Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers: 6 Top Choices for 2024

Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

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It sounds like a great idea – cruising along on your bike, feeling the freedom of the open road, your favorite music blasting away like the perfect soundtrack to the perfect day.

But what’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, really, if you can find the best speakers for motorcycles – problem is, that is a much more difficult undertaking than you might imagine.

Good speakers for motorcycle handlebars present some design and engineering challenges that are pretty hard to overcome, and as a result there are very few really great products out there – speakers that are sturdy and weatherproof, that sound great and play loud enough for a motorcycle at speed.

But when you find the right speakers for your motorcycle handlebars it is a fantastic experience – so let’s do just that, with this Speakergy 2023 buyer’s guide to the best motorcycle handlebar speakers!

If the pipes are calling, and you don’t want to sit around reading a whole article, here are my top choices:

What Makes the Best Speakers for Motorcycle Handlebars?

As I’ve said, there are some real challenges in designing and making great speakers for motorcycles.

For one thing, the speakers must be really tough – not just waterproof and weatherproof, but also able to handle the constant vibration and shocks from the motorbike and the road. They also, and relatedly, must mount very securely to the handlebar, and stay put once installed.

On top of all this, the best speakers for motorbikes must sound good, and not just when you’re parked in the driveway but when the pipes are roaring, the wind is rushing by and you’re surrounded by other vehicles – or, hopefully, surrounded by absolutely nothing but a trillion acres of natural beauty.

There are a couple of other things to look for when selecting a good set of speakers to mount on your motorcycle’s handlebar, and so let’s look at a list of the most important factors.

  • Sound Quality – again, not just sound quality itself, but the ability to play loud enough to rise above the road noise and engine noise. This means a speaker with enough power, of course, but also one specially designed to optimally project sound to the rider, and to not be too affected by wind.
  • Toughness – weatherproofing and waterproofing, the ability to handle vibration and shock, constant wind and constant use – we want our new motorcycle speakers to not just sound good, but to sound good for many years.
  • Stability – this toughness is greatly enhanced by stability in the mounting hardware, and a solidly mounted speaker system that doesn’t move, even with that constant vibration, will not only last longer, but it will sound great more consistently over time.
  • Ease of Installation – the brackets and wiring harnesses should be simple and straightforward, and installing the best motorcycle speakers should be so simple that even somebody who has never worked on a bike in any way will find it a breeze.
  • Ease of Use – this is pretty crucial, since a speaker system or controller system that is not simple, obvious or intuitive is not only a pain, but can be quite dangerous as well.
  • Style – of course this is different for each person, but good motorcycle speakers tend to have a simple and classic aesthetic that looks good to everybody, and on any bike, as well as a premium fit and finish.
  • Company Support – if speakers are tough, stable and long lasting, and especially if they are easy to install, chances are you will never need customer support – but if you do it’s good to know that there is a great company standing behind the product.

But rest assured that these important factors have all been taken into consideration in our selection of the best handlebar speakers for motorcycles.

And we might also include Budget as a main consideration when selecting the right handlebar speakers, but luckily (and somewhat surprisingly) even the best of the best are very affordable – much less expensive than you might imagine

So let’s get right into the list, shall we?

The Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers in 2024: A Speakergy Buyer’s Guide

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Best Handlebar Speakers for Motorcycles – Budget

Boss MC420B 600w Bluetooth Speakers & Amplifier for Motorcycle Handlebar

  • Type: 2 x Stereo Speakers
  • Power: 600 Watts
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Wireless, RCA and Auxiliary Wired

What I Like:

  • Fantastic Value
  • Beautiful Sound
  • Plays Really Loud
  • Great Company
  • Very Tough and Reliable

Possible Downsides?

  • Separate amp makes installation a bit trickier.

The Boss MC420B is actually not the company’s least expensive model – not by a long shot, in fact – and I have to say that all of their products are pretty amazing, with great sound and next level toughness and durability.

But the 420 is still definitely a budget product – at least in price – and to me represents the ideal balance of price and performance.

The MC420B is a basic pair of handlebar mounted stereo speakers with all the hardware you need for secure mounting. They come with a separate amplifier, which has 600 watts total power – enough to push these speakers really loud, even at high speeds.

The amplifier also has plenty of connectivity for pretty much any audio device – RCA input jacks, a stereo auxiliary input and Bluetooth wireless. The Bluetooth connection is stable and allows for real high fidelity sound from your phone or other Bluetooth device.

And the sound of the Boss Audio MC420B is fantastic – clean and clear, with plenty of detail and tons of dynamic energy, low distortion and nice musicality. Of course there isn’t a ton of deep bass – no handlebar speaker, regardless of price, can go that deep – but the bass is plentiful and perfectly balanced to provide a great foundation for the rest of the spectrum.

Another great option, though a bit more money, is the Boss  Audio Systems MC625BA – essentially the same great speakers and the same big amplifier, but with the amp built into the speakers for super-clean and easy installation.

Either way you go, this is a great pair of handlebar speakers, and an almost unbelievably good value. But again, I feel that way about every single Boss Audio product, and highly encourage you to check out the whole line of motorcycle speakers at their Online Products Page.

Best Motorcycle Soundbar – Budget

KSpeaker Waterproof Motorcycle Soundbar Bluetooth Stereo Speaker with Radio


  • Type: Stereo Soundbar
  • Power: 80 Watts
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Wireless
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67

What I Like:

  • Fantastic Value
  • Great Sound
  • Very Easy Installation
  • Tough and Stable

Possible Downsides?

  • No wired connectivity

I’ve seen and heard a lot of much more expensive soundbars for motorcycle handlebars that don’t sound nearly as good as this fantastic KSpeaker bar, and are not nearly as well designed or laid out.

Although the KSpeaker K2BL doesn’t have as much rated wattage as some, it will play surprisingly loud, and should provide plenty of volume for most bikes even at cruising speeds. If you’ve got really loud pipes, and want a soundbar that will definitely rise above, the Kuryakyn below is the answer, but for 95 percent of bikes out there this KSpeaker will provide pretty awesome volume.

The Bluetooth is latest generation, the signal is stable and it always connects immediately and without problems. I would love to have seen wired inputs as well, but the Bluetooth does work flawlessly, and is all most people would ever use anyway.

And the K2BL’s sound is really impressive, with lots of detail and dynamic energy and a beautiful sonic signature – warm and musical, but with a bracing clarity that is just ideal for the open road. Deep bass is not really so present, but like most of the best speakers for motorcycles the lower bass is tuned up nicely, and the music has impressive foundation and drive.

Very easy to install and very easy to use, even when crusing, the KSpeaker K2BL is an impressively high quality product that sounds great – at this low price an easy recommendation.

A Great All-In-One Speaker for Motorcycle Handlebars

Lexin LX-Q3 Waterproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers with Radio and Light

  • Type: 2 x Stereo Speakers
  • Power: 150 Watts
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Wireless, USB
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67

What I Like:

  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Impressive Volume
  • Includes FM Radio
  • Nice Style and Premium Finish
  • Very Well Built

Possible Downsides?

  • No wired connectivity

The Lexin LX-Q3 is a great way to make several different music sources available quickly and easily – it has normal Bluetooth wireless connectivity, it has a USB port for a flash drive or digital output from some music players, and even has a built-in high quality FM radio.

But the real draw here is the sound. The LX-Q3 has very fine sound quality, with low distortion and an open and natural presentation. Although the sound signature is pretty neutral and accurate, there is also plenty of bass, and the Lexin sounds great with any music, and should appeal to all kinds of listeners.

With 150 watts of power, the Lexin LX-Q3 will play plenty loud, even at highway speeds, and at any volume there is a punchy and super-dynamic quality to  the sound that makes listening very exciting.

Super easy to install, and even easier to use – with simple and easily accessible controls on the left speaker – the LX-Q3 is a well designed product, and it is also very well made, and can definitely handle the elements and the shakes and shocks of motorcycle riding.

A bit more expensive, but still quite affordable, the Lexin LX-Q3 stereo motorcycle handlebar speakers are a complete solution, and a fantastic value to boot – highly recommended!

Coolest Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

BOSS Audio Systems Phantom900 Weatherproof Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers

  • Type: 2 x Stereo Speakers
  • Power: 300 Watts
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Wireless, Auxiliary Wired
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67

What I Like:

  • Chrome Skeletal Hands!
  • Huge Volume
  • Great Detail, Clarity and Presence
  • Well Made and Beautifully Finished
  • Again, Chrome Skeletal Hands

Possible Downsides?

  • For some weird reason, not everybody likes chrome skeletal hands…

Yeah, there’s not much to say about these except that they’re totally rad.

Does anybody say ‘totally rad’ anymore? If they do, they’re probably talking about the Boss Phantom900 handlebar speakers, with their eerie chrome skeletal hands grasping jet black speakers – if it’s your kind of thing, these are not only great looking, but have a premium fit and finish that has to be seen to be believed.

Ok, there may be a bit more to say, since these are Boss Audio speakers – which means they are not just well made but have incredible sound quality. One thing you can always count on with Boss speakers is that they will play really loud, and rise above even big-bike pipes, but they are also super-dynamic, with real punch and musical energy, and have tons of detail and clarity, as well as a beautifully musical tone.

The Boss Audio Phantom900 are definitely no exception, and sound great with any kind of music. They also work great with any kind of audio source, with both Bluetooth wireless and a wired auxiliary input. And with 600 watts total power, yeah, really, really loud, and with no strain or compromise in sound quality.

Now I understand that chrome skeletal hands aren’t to everybody’s taste, but I want you, gentle reader, to understand that we here at Speakergy absolutely love Boss Audio products, and as I’ve already mentioned before I am more than happy to provide a link to their Online Products Page and tell you to just go nuts – any motorcycle speaker they sell, at any price, will almost certainly be the best choice and the best value you can get at that level.

But if skeletal chrome hands are your thing, by all means get all click-happy with the Boss Audio Systems Phantom900 handlebar speakers, as you’ll also get an absolutely brilliant pair of motorcycle speakers in the bargain – in fact, easily some of the best I’ve ever heard!

Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers Overall

JBL Cruise Handlebar Mounted Bluetooth Audio System

  • Type: 2 x Stereo Speakers
  • Power: 40 Watts RMS
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Wireless
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX5

What I Like:

  • The Best Sound Quality Overall
  • Great Volume and Musical Energy
  • Super-Easy Installation
  • Exceptionally Well Built and Durable
  • Beautiful Look and Premium Finish

Possible Downsides?

  • No wired connectivity
  • Yamaha bikes (reverse mirror thread) need mounting brackets

I feel I need to come to the aid of the JBL Cruise, which honestly doesn’t have the highest ratings on major online retail sites, because these are actually incredible sounding speakers that work beautifully and are made to last.

As I look at reviews, I can see that the really bad ratings come from people who are taken aback by the fact that the Cruise motorcycle speakers don’t come with mounting hardware. But actually they don’t need mounting hardware – they are, quite cleverly, designed to thread into the mirror mounting threads, and then your mirrors mount on top.

The only issue is with Yamaha bikes, which have reverse threads, but for the vast majority of other motorcycles the JBL Cruise works perfectly, and the unique mounting system provides both a super-secure and stable physical mount and an optimal listening position.

And that leads us to the best thing about the Cruise – their sound. This is, after, a JBL product, and it has those amazing JBL qualities in spades – smooth sound that is also somehow so clear and detailed – kind of sharp and sweet at the same time – and with such punch and energy, such presence and realism, and almost unbelievable bass from such a small pair of speakers.

The JBL Cruise is conservatively rated at 40 watts a channel, though they play louder than many speakers with much higher power ratings. They have Bluetooth wireless connectivity, though no wired options, and they are fully weatherproof and exceptionally well made and durable.

All things considered – especially the ease of installation and the awesome sound – the JBL Crise motorcycle speakers are the ideal handlebar mount stereo speakers, and a clear choice for best on the market today.

Best Soundbar for Motorcycles Overall

Kuryakyn 2720 MTX Road Thunder 300W Motorcycle Sound Bar Plus

  • Type: Stereo Soundbar
  • Power: 300 Watts
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Wireless, Auxiliary Wired
  • Waterproof Rating: IP66

What I Like:

  • Really Big Sound
  • Fantastic Sound Quality
  • Next Level Material and Build Quality
  • Perfect User Interface
  • Absurdly Simple Installation

Possible Downsides?

  • Nope!

I do love me some JBL and Boss, but I have to say that the Kuryakyn Road Thunder soundbar is kind of on a whole new level.

To make it simple, if you want the best soundbar for absolutely any motorcycle, the MTX Road Thunder is undoubtedly it, and with no real competitors.

But if you are undecided as to whether to get a soundbar or separate stereo speakers, but you’re certain that you want the biggest and most powerful sound available, the Road Thunder is still the clear winner.

This amazing soundbar has 300 watts of real power – not just a published spec, because when you hear the volume and energy you know there is a serious amplifier hidden away in there. And the sound, for all its raw power, is refined, with clarity and detail, stereo separation and imaging, presence and a palpability that even much more expensive speakers don’t always convey.

I would have to say that the JBL Cruise, just above, do have a slightly more accurate sound, and are perhaps better for classical, jazz and a lot of singer/songwriter type of music – it’s hard to imagine a big burly biker shooting up I-90 listening to Ed Sheeran, but stranger things have happened.

But for rock and roll, country and western, rap and hip hop, electronica and all that stuff the Kuryakyn MTX Road Thunder is a true beast, and has more energy and excitement, and be more fun to listen to, than any other motorcycle speaker I’ve ever tried.

The 2720 MTX Road Thunder is pretty great in other ways too, with really solid and durable construction and a premium fit and finish, a very smart and undistracting control panel, super easy installation, superior weatherproofing, stable and reliable Bluetooth connectivity and a wired auxiliary input as well.

Bottom line? The Kuryakyn 2720 MTX Road Thunder will give you the biggest, most exciting and engaging sound possible, and while it is not cheap, given its design and overall quality it has to be counted as one of the best values on the market today – and not just obviously the best motorcycle soundbar you can get, but quite probably the best motorcycle speaker system period.