Speakergy Acquires LivingSpeaker.com to Expand Its Reach

Speakergy Acquires LivingSpeaker.com

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Speakergy.com, a platform for audio equipment reviews and learning resources, has announced its acquisition of LivingSpeaker.com, a website dedicated to audio-related tutorials and content.

This strategic move aims to enrich Speakergy.com’s offerings and strengthen its position as a comprehensive destination for individuals seeking to learn more about audio equipment and make informed decisions before buying headphones, speakers, turntables, amplifiers and other audio equipment.

What was LivingSpeaker before?

LivingSpeaker.com was a hub for audio enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of tutorials, guides, and resources, mainly focused on information about Sonos, Amazon Echo and Alexa.

The website had a loyal user base and provided valuable insights and practical knowledge to its community.

What does this mean for Speakergy.com and LivingSpeaker.com?

Both Speakergy.com and LivingSpeaker.com will operate as a unified platform under the Speakergy.com umbrella. This consolidation will enable Speakergy.com to integrate the extensive library of audio-related articles from LivingSpeaker.com.

The acquisition will enhance Speakergy.com’s offerings and establish it as a go-to resource for comprehensive audio learning.

What does this mean for Speakergy.com visitors?

Visitors to Speakergy.com will benefit from the inclusion of LivingSpeaker.com’s vast collection of audio content, tutorials and reviews. This merger will provide users with an enriched learning experience, allowing them to explore a wider range of audio equipment information, tutorials, and reviews.

By accessing LivingSpeaker.com’s resources, visitors to Speakergy.com will have a comprehensive source of information to make informed decisions about their audio equipment purchases.

Why has Speakergy.com acquired LivingSpeaker.com?

The acquisition of LivingSpeaker.com aligns with Speakergy.com’s commitment to providing a complete and informative platform for audio enthusiasts.

LivingSpeaker.com’s focus on Sonos, Amazon Alexa, and Alexa-related content complements Speakergy.com’s existing offerings, allowing the platform to expand its reach and cater to a broader audience interested in high-quality audio equipment.

What will be merged?

LivingSpeaker.com’s extensive library of audio equipment guides and reviews will be seamlessly integrated into the Speakergy.com platform.

Users can look forward to a unified and comprehensive audio resource that covers not only equipment reviews but also valuable information and tutorials to enhance their audio experience.