Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker Review

marshall woburn bluetooth speaker review
marshall woburn bluetooth speaker review

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The Woburn is designed in the head with loud. You’ll immediately hear it holds faithful to the Marshall name. This loudspeaker manages a bass strikes high trebles clearly. It contains a clear, lifelike midrange.

It owns quality parts along with exceptionally practical design. It’s made to deliver accurate response through the entire frequency range. The Woburn’s assembled to thrill.

The Woburn comes with a Marshall layout that’s classic. It’s a vintage-looking first fret, gold-colored metal details.

Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker Review

Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

That’s script emblem, that’s iconic. Take advantage of your Bluetooth-enabled computer, graphics tablet or smartphone to your Woburn. No cables attached right to stream music.

The optical input signal lets you connect to Apple tv and, hard disk player. Also with cable or satellite receiver. While the RCA inputs let you link to your old school music machines.

Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker Review

Features of Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

  • Portable Bluetooth speaker with the option to connect using an optical cable.
  • Optical cable vintage layout.
  • Skilled for connecting to the old loudspeaker. Together with the choice to join utilizing an optical cable.
  • Classic Marshall through the entire frequency range

Pros & Cons of Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

✅ Pros❌ Cons
Well-constructed controls and cupboardQuite excellent programs add and to control pre-programmed radio stations. That’s unimportant to me. I favor the straightforward BT
It seems unbelievableNo Airplay or complicated
4-kinds of input signals Bluetooth able. I use BT
Easy setup, change and to use knobs

First impressions

The Woburn Multi-room and its siblings are same as wireless multi-room speakers for all rockers. All are very useful when you use a non-wireless source or 2 still knocking about.

They fail to challenge the top Sonos or the Blue sound in the case of pure sound quality. You can get lots of bags or volume of style. Soon we will come back with lots of reviews.


Stylistically all these 3 speakers come from Zound’s Marshall multi-room collection. They are the heritage of the Marshall.

The Woburn is bigger enough and you must not consider it an innovative product.

It is same as a little practice amplifier coming from Marshall. This is very shameful that you are unable to plug a real guitar in.

The weight of this speaker is 7.9 kg and measure 400x308x200mm. Its Woburn is designed with a big brassy Marshall logo.

Moreover, it is matching around the border of a fine stitched fabric speaker. You can get the brass knob to the top for bass, volume, choosing audio source and treble.

These are permitted for grained tweaks to the soundstage, backward-skip and forward skip buttons and close to some manual controls.

Marshall sound quality

Woburn is in regards to the sound quality. It’s designed to be sharp and loud. You’ll immediately understand by its performance.

It holds faithful to the Marshall name that’s initial. The loudspeaker is impressive. It manages the small bass and strikes high trebles loud. And the lifelike, clear midrange is quite impressive too.

The speaker provides you sound control with the analog volume, bass, and treble knobs. You can use to correct the sound of your music.

Marshall’s excellent layout and high-quality parts of the loudspeaker. That ensures provides a precise answer through the whole frequency range.

It provides the highs, midrange, also the cheap correctly and definitely at all volumes. That makes the Marshall Woburn stand out.


If you have an Android device or iPhone, you need setting up the Woburn within the Google Home app.

It is added to the speaker since it was added to the mains and linked it to the home Wi-Fi network.

However, we attempt to set up a network with the smallest sibling, the Acton, Google Home quickly understand the latter and lost all traces of it.

The riffs of the trademark guitar are audible but make link successfully with the background. There are some big bugs which require ironing-out.

The audio performance of Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

The audio performance of Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

We refused to begin examining the Hanwell besides Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust interval. The high, guitar-driven “Moonage Daydream” first on our list.

We stepped back to hear how the melody was managed by the small taxi. How it cranked the volume up and dialed up the EQ. Then we offer some increase in the bass guitar.

Move forward with other musical genres. We discovered the Hanwell’s 6-inch motorists put out lots of smooth and well-defined low end.

It’s ever so slightly dim tweeters assisted in the current and warm midrange and treble. Several minutes we paused to dwell on as the small carton.

That poured through strong performances of our favorite melodies. The tune entered in the percussion, the snare. That’s crushed with a smooth groove. Kick drum thudding with deep, organic resonance.

Connectivity of Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

Works wireless using the most recent version of Bluetooth. Featuring aptX technology, by just plugging into your Bluetooth-enabled device.

The Woburn can also be compatible with devices that feature optical output signal. If there were enough means to make use of it.

The layout of Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

The layout of Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

It’s boxy, and large, although not overly large, with round curves. Resembles an’ amp that is bitchin.

After all, the entire feel of the Marshall Woburn oozes detail also classic fashion. Don’t enjoy classic? My favorite parts would be a switch, buttons, and the alloy knobs.

It’s fine to appreciate something a bit more significant. A large number of loudspeakers are made of plastic. With controls that blend in with all the body.

Moreover, having knobs treble, and volume is more tasteful than jamming on a plastic button to correct. Particularly, to get a speaker of the cost. Expect to get some hands run on the vinyl outside.

The contained 3.5mm audio cable with textured metal points is an excellent touch. The coil is beautiful and springy when stretched.

As soon as you let it go, reverting to its dormant state. Of all sound cables which may outlast your gear, this may be one.

Apart from the brick of styrofoam and the guide, power cables are sold contained. You’ll need to supply personal gear if you’re planning on utilizing the other input signals.

Optical connections and RCA are on the back side of the loudspeaker. That is suitable for long-term wiring to set-place electronic equipment.

The assistant is at the top for an easy scope for notebooks, MP3 players, or cellular devices.

It’s possible for you to consider it as your centerpiece for sound amusement. Especially, if you love to watch films on a huge screen. They bring a lot of sounds.

Wireless pairing is not complicated, just like Bluetooth enabled speakers. Despite superior building and the Woburn’s heft, the Bluetooth range isn’t as powerful.

It is possible to take a cellular apparatus so or 15 meters away, no issue. Without individuals or any walls in the manner.

The link begins to get touchy at 7.5 meters for a celebration with folks milling. Someone walking between smartphone and the loudspeaker can interrupt the music.

Following an interval of musical inactivity, the loudspeaker occasionally is woken up using a button press. Overall, that is an easy speaker to run.

User review of Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

User review of Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker


Acoustically and both physically no detail is too little for the Woburn. You will instantly desire to crank the tunes. It is that you will wish you had a larger space to put it to use.

Even at volumes of 3 common-sized rooms fill with strong bass and sharp, clean treble. This first opinion has just been reiterated with each music genre.

Hip-hop, alternative, folk, rock- all breathtaking sound can leave you scrambling. For the very best quality audio, it is possible to discover.

Blown away by this loudspeaker

I believed “if the smaller one seemed as high as it did. This one must be silly”. I had been correct.

Highs in the bass, and clarity are incredible. This thing is loud to add. Fantastic appearances, classic layout. Joyful.

Media review on Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker Review

Media review on Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker Review

There’s an obligatory Marshall autograph on the other side of the front of the display. It trades the standard marble white finish.

For, you guessed it, glowing golden embossing. Beneath the screen is four active drivers, including two 6- dome tweeters -cooled. We go on through other musical genres.

We located the Hanwell’s 6-inch motorists set out lots of smooth and well-defined low end. And it’s ever-so-slightly dark tweeters assisted in the present and warm midrange and treble.

Watch: Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker Review

Product Info – Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker Review

Size                                    15.7 x 7.8 x 12.1 inches

Item Weight                    17.4 pounds

ASIN                                 B00OGQMXSQ

Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker Review

Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

Final Verdict

That’s what it’s like using the Marshall Woburn. That’s when you would like to listen to loud music.

The Woburn provides a substantial number of sound that is dynamic. Keeps the rich nuances your ears deserve.

There’s every reason to get it as the key focus point for most video and audio amusement. Regardless of the size, it’s relatively simple enough to move around.

Pay attention to your guests the ones that are oriented and more view. It’s virtually sadistic, the blend of enchanting classic and sound charisma.

The one unfortunate part of the Woburn is the Bluetooth radio and insufficient range. I’ve had portable loudspeakers greatest the Woburn’s space, some smaller twofold. Besides that, there isn’t much to whine about.

Especially when pushing on the volume. You should possess Marshall’s Woburn loudspeaker in case you want to rock it loud.

It is fortunate that the Woburn is working well. When it isn’t working well, it would be better using a wireless speaker for CharomeCast and AirPlay.

The unbelievable volumes are surely overkilled. There remains no doubt about the quality of the sound and the depth.

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