Hey there, I am Timothy and I am an aspiring bass guitarist and lover of high-quality speakers. I am the creator of speakergy.com, your one-stop source on everything about high-quality speakers – speakers reviews and comparisons, buyer’s guides and guides on how speakers work and other useful topics.

Timothy Scott, Writer & Editor

I’m Levi Alston. I write dozens of helpful informational articles based on topics that I have identified again and again throughout my research and work experience. I am here to help you find the right audio equipment.

Levi Alston, Writer & Editor

Behind Speakergy, there’s a group of passionate audiophiles, who enjoy jamming together and listening to good music on high-quality speakers.

One day, when our newest Fender guitar amp arrived and we were googling and racking our brains about how to properly set it up, my friend Marion had an awesome idea about creating a website about speakers and the guides on how to set them up. 

The name Speakergy hit us shortly after we started brainstorming about our new website. We liked it so much that it was a no-brainer. We registered it and a few weeks later, launched Speakergy.

Why Speakergy?

Why should you read Speakergy instead of other blogs about speakers and audio equipment?

Well, the short answer is, our shared knowledge and researching power. 

The long answer is, we created Speakergy because we were frustrated with the lack of useful guides online (especially on speakers and how to work with them) for customers like you and us – the average audiophiles. 

We noticed that existing blogs and websites lack articles and guides about high-quality speakers, car audio, headphones, and other audio equipment. That’s why we wanted to fill this hole by researching the different topics and writing guides for people like you.

We decided to write useful guides about speakers – how speakers work, how to connect speakers with mixers, amps, crossovers and detailed reviews, comparisons & buyer’s guides on speakers, car audio, and headphones.

Now you can easily tell, Speakergy is a website for you, a passionate audiophile who wants to learn as much as possible about high-quality speakers.

Having said that, we are learning ourselves, constantly adding new articles and updating the old ones, which means, there may be some things that we have missed or are yet to cover.

Stay tuned as we will keep publishing more and more articles on a consistent basis.


Timothy, Levi & Speakergy Team

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