Best Earbuds for Kids in 2024: Our Recommendations and Reviews

earbuds for kids

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Are you looking for the best earbuds for your kids? Most in-ear headphones for adults aren’t really suitable for kids – they are too big, they may play too loud and damage your child’s hearing, and/or they are just not tough enough to stand up to your child’s, uhm, enthusiasm.

But luckily I have found a few really great earbuds that work beautifully for children! So let’s have a look at the best earbuds for kids in 2024.

If you’re in a hurry, and want to get right to the good stuff, here are my top picks:

What To Look For in the Best Earbuds for Kids

The most obvious thing is that kids’ ears are small, and most normal earbuds simply won’t fit.

They will be uncomfortable, even painful, and kids won’t like them or use them.

Earphones that are too big also won’t sound good – they will not make a good tight seal in kids’ ears, and the sound quality will really suffer.

Anyway, earphones that aren’t small enough are much more likely to fall out and much more likely to be lost – and the way kids lose things already, we don’t need to add to that likelihood!

But size isn’t the only issue. When looking for the best in-ear headphones for children, you might want to take all of the following into consideration:

  • Small Enough for Kids’ Ears – so they stay in place and sound great
  • Tough and Waterproof – even kids who have proper respect for their possessions aren’t always the most careful…
  • Sound Limiting – the issue of too-loud headphones is important for anybody and everybody, but especially kids can suffer serious and life-long damage and hearing loss when using adult headphones too loud – so the best kids’ headphones have a limit on how loud they will play
  • Great Sound – the best in-ear ‘phones for kids shouldn’t play too loud, but they should sound fantastic, increasing not just your child’s enjoyment but their appreciation for music

In the bonus section of this article I’ll offer some very important information about safety, but for now let’s get into the recommendations, in this list of best earbuds for kids!

Best In-Ear Headphones for Kids in 2024

Best Cheap Earbuds for Kids

JVC HAFX5P Gumy Plus Inner Ear Headphones

  • Type: Wired
  • Volume Limiting: No
  • Recommended For: Older Kids

A great sounding physically small headphone, the JVC Gumy Plus is widely known as a real bargain for its amazingly clear, rich, and musical sound at a very low price, as well as its comfort and toughness.

Too large for smaller kids, this is a perfect size for pre-teens and teens and comes in different bright and fun colors.

The JVC Gumy is not specifically designed for kids and has no noise-limiting circuitry at all, and they will play as loud as a phone or PC will. So make sure that, if you are concerned about maximum volume, you set volume limits on their PC and/or phone.

A fantastic value in ultra-cheap headphones, the JVC Gumy Plus are comfortable and well made and have the look and the sound kids love.

Fashion Statement

URIZONS Earbuds Bracelet with Mic for Student Kids Thread Tribe

  • Type: Wired
  • Volume Limiting: No
  • Recommended For: Older Kids

Super-popular among tweens and teens, the Urizons earbud bracelets are a piece of jewelry and a fine-sounding set of in-ear headphones all in one.

Nicely made and quite beautifully finished, the Urizon buds are definitely tough enough to be worn as a bracelet or necklace, and they look great. The strong magnets help keep them in place, and this wearable design also helps your kids not lose their new ‘buds!

They also sound great, with that particular sound signature that kids (and lots of adults too) prefer – plenty of basses, bright and sparkling highs, and great musical energy.

These are not volume limited, and so perhaps not the best for pre-tween children unless you make sure to limit the volume on the device or devices they use for playback.

A great sounding inexpensive headphone with a twist, the Urizon bracelet earbuds always make a popular and well-loved present for older kids.

Best Wired Earbuds for Younger Kids

LilGadgets BestBuds Volume Limited in-Ear Headphones with Mic for Children

  • Type: Wired
  • Volume Limiting: Yes
  • Recommended For: Younger Kids

Though not an expensive pair of earbuds – in fact, they are quite cheap – the LilGadgets BestBuds are remarkably tough and well made, and really designed to be used by even smaller kids. Their size to is ideal for smaller ears – they fit well and safely and stay in place.

They have a fun, bright, and lively sound that kids really like, and they have a volume-limiting set at a pretty low level – only 73 decibels – so you never need to worry about your precious child’s hearing.

These darling BestBuds have a microphone and also come with a carrying case, to help your child take care of them and make sure they don’t get damaged or lost.

The LilGadgets BestBuds in-ear headphones are the best choice overall for smaller and younger kids – a perfectly designed pair of earbuds that are safe, attractive, sound great, and will really last.

A Bit of Attitude

Skullcandy Dime True Wireless In-Ear Earbuds – Light Grey/Blue

  • Type: Wireless
  • Volume Limiting: No
  • Recommended For: Older Kids

Not only are the Skullcandy Dime fantastic sounding true wireless earbuds, with the kind of sound both younger and older kids just love, they also have a strong personality – even a bit of attitude.

The Dime are strong, durable headphones that work great, and small enough – especially with the smallest included ear tips – to work with smaller ears. They also always work great, are easy to pair and easy to use – although kids tend to be better with this stuff than we are!

With no volume limiting, these are maybe not the best choice for kids under 10, unless you set volume limits on their phones, and they do play a bit louder than other earbuds on my list.

But for tweens and teens who want to assert a bit of their own personality, and have something different and very cool, the Skullcandy Dime are the best affordable wireless earbuds I’ve found

Best Bulk Pack of Earbuds for Classrooms

CN-Outlet Kids Bulk Earbud Headphones 50 Pack Multi Colored

  • Type: Wired
  • Volume Limiting: Yes
  • Recommended For: Younger & Older Kids

At less than a dollar a pair, you can’t expect too much from bulk packs of headphones for kids, but the CN Outlet ‘buds are in fact very well made and durable, and have a surprisingly clear and musical sound, without any of the harshness or distortion we usually associate with ultra-cheap ‘phones.

With eight different bright colors, it’s easy for kids to find a pair they like and want to use, or for teachers to assign different colors to different groups.

Very inexpensive and refreshingly high quality, the CN Outlet bulk in-ear headphone pack is the perfect choice for classrooms, special events, field trips, museums, giveaways and a lot more, and the headphones are perfectly suitable for even younger kids.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Younger Kids

Amaface Wireless Earbuds for Kids Small Ears Sweat-Proof Bluetooth 5.0

  • Type: Wireless
  • Volume Limiting: Yes
  • Recommended For: Younger Kids

Designed for small eyes as much as for small ears, the Amaface wireless earbuds are absolutely darling, and come in tons of different styles and colors sure to appeal to any boy or girl.

Physically quite small, these are great wireless earbuds for even younger kids, and they won’t play too loud, so you don’t have to worry about your kids’ safety. They will – as will any earbud, really, present a choking hazard, so despite all of their darlingness they are not suitable for kids under 5.

The Amaface TWS earbuds are also very well made, with tough materials and construction and are IPX5 water resistant as well – not indestructible, maybe, but more than a match for even smaller kids.

With great battery life and latest generation Bluetooth, the Amaface true wireless earbuds are easy to use, dependable and worry-free. They sound great, and make an ideal first pair of wireless earbuds for almost any kid.

Best Wired Earbuds for Older Kids

Sennheiser CX 300S In Ear Headphones with One-Button Smart Remote

  • Type: Wired
  • Volume Limiting: Yes
  • Recommended For: Older Kids

I admit that I dithered a bit when selecting the best in-ear headphones for older kids overall…

I mean, I kind of have three favorite choices, and wanted to include them all – so, in fact, I am going to sneak the other two in!

For ultra-affordable in-ear ‘buds that are nice looking, built like a tank and have a sound teens will absolutely love, look no further than the 1MORE Stylish Dual-dynamic Driver In-Ear Headphones, which are one of the great values on the market today. They are small enough for kids’ ears, and yet have a big, big sound – and they’re super-cool looking!

And for a better known brand – kids can be as brand-conscious as we are! – that is also very well made, tough and durable, fit great and have a similarly fun and popular sound signature, the brilliant Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbuds would be an amazing choice – and make an amazing gift.

But my real choice, and the in-ear earbuds I think are absolutely the best for older kids  – for size and fit, for looks and style, for slamming sound and for overall quality, durability and, well, specialness – are the Sennheiser CX 300S.

Because these are really special headphones, with a sound that is dynamic and exciting enough (and has enough bass) to absolutely thrill any tween or teen, but a refinement in sound that will – much like their refinements in design, build and overall fit and finish – allow your kids to appreciate things that are a little finer – and hopefully be encouraged to take care of them a little more carefully as well.

But refinement and all of that aside, these are incredibly well-made headphones that fit any ear size with supreme comfort and have that signature Sennheiser sound quality – fun, engaging, incredibly musical and accurate and – while especially tuned for more popular genres – really good with any kind of music.

And just in case your beloved child is not encouraged to take care of them a little more carefully, the Sennheiser CX 300S in-ear ‘buds are as tough as it gets – really, on all levels, the perfect earbuds for older kids.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Older Kids

Edifier X3 to U Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbud

  • Type: Wireless
  • Volume Limiting: No
  • Recommended For: Older Kids

A more expensive pair of headphones, the Edifier X3 to U are still not too pricey, and their performance and quality are definitely way above their price level.

With a nice, small frame and an ideal design, the X3 to U work great for even very small ears and are still suitable for larger ears and larger kids – in fact, they are exceptionally comfortable for any ear size, and stay in place beautifully.

Absolutely flawless in functionality, the Edifier X3 to U has the latest Bluetooth technology, great battery life, a sleek and cool charging box, and an IP55 rating for both dust and water resistance, and are tough, well-made ‘buds that are really meant to last.

They also have really beautiful sound – lots of bass, tons of dynamic energy and the kind of overall sound signature that teens and even younger kids absolutely love, and yet with a clarity and musicality, and a very low level of distortion, that makes them sound great with all kinds of music.

These are not volume limited, and while all Bluetooth headphones, by regulation, can only play so loud, these are really too loud for smaller kids – they are tough enough and small enough, and definitely easy enough to use, but you will want to make sure you set volume limits on their phones, PCs and/or games.

Edifier is fast becoming a real leader in wireless earbuds at all levels, and their X3 to U TWS ‘buds are a perfect example of the company’s smart designs and high quality. They are a small, cool pair of wireless earbuds that are great for tweens and teens, but at this price can be easily recommended to anybody.

If you are looking for a brilliant pair of wireless headphones for teens or tweens, and need to spend a little less, I also highly recommend – and kids absolutely love – the Skullcandy Dime TWS ‘buds I reviewed above, but these Edifier X3 to U get my top recommendation.

Best Apple Earbuds for Kids

The last selection on my list of best earbuds for kids is a bit of a gimme – that is, if you’re an Apple family, or if the child you’re buying for is an Apple user, the only really acceptable choice is, well, Apple.

So for wired headphones, the obvious and best choice are the nicely affordable and yet super-premium Apple EarPods, which offer the best functionality with Apple devices, that famously premium Apple fit and finish, and wonderful sound that kids seem to love.

And for wireless, there are only a couple of choices, but they are both absolutely brilliant choices – the AirPod or AirPod Pro true wireless earbuds, which both have bright, clear and detailed sound, with lots of bass and lots of energy, and ideal for kids and their music, as well as the very latest (and in fact super-impressive) technology and the highest level of functionality and usefulness with Apple devices.

The Apple earbud design is equally suitable for small and large ears, so in that respect these are all good choices for kids, but none of them are volume limited, and they all play pretty loud, so you want to make sure – especially for younger kids – to set their devices to only play so loud.

Apple EarPods and AirPods may be the default choice for any Apple user, but they are also among the very finest in-ear headphones on the market today. They are super-tough, incredibly well designed and sound amazing, and make a fantastic present for any child.

Bonus Section: Is It Safe for Children to Use Earbuds and Headphones?

Yes, absolutely, it can be perfectly safe for even smaller kids to use in-ear headphones and over-ear headphones.

I would not encourage or allow kids maybe 5 years old or younger to use earbuds, because their ears are just too small, and because the small in-ear varieties of earphones can be swallowed and choked on – this is true for both wired and wireless types.

There are a few very important guidelines and considerations to keep in mind if you want to make sure that using headphones and in-ear buds is safe for your kids.

  • Choking – TWS, or True Wireless Stereo, earbuds are not suitable for kids under 3 or even 4 years old. These earbuds come as two small units, for the left and right ear, and can present a serious choking hazard. Many people would never let such a young child use any earbuds, and the wired variety can present the exact same danger.
  • Size – In my list of best headphones for children, I am only offering headphones that are smaller in size – with a couple of specific, and clearly noted, exceptions for teens. Adult-sized headphones can cause pain and physical damage to smaller ears, so please don’t let your child use them, and if they experience any pain or discomfort at all have them remove the in-ear headphones immediately and stop using them.
  • Volume – Loud volumes (by some accounts, anything louder than 85 decibels, which may not seem that loud to us) and prolonged exposure (some say anything more than an hour at a time, or even an hour a day) can cause damage to the auditory system and hearing loss in smaller children.

I’ve already mentioned volume-limiting headphones above, and they are definitely the best for pretty much any pre-tween – or even pre-teen – child (though as they get older they may resist the idea more and more!).

The problem is that there are very few earbuds that are noise limiting, and I’ve never found any TWS earbuds that are. Now any Bluetooth wireless headphone will limit the maximum volume it will play at – usually around 100 decibels – but this is too loud for younger kids, and even for tweens and teens extended exposure to 100 decibels is not the best idea.

So please keep this in mind, and take other measures to ensure your children are safe and their hearing will be protected – especially:

  • Talking to them about the dangers of loud music to their hearing.
  • Monitoring their usage – especially the amount of time and the volume.
  • Using special settings, already available in the systems of Android or Apple phones, Windows, and Apple computers, to set a maximum volume. And don’t ever assume your child is somehow less tech-savvy than you – set a PIN or password so they can’t change the settings back.
  • For younger kids who really want wireless in-ear earbuds, choose one of the few good products that are volume-limited – like the excellent Amaface Wireless Earbuds reviewed above.