it is, IMHO, the best sounding affordable Bluetooth turntable on the market today.

So why did I choose the Sony PS-LX310BT belt drive wireless turntable? Well, it is also a fantastic turntable for the price, and also definitely one of the finest affordable turntables I’ve ever heard.

The built in Sony moving magnet cartridge has a warm and sweet sound, with lots of musical energy and detail. In fact, while the Audio Technica may be a bit more detailed and accurate – a better “audiophile” choice, perhaps – this Sony PS-LX310 is maybe the more musical sounding of the two.

But ultimately it came down to looks – how very shallow of me! – because I think that either of these two decks would be a perfect choice, and represent the best values by far at this lower price level. 

But the Sony PS-LX310BT Bluetooth wireless turntable is just so pretty, with a sleek, minimalist look that looks just right next to a Sonos speaker. Add to that the easy and intuitive layout, the lovely sound and that legendary Sony long term reliability and the 310 is a perfect budget choice for use with a Sonos wireless speaker.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Especially musical soundThe (slightly) less expensive Audio Technica LP60 sounds (slightly) better
High resolution AptX wireless circuitry
Beautiful look
Well made and reliable
Easy to use

Best Turntable for Sonos – Mid-Priced

Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB Turntable with Built-in Preamp and Electronic Speed Change

Is just under 500 dollars a bit high to be considered “mid-priced”? Well, maybe, and I can also strongly recommend the Fluance RT83 Reference  turntable – which is about 150 dollars less, and an astounding value.

But the Pro-Ject T1 turntable with built in preamplifier is truly the next level, and offers such high fidelity sound that it at least approaches very expensive audiophile gear in terms of dynamic energy, space and presence, tonal accuracy, speed, detail and resolution, as does the included Ortofon OM5e phono cartridge (talk about next level!).

All audiophile mumbo-jumbo aside, let me say that this is a lovely sounding turntable, which fully presents the rich, energetic and gorgeously musical analog sound of even the very finest vinyl records, and will make even thrift store steals sound fabulous!

With a simple yet elegant look and an incredibly easy and intuitive layout, the Pro-Ject T1 is a joy to use, and its material and build quality – along with intelligent design and engineering – mean it should provide joy for many, many years – much like Sonos products.

So an ideal mid-range turntable for a Sonos speaker, amp or streamer, and easily the best sub-500 dollar complete turntable I know, the Pro-Ject T1 deserves, and gets, my most enthusiastic recommendation.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
The best sound possible at this levelA bit expensive for the mid-range category
Incredible looks
Superior mechanical isolation
New levels of detail retrieval, resolution and accuracy
Built to last

Best Wireless Turntable for Sonos – Mid-Priced

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XBT-USB-BK Wireless Direct-Drive Turntable, Black

Ok, so here’s a surprise – though I normally love Victrola products, and though the Victrola Stream Carbon is specifically made for/with Sonos, it’s not my choice for best bluetooth wireless turntable for Sonos speakers.

Yes, it’s a fine turntable, and yes it looks nice, and I wouldn’t be unhappy if somebody tied a ribbon around one and handed it to me, but I have heard better turntables at this price range, and the one I would most happily pair with Sonos is the Audio Technica AT-LP120.

Even the non-wireless version of the AT-LP120 is a superb turntable, and would make a great alternative to the Pro-Ject T1 I recommended just above, but the Bluetooth wireless AT-LP120XBT has a truly special analog to digital convertor on board, which sends a digital signal to your Sonos speaker that retains the warm, rich, detailed and dynamic analog sound we all love.

The Audio-Technica AT-LP120XBT is also a brilliantly built product – is it the most beautiful turntable in the world? No, and its decidedly old-school aesthetic may not look totally at home next to your sleek Sonos, but in terms of fit and finish, material quality, long term reliability and intelligent, user-friendly design, it doesn’t get much better than this.

If you really want a turntable that looks as good as it sounds, I am in love with the Pro-Ject T1 Bluetooth Turntable, but the Audio-Technica costs substantially less, sounds amazing and is an easy top choice for best midrange turntable for Sonos.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
An almost unbelievable valueNone – yeah, I really love this turntable!
Legendary reliabilityOk, it may not be the prettiest…
True analog sound, even through wireless
Clear and easy controls
Fantastic included cartridge

Best Turntable for Sonos – Premium

Thorens TD 402 DD Direct Drive Turntable with Integrated Phono Preamp (High Gloss Black)

I felt a bit strange including a turntable pretty well north of a grand in recommendations for speakers that, while decidedly premium in every way, are not in this range – heck, the superb Sonos 5 is about half the price of the Thorens TD 402!

But here’s the deal, as I see it – the Sonos are special speakers. I guess you already know that, but I mean really special. I have heard a Sonos 5 with this very Thorens turntable and the quality of the Thorens – the essentially top-tier high-fidelity performance – is immediately evident through that amazingly high resolution speaker.

And the combination is stunning – so much presence, so much energy, such life and realism, such detail and clarity, like I was listening to a much, much more expensive, painstakingly assembled pure audiophile stereo system.

I should also say that the Thorens TD 402 is an absolutely incredible product in every other way – not just phenomenal sound, but the best fit and finish, the best material quality and reliability, and a simply brilliant layout and interface.

I will say, with just as much enthusiasm, that there are other fantastic premium choices for a turntable to use with Sonos speakers, streamers and amplifiers, and in fact the magical Thorens TD 102 – at about half the price – would be my first choice. I also strongly recommend the wonderful Teac TN-4D, which lies somewhere between the two Thorens in price (though I do prefer the Thorens TD 102, or at least think it is a better value for the money).

But if you are curious to see just how good your Sonos products can sound, and/or want to get a turntable that will provide the finest musical enjoyment for literally the rest of your life – and don’t mind spending mint to get there – the Thorens TD 402 is as good as it gets, and is one of the finest audio products I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Top tier audiophile sound qualityExpensive 
Absolutely stunning looks
Pure premium material and build quality
The perfect balance of exceptional detail and resolution with magical musicality
One of the truly great companies

Best Wireless Turntable for Sonos – Premium

Cambridge Audio ALVA ST Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth aptX HD

Cambridge Audio is known for stereo gear that sounds much, much better than they have a right to at their price points – really, so many of their products sound as good as stuff that is two or three times as expensive.

And one of the most notable, and most beloved, examples of this is the Alva ST, Cambridge’s Bluetooth wireless belt drive turntable, which is supremely musical, clear and dynamic, with amazing deep bass, stunning presence and detail and a warmth and musicality that perfectly presents that wonderful analog sound.

And, most amazingly, not only do all of the depth, detail and musical energy come through completely even with a wireless connection, but so does that analog warmth and musicality, thanks not only to the high resolution of the Alva’s Bluetooth wireless system and its AptX codec, but also the superb sound of the inbuilt analog to digital convertor, which is one of the best I’ve heard at any price.

Build quality, reliability and usability are as good as it gets, and the Cambridge Audio Alva ST is a really beautiful looking machine, with fit and finish and material quality that – like the sound – are way beyond what you  would expect at this affordable premium price point.

A clear choice for best wireless audiophile turntable for Sonos speakers, the Cambridge Audio Alva ST belt drive turntable is a superb product, and recommended without a single reservation.

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Possibly the best value on the listAt this price, none
Superb performance and real musicality – even through Bluetooth
A really beautiful piece with true premium fit and finish
Long term reliability
Supremely simple to use