What Are Multimedia Speakers – A Very Useful Information on Speakers

What Are Multimedia Speakers
What Are Multimedia Speakers

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There are extensive ranges of multimedia speaker systems such as computer speakers. These speakers are used for home entertainment centers.

The names of these speakers are 2.0, 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1. Users can detect at least 2 of them: 2.1 and 5.1. Both are very helpful for home entertainments and computers. We will know more about every of the multimedia speaker system in this article.

2.0 Speaker Systems

We are speaking here for a 2.0 computer speaker reviewing nine contenders for your desk or workstation. It helps you more listening videos, music and games. All sound is better than a small set of built-in speakers.

2.0 indicates two stereo speakers generally made of subwoofers or 1-2 different drivers to replicate the highs, mids, and lows. This speaker is found in paired up with a desktop computer or with the laptop.

Some speakers use additional technology to increase the bass more. One can connect the speaker with an RCA adapter to a home amusement or gaming console.

The difficulty may be the throw, for example how perfectly the sound moves from a distance. Many speakers lose luster the more back.

The merit of a 2.0 speaker is that high, low and mid. All are made of two speakers. So it saves spaces of the room for having an individual subwoofer. All works excellent with computer set-ups.

2.1 Speaker Systems

2.1 speaker system is the combination of a subwoofer and a pair of stereo speakers. Both speakers cover highs and mids while the subwoofer pumps out the bass or lows.

There are many speakers like the 2.0 speakers alongside a laptop or a computer. The main demerit is the setting of a subwoofer. People keep it on the floor, under the workstation or desk.

It means the bass is getting blasted at one shin. The other place is back of the laptop or the monitor that blocks more sound coming out.

2.1 unit can be divided into two segments. Those which are made for computers are super for keeping on a laptop. The other section is home amusement where speakers are the bit more prominent and create more sound. If one sits on a couch, the music is bright and beautiful.

The main benefit of 2.1 speakers is the independent subwoofer. It creates an overall better-surround bass.

5.1 Speaker Systems

You may have heard the name 5.1 multimedia speaker system. This system is commonly used as an essential part of home entertainment. The similar version is now found in computer uses. For example, it is being used for watching videos, gaming, professionals working in the area of video and music production.

5.1 Speaker Systems

If you go back to the Hollywood films on Blu-ray Disc or DVD, you may notice the sound is likely 5.1 surround sound. The occasional disc contains 2.0 track for TV.

5.1 speaker is the combination of 6 channel surround sound speakers having five full bandwidth channels and a subwoofer.

The merit of a 5.1 speaker is the surround sound experience. You can hear sound from all corners of your room. This is possible for playing video games, watching a movie or listening to music. If you live in an apartment, you will get the complaint from the dwellers for producing more sound.

7.1 Speaker Systems

7.1 speaker systems is a home entertainment center; there is no doubt about it. Some movies are re-mastered if played on a 7.1 surround sound arrived by Blu-ray, DVD.

The pioneering film mastered 7.1 for eventual and theatrical home release is Toy Story 3. There are eight channel speakers, 6 of which are found in 5.1 setups. Moreover, it has an extra pair of side surround speakers.

The benefit of a 7.1 speaker is the additional set of surround left and right speakers over a 5.1 speaker. It sits by the side of a user. A well mastered 7.1 film playing behind the speaker adds a new dimension of sound.

What to look before buy a speaker

What to look before buy a speaker


A good pair of a speaker will nicely fit with different contexts. If you are a DJ, a musician, a producer, it is not a matter. All modern speakers are equipped with a variety of inputs which are fit for your needs.

You have to consider more how and where you like to set your new speakers. XLR inputs may be favorite things for producers and musicians. The reality is that most consumers perhaps haven’t seen such three pin connectors.

A 3.5 mm audio speaker is a good plan using your laptop and smartphone. You can buy RCA inputs to use it close to your TV. Typically, you demand speakers to grow with the system. Therefore having more data are the better.

Powered vs. Passive

Most of the multimedia speakers are powered or active. It means they come with an amp built into one of the rear speaker housing. Passive speakers must be powered by the external amplifier.

An audiophile friend can scoff at active speaker- may ignore it. Dynamic speaker is handy for the people through the weight are bit lesser. Some high-end speakers are bi-amped design.

This speaker has two amplifiers, one dedicated to low frequencies and other dedicated to highs and Mids. These speakers are more proficient and give better tonal correctness. As you have an amp, you may choose a passive speaker.

Product Placement

Though you buy a very expensive speaker, you can hear the sound like crap. The cause is that speakers aren’t in a good position. So you have to set it in a suitable place correctly.

Before buying a new pair of multimedia speakers, think more about the placement of the speakers. They may live on your desktop. Is your wall close to the speakers? Would you like to use stands?

Surely there is no obligation for all stereo speakers. You have to be sure that you line up speakers’ tweeters with your ears. If the speakers are equidistance from the sidewalls a distance from a rear wall, you will hear an excellent sound.

Since you have a bass head, you may desire to buy rear-ported speakers. You make a plan to allocate the minimum of six to twelve inches between the wall and the rear speakers.

Speakers of a front port would not require this clearance. Finally, you want a reliable surface that doesn’t vibrate or move. Think dampening pads or isolation also.

Frequency Response

As you are going through different lists, you may come across a lot of specs. Don’t think about them. Most of the info is meaningless since everybody desires to use various testing procedures.

Frequency Response

It holds frequency response that is a must for the width of the spectrum. Our ears may handle ten doublings of frequency or 10 octaves by keeping lowest rate hovering around 20 Hz, and the highest frequency is 20 kHz.

Today’s speaker claim frequency beyond 20 Hz- the 20kHz range which is ridiculous. Firstly, most audio gear fails to handle this range. Secondly, you can appreciate it if you have a soundproof apartment or an entire house.

What Are Multimedia Speakers Watch The Video And Find Out The Best One

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