Why Does My Alexa Make Noise At 3 am?

Why Does My Alexa Make Noise At 3 Am?

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Is your Alexa device also making beeping or weird sounds at a particular time in the night?

You searched for the issue and realized you are not the only one. Your Alexa can make sounds at a particular time for a lot of specific reasons. The reasons could be really trivial like a low battery sign or some issues within. here are some of the possible reasons listed.

Let’s go through them as per the order of significance.

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Steps to take if your Alexa makes a noise at 3 am

Check your Routines

The very first thing to do when your Alexa makes weird noises or beeping noises at 3 am or so is check your Routines in the Alexa app.

To check Routines in the Alexa app, follow More> Routines. You will see the preset Routines there. If you find any Routine that has a routine action to change the volume of the Alexa device to level 3 at 3 am. This could probably be the culprit.

You need to delete that routine action to disable it. This could solve the problem.

Check your notifications

Does your Alexa make sounds when it receives notifications? You can go to settings and adjust the notifications’ sounds. You can set notification sounds on during the day while turning them off during the night.

Doing so can get you rid of the noises your Alexa makes when receiving notifications at night.

Check Alexa’s Brief Mode

Alexa’s brief mode allows Alexa to give responses in brief rather than giving a voice response. In brief mode, it can play a short sound like a beep or chime as an answer.

You can turn the Brief Mode off with the help of Alexa pp. in the Alexa app, follow More> Settings> Voice Responses> Brief Mode.

Turn the option off and it could stop Alexa from making noises at 3 am.

Check alarm

Sometimes issues in alarm and lack of internet connection can make Alexa beep intermittently.

Have to set an alarm for the time it beeps at night every day? Usually, at the time of alarm, Alexa beeps once or plays your alarm ringtone before it turns off automatically. However, in unordinary circumstances or in case of an issue like improper Wi-Fi or internet connection, it may start making noises.

Deleting the alarm for a while can help you fix this issue.

Mistakenly wakes up

Alexa users very well know that she is always listening if it’s not put on mute. If the microphone is on, Alexa listens to every conversation or background noise at the place it is kept. Sometimes, it wakes up and lights up with the blue ring light if it listens to the wake word like Alexa, or something that sounds like it.

This make allows it to chime or beep as part of its response. You can eliminate this possibility by adjusting the wake-up word settings under Voice Training. This is a feature in the Alexa app that allows you to tune your voice and allow Alexa to recognize it better. Through this, Alexa will be able to understand your accent better. It will ask you to lead 25 phrases out aloud to recognize your voice pattern better.

Could be software updates

There are always updates happening on the Alexa device. It could be a software update to fix some bugs or for reasons that may make Alexa beep as a sign of installing updates.

Even when the Alexa device is off and if it’s connected to the internet, you could hear beep sounds. This beep is for a short while and stops when the installation is complete, or the downloads stop.

Low battery levels

Another reason why your Alexa may make noise at 3 am is it may be indicated a low battery sign. To avoid this from happening, assure that the battery is significantly charged to make it through the night.

When the battery levels are low, Alexa makes beep sounds to notify you of the same. To eliminate the confusion, keep it charged throughout the night or disconnect the device during the night.

Change the volume

Don’t know the reason why Alexa is suddenly beeping at 3 am. As a quick fix, you can try adjusting its volume and it may solve the problem for the time being.

To change the volume in the Alexa app, follow Devices> choose the device

Now select the volume button and use the slider to adjust it. You can also choose to mute the Alexa device. This could be done from the control panel of the device itself. Press the one with the microphone button icon on it to mute.

Alexa cannot connect to Wi-Fi

At times, Alexa makes beep sounds when she attempts to try to regain her internet connection. If for some reason the Wi-Fi is not unstable, Alexa will try to reconnect. Every time it connects and disconnects it may make a deep sound to notify as an action. During this, it will beep and also flash red light.

To fix this, in the Alexa app, go to your Wi-Fi settings. If it shows if it’s disconnected, you can be sure it’s the internet connection. To restore the Wi-Fi, you can check your router and try to reconnect again. You can bring the Alexa device closer to your router, remove any obstruction between the two, or lastly restart your Alexa device to fix the issue.

Ask Alexa itself

Long issue cut short, how about asking Alexa what’s actually wrong with her. You can ask “Alexa, what just happening?” Or “Alexa, why did you make that sound?” and you will be lucky if she responds back.

As she responds back with the answer, follow the same in the settings to fix the issue. The issue probably suggested by Alexa could be one of the following mentioned above or something else.

You can google for the solution on how to fix it or just search for the same on the Alexa app. If Alexa doesn’t respond, the reason could be the device is muted or there is another issue.