UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review
UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Fashionable form-factor a compact size, and strong audio efficiency. That helps to make the UE BOOM the ideal choice to get a lightweight audio. The round form of the UE Growth is a distinct take one. That lounge loved stating it has among the best general styles in its course.

The look does not allow it to be less lightweight. With Computer Magazine discovering it little enough to put right into a career. Logitech created the UE Growth having a round form to provide 360-degree audio efficiency.

UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Black

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Also, it works. ZDNet calls it a “first class audio expertise.” Mashable claims it “provides exceptional sound quality for that cost.” The purchase price is a little greater than our present must have the Jawbone JAMBOX. Lightweight audio. However, the sound and dimension experience support justify the price.

What is UE BOOM?

UE BOOM is a mobile speaker made by Ultimate Ears, encouraging Bluetooth and wired links. UE BOOM was commended for its own industrial design, loudness, battery life and speakerphone capability. Particular suitability for outside use, but criticized because of its relatively large price.

The speaker was initially declared on May 21st, 2013 and moved on the market in the USA and Europe after that month. On September 15th, 2015, Ultimate Ears introduced the UE BOOM two, a revised version of the UE BOOM.

The new version includes IPX7 waterproofing, a 25 percent growth in quantity. This also a superior wireless range within the initial version.

Features of UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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  • It comes built with high-end inbuilt lithium batteries which are non-removable.
  • Full volume protection of 360 degrees.
  • The contemporary modern form is making a style.
  • It’s skin with plasma layer of water that is efficient and stain resistance.
  • Long-lasting battery life is as high as 15 hours with audio play.
  • An extended length of fifty feet to which the UE BOOM handles can be adjusted. Like quantity, change tunes or take calls efficiently.
  • The exceptional double capacity. That allows an individual for connecting two EU BOOMS in music. Using the UE BOOM application to improve spread and quantity noise more



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  • Lengthy battery life
  • Truly for its loud.
  • That can have some strike because of its size if you enjoy bass.
  • Wireless works well through about 3-4 surfaces in some instances.
  • Easy to use using its quantity down and up power-button, in front. Along with a devoted set button for wireless.
  • For hanging it to some cut band.
  • Water-resistant so no concerns for dropping water onto it.
  • Separate Aux costs and interface by micro USB.
  • Excellent UE Application to accompany it. Getting second coupling to get a music setup and specific EQ configurations. With two of those speakers



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  • Hurts once the battery does die


Advantages of UE Growth Wireless Bluetooth Audio

The 360-degree quantity protection isn’t enough. May sufficiently load an area aside from its placement. Motorists with double performance abilities boost the volume they distribute for ideal enjoyment.

A set is also of radiators that guarantee the reduced bass is sufficiently thick. Have out-performed Bose’s Soundlink and HDMX Jam Celebration speakers. It’s secure to say this is among the wireless speakers that are most ruling. Now you can perform with the audio you love to riot an event.

Its outstanding design

Low-UE sound style ears growth that’s supreme instant wireless audio is a whole new item. Unlike Logitech UE versions that have been primarily centered on Logitech’s older. It includes as much as six shades for you really to select from.

UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

Its measurements are 7″ long and 2.5-inches in size. A water-bottle impressed its style. Indicating it’s relatively simple for one to maintain even yet in one hand. This product was created to remain upright on its attributes. Unlike many types of its dimension.

We can inform that UE BOOM among the best-looking styles that are general in its course. We have examined speakers’ wireless audio within the ultra-portable group.  Additionally, it seems fantastic to put on, and its software is user-friendly.


It is fun. Only plain and simple pleasure to follow. The UE Boom includes bags of detail, heaps of electricity, and a superbly engaging audio. It is intended to be positioned vertical, as well as the 360-degree effect guaranteed by Ultimate Ears is successful – that the sound field is broad and spacious. It is a satisfyingly weighty and between sound.

It can go unbelievably loud, also, and keeps its composure at greater amounts. It’s a much better balance throughout the frequency range compared to most other speakers of its kind and cost.

There are attack and sting, punch and affect, and also the Boom retains the audio cohesive and exciting having an agile awareness of rhythm.

It is not picky with music genres, possibly, which means it’s possible to like Nina Simone and David Bowie along with Amanda Palmer and Warrant.

Water Resistance

UE BOOM includes significantly more than somewhat appears. It’s water weight without providing you with any problem scored. Indicating it may endure a substantial dash of water. It’s also stain-proof, therefore don’t today fear if your pal salsa falls onto it.

Setup and USE

UE BOOM sets effortlessly with iOS and Android products via wireless. For that very first time immediately adopts a breakthrough style. As soon as, you switch it to the audio. Declare itself to all or any different Bluetooth-enabled products available.

UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review

On all your Android products, you merely have to visit configurations. Look for the audio under “Available Devices” when you have NFC-allowed Android tools. Just contact the cellular device and the sound together for quicker coupling. You’ll visit and appear on your device whether you wish to set the unit. Touch yes, and you’ll be combined immediately.

For configurations, go in your ios products, touch wireless, and look under for UE growth.

Should you Press the wireless switch next to the ability switch. Hold to change to finding function. You desire to set it following the setup with another system.


The UE BOOM provides 360-degree audio through its round style. Meaning the sound-level will be the same for all attributes of the audio. The sound features two 1.5- to 2inch individuals’ inch radiators.

It’s radio (Bluetooth) selection of 50-feet. May pair up to ten products. Relate solely to as much as two products in the same period. It supports NFC. One-source to get a significantly thicker music tone can set two UE BOOM speakers. That’s another interesting function of the speaker.

The UE BOOM application helps the function. It enables you to modify sound-frequency configurations for just one audio through equalizers. If there is an update readily available for the audio, it signals you.

We updated the firmware using an OSX application. That’s basic and got a brand new function. The capability to turn the audio via the cellular application off through Bluetooth LE assistance.

We’ve to express the UE BOOM is among the speakers we have undergone. And because of the 360-degree result, it is standard across all parts of the area. Sound output is obviously wealthy and sharp.

Notably, while coping with midrange wavelengths. In reproducing speech targeted audio paths, it excels. We’d a good time enjoying the most recent cold place songs. The defeat produced within the weekend cannot feel my encounter with bass tracks. You will discover some distortion at high volume, with no problems.

The loss at the start of the Love lockdown of Kanye West gets altered. Despite this downside, we have the UE BOOM is among the greatest wireless speakers offered. Most customers are likely not to be unhappy with its efficiency.

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Bluetooth with NFC

Forget to dock. UE BOOM allows you choose calls from over 50feet away. And to change between tunes, handle quantity. Perhaps you ask your buddy and sweetheart, and consider change is playing songs from two products. NFC makes pairing products as easy as only a touch.


The ears growth that is best instant wireless audio does double-up like a speakerphone. Its inbuilt microphone relays the additional individual about the phone your speech. Also, you obtain the advantage of hearing them entirely.


Battery smart the UE BOOM is equally off and remarkable in the document. The organization promised a 15-hour play period. Centered on my encounter although it’ll differ on the quantity.

Where you play audio, this appears to be on the level. Getting requires 3.4 hrs. That’s UE’s when I didn’t check this spec period. Although, one is roofed within the container. Because it forces up utilizing a microUSB interface. Looking for a suitable wire is simple.

Why You Like UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Every journey needs a soundtrack. UE BOOM includes a flexible, go-anywhere form. That makes it as natural while you. And too simply about something. UE BOOM brings the audioBOOM. You provide the friends.

UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Legendary activities don’t usually proceed as prepared the vibrant skin. That’s traditional with plasma layer makes UE BOOM spot and water resistant. And safety is added by a rubber address towards the Hardware / Aux locations.

User Review On UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

A product for you and friends

I’d been studying wireless speakers for around three weeks. What it required was an active in-store display to find the UE BOOM Audio. This audio gained me on a lot of functions. The attention getting the 15-meter wireless vary from my telephone Orchid color. The 15H battery life and also the IPX4 degree of waterproof.

So I may cheerfully perform within the bath. This speakers audio is incredible. It’s lightweight, for this type of small dimension and so I may make it. The regular application improvements guarantee the product to me may usually operate at its greatest.

I like it. So do not spend these three months. Just purchase the UE BOOM audio. It is what it’s an incredible cost. It’s existed as much as all its guarantees to date!

What others say about UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The UE BOOM is surprise-resilient. With Ultimate Ears calling it “fall-evidence” to some peak of five-feet. Also, many drop assessments were indeed survived by it. From levels approaching that reported limitations in numerous areas.

An IPX7-rated waterproof style also defends against engagement in water. As much as one-meter-deep for approximately half an hour. Although, used to do not drive the entire limitations for water-resistance. It organized well to massive levels of splashing while resting on the bath floor. I did involve it without any ill-effects and required it within the tub.

Additionally, fresh within the UE BOOM is an accelerometer. That enables you to execute fundamental handles simply by going the unit. Choosing up the UE BOOM 2 and going its most efficient stop. Or will perform audio, while a double tap skips to the track that is next.

Product Info of UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Brand Name                      Ultimate Ears

Item model number        980-000678

Item Weight                      1.2 pound

ASIN                                   B00CM0XHNS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of  UE BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Question: What’s different between the boom and the uboom2?

Answer: I’ve read that it is 25% louder. The battery also lasts longer.

Question: after the battery is dead, as it’s restricted charge cycles. What’s the solution?

Answer: it is a normal battery size. Though Logitech claims the battery is non-replaceable, it is really very simple to do.

Question: Can u use it at the shower?

Answer: No, I would not straight in the shower, but I place it in my dressing table and may listen to it just fine from there

Question: Could this be used whether it is plugged in?

Answer: Certainly yes, it works nice when charging

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The Logitech Ultimate Ears BOOM is among the wireless speakers that are greatest. I include top quality 360-degree audio replica. Having a battery life that is great and sturdy building that avoids the weather.

The main downside that is only real may be a battery bank feature’s lack. That allows your cellular devices to cost once they are working low on energy. The UE BOOM makes its location one of the better in wireless speakers.

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