Best Wearable Bluetooth Speakers: Our Honest Review

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People who have never tried or listened to a wearable Bluetooth speaker seem to often have the idea that the sound is going to be weak, tinny and unexciting.

My experience, though, has been pretty much the opposite, and I’ve found that, if you find the right products at least, Bluetooth speakers that you wear can have a beautifully rich and full sound, with great clarity, really exciting musical energy and surprisingly good bass – sometimes, in fact, a lot of bass!

The trick, then, is finding the right products, and so I’ve assembled my own list of the 10 best wearable Bluetooth speakers on the market in 2024.

If you’re in a hurry, and would rather just see my recommendations, here are a few of my top picks:

What Is a Wearable Bluetooth Speaker?

Basically all we’re talking about here is any kind of Bluetooth wireless speaker that can be worn, and so we will include the most popular choice – the neckband speaker – as well as wristband speakers, fanny packs, boom box necklaces, wooly hats and even a pair of frankly amazing Bose Bluetooth sunglasses.

Since they are Bluetooth, these nifty speakers will work with your phone or any other Bluetooth enabled device, like a laptop, tablet or a music player.

And since they are wearable, and so naturally portable, we want to make sure that your new speaker is nicely weatherproof and sweatproof and stays in place even if you don’t – in fact, runners, joggers, bikers and the like often absolutely love a good neck speaker or other wearable, especially if they’ve been repeatedly frustrated by headphones or ‘buds slipping or falling out when they’re exercising.

But mainly what we want is great sound! Again, many people assume that even the best wearable audio will never have the sound of an average pair of headphones or in-ear buds, but many of the products I have tried are pretty amazing.

Of course headphones do offer a level of isolation that wearable speakers won’t, effectively cutting off background noise, but for many people this is actually a real advantage of wearable speakers, in that they let you listen to music, television or any other audio source while still being aware of your environment.

But whatever the advantages or disadvantages of wearable Bluetooth wireless speakers, there is absolutely no doubt that they are super hot right now, and that this is one of the biggest growth segments in personal audio.

There’s also no doubt that the latest generation of wearable Bluetooth speakers is the best ever, so let’s look more closely at 10 of the best of the best, in this 2023 buyer’s guide to the best Bluetooth wearable speakers on the market today. 

We’ll start out with five outstanding products of various types, including a wristband speaker (actually, two great wristband speakers), a beanie speaker, a fanny pack, a fun boombox pendant and the superb Bose Frames sunglass Bluetooth speakers, and then we’ll look at the four best Bluetooth neckband speakers I’ve found, including picks at all price levels.

The Best Wearable Bluetooth Speakers: A 2024 Buyer’s Guide

Best Wearable Wristband Speaker

ANCwear Wireless Waterproof Wristband Speaker

There are tons of speaker watches on the market today, and lots of the ones I’ve tried have honestly been a bit meh, with sound that is not so big, clear or especially engaging.

But the best Bluetooth speaker watches are a bit different – not necessarily more expensive, but with a sound that is dynamic, well projected and nicely detailed, and with even a bit of bass.

I would actually like to bring your attention to two great wristband speakers – the ANCwear I’ve listed above and the OriDecor Wearable Waterproof Bluetooth Wrist Speaker.

They are both waterproof, tough and durable, and they both really stay in place and feel solid and secure when you’re wearing them. I love the design on both as well, and they work flawlessly for music and phone calls. 

The OriDecor has the advantage of having not just Bluetooth wireless connectivity, but also a nice built-in FM radio and a slot for a micro SD memory card, so you can listen to MP3 files as well. It also has built-in music-responsive LED lights, though I admit to being a bit relieved that they can be easily turned off…

The ANCwear wristband speaker doesn’t have a radio or memory card slot, or lights, but it does have better sound, with a bit more warmth and musical energy and a bit more bass.

Another big selling point for the ANCwear wristband is the fact that the speaker itself is held on magnetically and can snap off and attach to most metal objects. With the included magnetic backing plate you can also wear the ANCwear on your shirt or jacket, with the speaker on the outside and the plate behind the fabric, and there’s also an integrated clip, so you can attach it to pretty much anything else as well.

Either one you get, though, these are the two best Bluetooth wireless wristband speakers I’ve found. I love the OriDecor for its style and for its playback options, and love the ANCwear even a little more for its great sound and the various wearing options.

But both are great little wearable Bluetooth wireless wristband speakers, and I’d be happy with either one!

Best Beanie Speaker

Asiilovi Beanie with Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Stereo Speakers

Just like with wristband speakers, there are a pretty overwhelming number of beanies with built-in Bluetooth speakers, and while I’ve only actually tried two or three, this Asiilovi (which I bought as gifts for some of my family members this year) really stands out for a couple of reasons.

For one thing, the sound is pretty awesome, with great bass and lots of detail, and with the kind of power and dynamic energy you’d expect with a much more expensive pair of headphones. It is also just a nice beanie, with high quality fabric, a wonderfully soft and warm fleece lining and a high quality look and feel.

The Asiilovi beanie has two stereo speakers that fit into the lining, and which can be removed when you wash the beanie. They are really small, and you can’t feel them at all when you’re wearing the hat, but they have remarkably big, full sound, and also include a pretty decent sounding microphone – ok, the mic sound isn’t the match of most good headphones, but the music sound is great.

A warm, comfortable and well made product that works well and has really impressive sound, the Asiilovi Bluetooth wireless beanie speaker system is a great product and makes a great gift.

Best Fanny Pack Speaker

Asyoren Fanny Pack with 10W Bluetooth Stereo Speaker IPX7 Waterproof

There’s a lot to love about the Asyoren stereo fanny pack – it’s super-cute, with big eyes and a smiling face, and it is a very well made product, with strong and durable fabric and great construction. Both the pack and the speakers are fully waterproof.

The speakers can be removed and used separately, and the pack has a much bigger capacity than you’d expect from its appearance, as well as a fully adjustable belt that should work for anybody.

But what I love most is the sound! With a 10 watt amplifier, the Asyoren fanny pack speaker can play really loud without distortion, with real clarity and lots of detail. Bass doesn’t go that deep, but is nicely boosted and provides great foundation and drive for the music.

I haven’t tried a lot of Bluetooth fanny packs – ok, really just the one, but I can tell you that this is a delightful product, well made, well designed and genuinely useful, much higher quality than I could possibly expect for the low, low price, and with really great sound – a winner all around!

Best Sunglasses with Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses with Open Ear Bluetooth Headphones

It’s pretty rare to see a single product stand out so clearly against the competition, but the Bose Frames audio sunglasses are so much better than any other wearable sunglass speakers I’ve ever tried that they are clearly in a class of their own.

No, they aren’t the least expensive product on our list of best wearable speakers – they are, in fact, one of the more expensive products here. But they are true Bose all the way, with the premium fit and finish, the advanced tech, the perfect design and the incredible sound we expect from that legendary company.

Extremely solid and high quality, the Bose Frames feel great on, and have superb lenses – not just the best wearable speakers, but sunglasses on the same very high level, and very effective in actual use.

Tiny but absolutely superb sounding speakers sit discreetly at the curve of the sunglass arms, hanging just in front of your ears and directing sound with amazing effectiveness. Bass is stunning considering the size of the speaker drivers, and all the frequencies, from the low end to the nicely extended highs, are detailed, energetic and exceptionally authentic in sound.

The richness and musicality of the Bose Frames cannot be overstated – this is premium sound, which works amazingly well with any music, from electronica and hip hop to jazz and classical, and any true music lover, or even the most discerning audiophiles, would be thrilled with their performance.

A truly premium product that combines fantastic sunglasses with pure Bose sound, the Bose Frames are well built, brilliantly designed and incredible sounding, and easily merit my strongest and most enthusiastic recommendation!

I’ve included a link for the popular Alto style of Bose Frames, but they are also available in other styles and sizes, and you might want to check out the whole range on their Product Page.

Best Bling!

Bumpboxx MicroBoom Wearable Necklace Bluetooth Speaker Boombox

I would be happy to include the Bumpboxx MicroBoom boombox necklace based purely on its cool factor – I mean, just look at it!

And that’s kind of a good thing, because in a lot of ways this isn’t the most advanced speaker in the world – battery life is just ok, the controls aren’t super-intuitive, there is no waterproof rating, and the microphone, while quite clear and usable, isn’t the best for noise rejection. There is, though, a built-in SD card slot for MP3 playback, and the Bluetooth wireless works perfectly.

But the sound of the Bumpboxx MicroBoom is something else! Big, pounding bass – way more that seems possible from such a small speaker system – pushes the music forward beautifully, and the volume can reach pretty intense levels with little or no strain. The mids are dark and rich, the highs bracingly clear and bright and with lots of detail, and the overall sound is energetic and engaging.

A nice looking piece, including a gold-plated chain, and especially blingy in the black and gold color options, the Bumpboxx MicroBoom is also a quite nicely constructed product as well, and feels like it’s built to last. It is mostly, though, a fun and fantastic sounding speaker, which does a brilliant job with pretty much any kind of popular music. 

Best Neckband Bluetooth Speaker – Budget

Enuosuma BS07 Neckband Bluetooth Speaker IPX5 Waterproof

I may have only tried one Bluetooth fanny pack speaker, but I have tried a lot – really, a lot – of Bluetooth neckband speakers!

And out of all of the different brands and models I wore and listened to, this Enuosuma neckband speaker is the only one at the lowest price level that I really liked the feel and sound of.

The Enuosuma neckband speaker has pretty amazingly immersive sound, with convincing stereo imaging, rich tonality and quite a bit of dynamic energy. There’s plenty of detail and the overall sound is engaging and even exciting.

Bass doesn’t go super deep, of course, but there is a nicely boosted low end which gives the whole presentation great foundation and impact. Highs are surprisingly well extended, and mids are particularly open, palpable and realistic.

Keep in mind that I’m talking about a very inexpensive neckband speaker, and of course my other picks will have better sound, but I have to say that I was pretty blown away by the Enuosuma.

It is also a comfortable and well made piece, which stays in place and feels good wearing it. I would have loved it to be a bit more waterproofed, but in fact its IPX5 rating is quite high, and sufficient for pretty much any situation short of total submersion or torrential rain. 

A well designed product, with great battery life, latest generation Bluetooth wireless, intelligent controls and a very nice look and feel, and with fantastic sound, the Enuosuma is easily the best neckband wireless speaker I’ve found at this lowest price point, and highly recommended.

Best Neckband Bluetooth Speaker – Affordable

Oraolo M110 Wireless Wearable Neckband Speaker True 3D Stereo Sound

As good as the inexpensive Enuosuma, just above, is, everything is a bit better with this Oraolo neckband speaker – to be fair, it is about twice as expensive, but the Oraolo is still quite affordable, and to me it’s well worth the price increase.

The Oraolo neck speaker has significantly longer battery life, and has a built-in SD card slot for playback of digital music files as well as Bluetooth streaming from your phone or other device.

The Oraolo has a somewhat nicer fit and finish as well, and in fact feels like a more high end product, including the materials used, the positive solid response of the controls, the overall appearance and the way it fits and feels around the neck.

And the sound of the Oraolo neckband Bluetooth speaker, while in many ways similar to my less expensive choice, is a bit of an upgrade as well, with slightly deeper (and slightly more) bass and especially a very convincing, big and well projected stereo image. There is also an ease and musicality here that reminds me of the more expensive neckband speakers on the list.

A fantastic bargain at its still very affordable price, the Oraolo M110 is nicely made, well designed, comfortable and secure, and sounds great – a premium product in everything but price.

Best Neckband Bluetooth Speaker – Mid-Priced

Monster Boomerang Neckband Bluetooth Speaker with 3D Stereo Sound

I’ve tried quite a few different neckbands at this most competitive mid-range price level, and can report that quite a few of them are pretty great.

But for me one really separates itself, based on how it looks and feels, how it works and especially how it sounds. 

The Monster Boomerang is a premium product in fit and finish, and seems especially solid and well made, and the design is just right, with a secure and comfortable fit, well placed and intelligent controls, full IPX7 waterproofing, a fantastic microphone for phone calls and perfectly placed speakers.

Despite all of the tech, the material quality and the great design, those speakers are the real stars of the show, with amazing deep bass, wonderful musical warmth and energy, sweet, smooth and detailed highs, wide open mids with real presence, and a sound that is that ideal balance between highly accurate and enormously fun.

By utilizing ideal speaker placement and advanced equalization and phase enhancement, the Monster Boomerang provides incredibly big, accurate and immersive stereo imaging, with a holographic quality that is so precise and clear that you’ll swear you are listening to perfectly positioned high end home audio speakers – better in some ways, though, considering the intimacy and immediacy of the presentation, the minimal loss of detail, and the fact that you can take them anywhere you go!

I really love the Monster Boomerang neckband speakers – they are clear winners in this very crowded field, with the best look and feel, the best design, the best waterproofing and the very best sound by a pretty wide margin. I also love the company, and am always happy to recommend any of their products.

Best Neckband Bluetooth Speaker – Premium

Sony SRS-NS7 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Speaker

I guess we might have expected Sony to come up with the very best Bluetooth wireless neckband speaker, and they certainly have with their phenomenal SRS-NS7.

A beautifully made system, the Sony SRS-NS7 looks and feels truly premium, and is seriously overbuilt and meant for years of service. It is the most comfortable neckband I’ve worn, and the materials and surface finish, the perfect curve and the weight distribution make it feel very secure.

In fact, everything is just right and what you would expect from a wearable speaker that costs nearly 300 dollars – except the sound, which to my ears is at an even much higher level.

I have to qualify some things and clear up some possible confusion to be able to really convey just how great this Sony neckband speaker really sounds.

For one thing, the product page and other literature talk so much about how you have to use certain televisions with certain technologies to fully enjoy Sony’s ‘360 Spatial Sound Personalizer,’ and while this is probably true (I didn’t try it), i can say without a doubt that the SRS-NS7 has, with any audio source, the most convincing, big and immersive three-dimensional soundstage I’ve ever heard from this type of product, and even far better than most premium headphones I’ve used.

Another slightly confusing point relates to just how much Sony emphasizes the NS7’s excellence for home theater and gaming. And yeah, the stunningly holographic imaging does make these easily the best neckband speakers for gaming and for movies, but they are also easily the best neckband speakers I’ve ever heard for music.

There is more deep bass with the Sony neckband speaker than any other I’ve heard – quick, well defined and well controlled, and further enhanced by a passive radiator as large as the frame will allow. Bass is not as radically boosted as it is on some speakers (thank goodness!), but is nicely prominent and quite well balanced with the rest of the spectrum, and can be strongly equalized up.

Mids are exceptionally open and unrestrained (that’s really true of all the sound) and highs are absolutely beautiful – sweet and yet sharp, with both great detail and real subtlety. Dynamic energy is very pronounced, making all music come alive and sound both exciting and very natural and real, and the Sony SRS-NS7 are superlative not only with very loud and very soft passages and playing levels, but in conveying the dynamic expressiveness of music at any level.

No other speaker comes close to the Sony SRS-NS7 wireless neckband speaker for the beauty and effectiveness in reproducing literally all kinds of music, and yes, they are also unmatched in home theater playback and gaming. In fact, as an added bonus (as if it were needed), the NS7 also come with a special television wireless adaptor to provide lag-free wireless reception for television and movie viewing and for gaming.

The Sony SRS-NS7 wearable Bluetooth speaker has it all – the best material quality and craftsmanship, the best comfort, stability and wearability, the best controls and design and the best sound for all people and all uses. I would have liked these beauties to be fully waterproof, but their verified IXP4 splash-resistance does make them suitable for pretty much any conditions short of torrential rain or full submersion in water.

But even with this one tiny reservation the Sony SRS-NS7 are far and away the best neckband speakers on the market today.