Is It Possible To Watch Sling TV On Your Echo Show

Is It Possible To Watch Sling TV On Your Echo Show

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Sling TV is an app-based television service that lets its subscribers enjoy the best cable for an affordable price. Users can stream live television and content that is on-demand over the internet. They can also access live shows from the comfort of their homes or while they are on the move, as you can use them on your android and iOS devices. Sling TV is also supported by AirTv mini, Fire TV, AndroidTv, Google Chrome, Chromecast, iOS, LG, Roku, Samsung, and Apple TV.

On Sling TV, you can record your favorite TV shows as the membership provides users with 50 hours of free Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Members have to upgrade to a DVR storage of 200 hours for an additional cost. The streaming platform has over 80,000 shows and movies and has over 30 channels of your favorite sports, news, and entertainment shows.

Sling TV offers two kinds of subscriptions, Sling Blue and Sling Orange. The Sling Blue Subscription comes with no contracts, 50 hours of DVR, and an option to stream the show on three devices. Sling Blue is best suited for people who enjoy news and entertainment shows. Its package comes with popular TV channels such as TNT, Fox News, CNN, and HGTV.

The Sling Orange membership is a good option for people who enjoy sports and family shows. Just like Sling Blue, it comes with no contracts and a 50 hour DVR.

However, the orange plan only allows members to stream the TV on one device. Its packages come with popular channels such as ESPN, Nick. Jr, TNT, and CNN.

One of the best things about Sling TV is if an interested customer is unsure about purchasing the subscription, they can choose the trial offer and use Sling for three days.

The trial offer gives interested customers access to all the base services and selected extras for free for three days.

They can access over 50 channels and thousands of movies, and 50hrs DVR within this period.

If you pay a 2 monthly subscription fee in advance, Sling Tv will give you a Free AirTV mini streaming device free of cost. The AirTV will come with Sling TV and free local channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. AirTv mini streaming device comes with a 4k high-quality streaming capability and one-touch access to Sling and Netflix.

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How To Use Sling TV?

Accessing Sling TV is super easy. All you need to do is create an account from the official website Alternately users can also sign up and create an account through the Sling TV application.

The second option is only available on select devices. Once you have made an account, download the Sling TV application on your device if it is not pre-installed. In case you do not have a machine where you can download the application, you can access the same content on your browsers.

Sling TV can be accessed through your google chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge browsers. Simply sign-in and start watching your favorite shows and movies.

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Can You Watch Sling On Echo Show?

Echo Show users currently cannot watch Sling on their devices as the feature is not available as of yet. However there Sling TV is supported by Amazon Fire Devices such as Fire TV and Firestick. With a Fire device, you can watch your favorite shows or movies on your television screens at home or on your Fire tablets.

Installing Sling Tv On Your Fire Stick And Fire TV

Sling TV is available for installation on all Amazon Fire line of products. The steps for installing Sling TV on your Fire Stick or Fire TV are mentioned below.

  • The first step requires you to go to your Firestick or Fire TV screen menu and navigate the search bar on the main menu’s left-hand side.
  • In the search bar, type Sling TV and click on the first option that is shown to you in the search options.
  • Select the Sling TV application under the Apps & Games section of the search results
  • Once the application detail page opens up, you need to press Get to download the application. The downloading process will take a few minutes, depending upon the speed of the internet connection.
  • Once the application has been downloaded, you need to click on Open to launch the application.
  • Once the Sling TV application is launched the home screen will have a few options. If you already have a Sling TV account, you can simply enter your username and password and login, and start browsing and streaming content.
  • If you are new to Sling TV, you can either decide to take a trial of the application by selecting the Start 3 Days Free Trial Offer. If you want to take a tour of the platform first, you can select the Explore Free Content Option. It is advisable to explore free content first before deciding to take up the trial offer or purchase a monthly subscription.

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Connecting Your Echo Show To Your Fire TV

Once Sling TV has been installed on your Fire TV, there is also an option of connecting your Echo Show to your Fire TV in order to use voice commands such as “Alexa, Open Sling TV”. This process is super easy, and you just have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • On your Amazon Alexa application, search for Fire TV in the TV & Video section
  • Click on Fire TV skill and select the Link your Alexa Device option that will pop up.
  • Follow all the steps that are shown on the screen to link Alexa to Fire TV.
  • Connect your Echo Device to the Fire TV by going to the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices section on Fire TV
  • Select Other Bluetooth Devices and search for your Echo Show. Once identified, connect the device to the Fire TV

Once both devices are linked, you can continue to enjoy Sling TV on your Fire TV while being able to control your browsing and watching actions through Voice Commands from your Echo Show.