Yamaha Ns-6490 Review – Get It or Regret It?

yamaha ns-6490 review
yamaha ns-6490 review

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A simple search on google will show you thousands of different speakers to choose from, and one of the options will be the Yamaha Ns-6490. There are numerous features of the speaker that speaks to the users, and that is why they enjoy their experience with it.

Without further ado, let’s get on with the Yamaha Ns-6490 review!


Yamaha is a very well known brand all over the world. And they are mainly known for the motorbikes they produce. But they have been in the speaker industry for a very long time and have been able to make a very big name for themselves with their outstanding performance and quality of equipment.

The Ns-6490 is a perfect fit for you if you are looking to get something that will play good quality sound without the need for an additional subwoofer or an amplifier. So, you will get the sound but not the intense vibration that comes with those kinds of sound systems.

Now, this particular speaker is also called a 3-way bookshelf speaker, that should give you the idea of how big the speaker would be. Well, if you are still confused, then it should be small enough to fit perfectly into your bookshelf. That makes this speaker very convenient to keep in your house as it will not eat up too much space.

Other than the speaker, you will also get a 50 feet long wire cable that will enable you to connect the speaker to a power outlet. That is needed because many times we are restricted to place speakers where we want as there are no power outlets nearby, well you do not have to worry about that if you happen to have a very long wire cable.

Yamaha Ns-6490 Review

Yamaha NS-6490 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers Finish (Pair) Black

Yamaha Ns-6490


Now that we have, for the most part, discussed very briefly about the Yamaha Ns-6490, we can do a more in-depth analysis of what feature you will be able to avail if you are to buy this speaker.

3-Way Speaker Design

The three-way in this refers to the three things that have been built into the body of the speaker. You will get a subwoofer, so you do not have to worry about placing and dealing with a separate woofer in your hours.

Along with that, the bass frequency of the speaker is very remarkable for the price they charge for the whole set. There is a mid-range woofer as well as a tweeter built into the sound system, so all the highs and lows are maintained by these two. And with the help of all these combined, you will be able to get something that sounds amazing.


It is known that the speakers designed by Yamaha are slightly more bulky than most other speakers. However, having said that, this particular model of the speakers has been praised for the design. It is nothing unique or stunning, and rather it is very efficient and well planned.

The whole system is very minimal. A black box basically holds all the separate elements that are needed when you want to listen to something. The design might not be much, but it sure is cost-effective and protective of the content inside.


Most people like to connect their mobile phones to these speakers and shuffle their playlist on them while they go on about their day. But there is another way for you to use this. You can connect this to your tv and use this as your sound system. That might work out fine.

But if you think that the speaker is not sufficient for you, then you can also add it as a part of your entire sound system and not as the primary speaker. This way, you will be able to get the surround sound effect, the base, and vibration, and will also get the chance to hear clear sounds.

And these are some of the most prominent features of the Yamaha Ns-6490 speaker that you might be able to make the most use out of. All of these are very important things to look into when you are out buying a speaker.

Pros & Cons of Yamaha Ns-6490

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Great quality soundThe construction of the speaker is weak
Works fine for many yearsSound only comes out from one side of the tweeters
Is able to take deeper notes very well
The perfect size for a home
The mid-range is very warm and lively

Full 5.1-Channel Surround Sound in a Compact Package

4 solid satellite speakers and middle channel speaker are balanced with a solid subwoofer distribute true 5.1 channel surround sound except overpowering your room.

The speaker is featured with complicated speaker drivers and wide-range schemes frequency response (28Hz – 50kHz).

It can deliver rich, lifelike and full sound and crisp, harmonics and correct bass. Its detachable grill cloth prevents the speaker from dust and undesired damage.

By the help of a powerful subwoofer, add your 4 ways satellite speaker with the single 2-way middle channel speaker. You can easily add the NS-SP 1800 speaker to get theater-like sound.

Every satellite speaker has 2.5 woofer drivers and a single 0.5 tweeter; these 2 things ensures full and vibrant sound effects. In center channel speaker, there is a single 0.5 tweeter and dual 2.5 woofers to produce clear sound.

An eight-inch powered subwoofer finishes audio experience by adding controlled audio. It adjoins impact on your tune and film soundtracks.

Advanced YST

The NS-SP1800’s subwoofer has been equipped with sophisticated Yamaha Active Servo Technology (YST) to develop low-frequency bass.

Advanced YST

Yamaha Active is an uncommon system where both amplifier and speaker work at the same time to remove impedance. Therefore the amplifier unit gets perfect linear movement. Advanced YST ensures splendid sound.

Magnetically Shielded

Speakers depend on the powerful magnet to reproduce sound. Sometimes these speaker magnets spoil other A/V components if set up very close to the devices. Good news is that all the NS-SP 1800 speakers are magnetically protected.

These are also saved from any damage. These speakers aid optimal achievement and enable versatile placement.

Sound Quality

The sound performance of the Yamaha is inspiring. Its powered subwoofer is very nice. The speaker structure makes super sounds. The total set up is a super 5.1 home theater arrangement for those who like to have wonderful surround sound.

But these speakers don’t have audiophile level. Yet they produce some alarming sound which isn’t possible to hear with this price assortment.

The satellite speakers produce clear and crisp sound. Moreover, it makes a noise filed inside the room with nice sound effects. The center speaker sound is good for movie dialogues. It is bright and clear.

The vocal sound is also well defined and very crisp. The subwoofer is very powerful. It creates more bass. Additionally, It can literarily shake your living room by turning on to its max setting. The amplifier of the speaker is very strong.

So there is no sound buckle if the volume is cranked up. If you watch a movie with the NS- SP1800BLs, you will feel you are watching a movie in a theatre. It has very good encircle sound imitation and profound sound effect.

You may listen such a sound which you haven’t heard before. The Yamahas can produce clear and detailed sound within a 5.1 system with affordable price.

Yamaha Ns-6490 Review FAQ

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Yamaha Ns-6490:

How can I play the sound without any type of distortion?

With this speaker, you should be easily able to play 140 watts, and even on full power, you should not really be able to detect any type of distortion. Even if you do, then it will be minor.

Can I find this speaker in a wooden version?

No, these speakers do not have a wooden version. Actually, even very expensive speakers are not made of wood, they are made with medium density fibreboard. They are the best at conducting the sound, and there are very tough.

If I want to use this speaker for gaming purposes, will it be good?

Yes, you can most definitely use these speakers while you are gaming. Even though usually there is no real need for good quality sound, but this might add to your overall gaming experience.

Yamaha NS-6490 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers Finish (Pair) Black

Yamaha Ns-6490


Finding the right speaker for your home is very important, or else you will be left unsatisfied by the quality of sound you get. And the Yamaha Ns-6490 might just be what you are looking for when you are in the market for a new speaker.

Let us know in the comments how much you liked our Yamaha Ns-6490 review.

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