Can You Watch Netflix On Echo Show?

Can You Watch Netflix On Echo Show?

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Never heard of Echo Show, or are you not sure what it is? Echo Show is one amazing product of the Amazon Echo line of products. Like Amazon Echo, Echo Show is also a speaker but a smart one.

A smart speaker is more like a tablet but with amazing sound quality. So, if you find your smartphone screen too small and a tablet screen too big, Amazon Show can fit your choice very well. Nonetheless, you can use it as a speaker, a tablet, or as an Alexa enabled device.

But the most appropriate use of Echo Show is for binge streaming your favorite shows from the various online streaming services, be it Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, or Youtube.

But wait what, it doesn’t support YouTube and Netflix. That’s a big bummer. However, it’s logical that an Amazon product would support Amazon Prime streaming services, but before that, it’s important to know why Echo Show doesn’t support Netflix.

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Why Can’t You Watch Netflix On Echo Show?

Apart from the issues that blame the differences between the two top online streaming services brands for not enabling Netflix on Echo Show, there is another valid reason for not able to run Netflix on Echo Show.

There is a difference between not fit for Netflix streaming and not enabled for Netflix streaming. You can’t watch Netflix on Echo Show due to the former reason. As Echo Show is not Netflix Alexa enabled, you cannot order it to play Netflix. Not only Netflix but YouTube is also not supported on Echo Show.

Moreover, watching Netflix on tablets and smartphones is a dreadful experience. Netflix has a lot of viewing content, which makes it bad at being responsive on mobiles and tablets screens. This is one of the reasons that Netflix on the Echo Show won’t be useful as well. The viewing experience doesn’t do any justice to Netflix shows.

However, if you have Echo Show 8 or Echo show 2nd Generation, you can easily stream Netflix on them with the help of Alexa. These Echo Show versions have 8 inch and 10-inch screens respectively.

Forget about Netflix and YouTube; Echo Show still supports a variety of other streaming services apart from Amazon Prime, like Hulu, NBC, and CNN.

The fact is, either of the two companies is least affected by the issue. However, as the demand for streaming services are on the rise, it would be beneficial to resolve the issue before another emerging streaming service takes a toll on them.

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How To Watch Netflix On The Echo Show?

If you still want to watch Netflix on Echo Show, even if the navigation may be a huge turnoff, there is always a trick that works. In this case, it’s two. However, one works occasionally, and the second one is more reliable.

Trick 1

If you have the Echo show 8, this trick will work for you just fine. In the remaining Echo Show devices, it’s upon your luck. To watch Netflix or YouTube on Echo Show, follow the steps:

  • Call out to Alexa to open Firebox or Silk (Silk is a browser owned by Amazon)
  • Open on the browser
  • The browser version of Netflix will open where you log in and see your shows.

However, it may ask you to download the app version to continue watching, or it can prompt you to switch to portrait mode.

If you have the Echo show 8, you can easily switch to portrait mode and continue watching. However, if you have any other Echo Show devices, it will be unable for you to continue watching as they don’t support portrait mode

Also, the Echo Show doesn’t have Google Play, so if it asks you to download the Netflix app, you will be unable to do so. This also adds Google to the list of Amazon haters along with Netflix, both of them being big competitors.

Trick 2

This is the most trusted trick to watch Netflix on Echo Show. Here are the steps:

  • Go the Settings of the Echo show by pulling down the notification bar.
  • Scroll to the end to find the Legal and Compliance option.
  • Tap on it to find ‘ Privacy Notice’ under it
  • Tap on it to find the heading of ‘Examples of Information Collected.’
  • Now, under it, click on Your Account link.
  • You will now be redirected to the Amazon Store
  • In the Amazon Store search box, type Google and press enter
  • will appear on the screen as a product
  • Scroll down the screen to find the ‘Google Privacy Policy’ link.
  • Google Privacy and Terms page will open up.
  • Now, click on My Account located at the top right corner of the page.
  • Now, click on the search to open Google and search for Netflix.

That it! You can enjoy watching Netflix from its website version. You can follow the same steps for watching YouTube on Echo Show as well.

However, this method violates the official policies and isn’t a recommended method at all. Moreover, as it will also require you to switch to portrait mode in the end, it only works for Amazon Echo Show 8.

So, it’s not a trusted method of watching Netflix on the Echo Show either.

We can just wait for both of the companies to resolve their issue with whatever practice one has to follow for having Netflix on Amazon Echo Show.

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What Are The Alternatives To Amazon Echo Show To Watch Netflix?

If you are looking forward to buying the Echo Show and are a die-hard fan of Netflix, wait before you make your final decision. Here are our alternative considerations that will work better in your regard.

If you are looking for an Echo Show, go with Echo Show 8, but that will involve your luck too. For a sure shot, you need to buy a device that has inbuilt Netflix on it for at least support Google Play so you can download the Netflix app and enjoy it.

You can go for Amazon Fire Tablet if you want to enjoy both Amazon Prime and Netflix series seamlessly. Moreover, if you are not into Netflix and enjoy alternative streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Prime best, going for the amazing sound quality of Amazon Echo Show won’t be a bad idea too.

How To Make The Best Use Of Echo Show?

If you are one of those regretting customers of the Echo Show waiting for it to enable Netflix, why not just shift your focus to other good things as well in the meanwhile that an Echo show can do.

Echo Show is much more than just a smart speaker, and here’s what all you can do with it.

Add Skills To Your Amazon Echo Show

There are a variety of skills you can add to your Echo Show, which can either be asked from Alexa on voice control or manually through the Alexa app.

You can also enable these skills from the Amazon website. Some of the amazing skills you can delve into on the Amazon Echo Show are:

  • Jeopardy

Echo Show has another level of Jeopardy, an as Alexa skill. Just say Alexa, play Jeopardy! And be all set to get clues on the screen of the question asked. You can spend hours playing and guessing the mind mugging questions.

  • Twitch

You may not miss any of your favorite games of your favorite players with Twitch. Such ask Alexa Who’s playing along with your favorite game, and if someone is on the line, you can play with them as well.

Can You Watch Netflix On Echo Show?

  • Allrecipes/Recipedia

Thinking about what to have for dinner or lunch every day is most annoying. But with the Echo Show, you can have your menu set in no time. Just ask Alexa to show the recipe of your favorite food from Allrecipes, and the process will be displayed before you.

Echo Show also has another similar app Good Housekeeping that even provides you ideas on what to cook today.

Just follow it and devour the taste!

  • Fandango

Have the Fandango app installed on your Echo Show and get your movie ticket booked in no time. Also, it will make you aware of all the movie trailers and let you watch them all. You can again book tickets for the same by fetching movie theatre location, time, and date.

  • Stream Player

Not everyone likes to binge-watch shows on Amazon Prime or Netflix. You can sometimes be back to traditional days watching real content. Stream Player does that for you. Just ask Alexa to play Stream Player, and you can watch content from NASA, CBS, Bloomberg, and others.

Along with this, there are many other Echo Show Skills has that will help you watch Netflix on Echo Show. Echo Show is all fun and a good time killer on boring days. It even brings the family together with other multiplayer family games.