Best Sonos Speakers For Your Kitchen

Best Sonos Speakers For Your Kitchen

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Smart home automation, undoubtedly, has gained a lot of recognition nowadays and has become the ultimate need for people who loves to reside in comfort. From security to music and the day to day activities, everything has evolved drastically and has become highly automated.

In this race of advancement, Sonos speakers have transformed the musical experience. Apart from rendering the best sound quality, it has added that extra edge of style and comfort to the lifestyle.

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Gone are the days when we relied on a large music system, confined at a single place, listening to the same old music. Sonos wireless speakers and music systems offer a completely new and dynamic experience.

All you need is your iPhone or a smartphone to operate the entire system. With absolutely no hassle, the volume and the functionality of the Sonos music systems can be adjusted differently for different rooms or areas in the house- like your kitchen, living room, bathroom, swimming pool, etc.

If you are looking for a premium quality Sonos speaker for your kitchen, you are in the right place. We have listed the six best recommendations of Sonos Speakers that are perfectly ideal for your kitchen. Every product has been clearly described, covering every aspect and features that the product comes packed with. So, all you need to do is refer to this buying guide and pick the best Sonos speaker for your kitchen.

Best Sonos Speakers For Your Kitchen- livingspeaker

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A Valuable Addition To Your Kitchen

Getting the Sonos Speaker installed in your kitchen is a personalized decision and might vary as per the individual. Since everyone’s requirements and expectations are different, we recommend you to carefully look into the details of all the products that we have listed below and then make a decision.

A kitchen is undoubtedly the most important part of our house and deserves the best care and equipment. But, don’t you think listening to some amazing music while cooking will be a great idea? If that tempts you too, getting the Best Sonos Speaker in the kitchen will surely get you sorted.

Things To Consider Before Setting Up Sonos Speakers In Your Kitchen

The Size Of Your Kitchen

This is the prime factor that needs to be considered if you are planning to automate your kitchen with Sono music systems or speakers. Sonos gives the freedom of pairing up to 32 speakers, but the number of speakers that you need depends upon the size of your kitchen.

If your kitchen is compact, a single speaker will solve the purpose and offer optimum audio output. Moreover, if you plan to expand your kitchen area in the future, Sonos offers the flexibility to connect more speakers as and when required. With the assistance of the control app, you can add and pair the speakers to the wireless network.

If your kitchen is a spacious one, two to three speakers will be needed to give it a complete audio coverage. You can also prefer adding a Sonos Sound Bar to the setup instead. It is a slim box hosting nine speakers. It further gears up the music experience making the mid tons, high frequencies even more pronounced, and deep bass.

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Combination of Speakers

If your kitchen is large, certainly more than one speaker will render it a complete audio coverage. The best thing about Sonos Speakers is their flexibility that in turn, offers a completely customized experience.

Now, the next thing that you need to consider is, what combination of speakers does your kitchen need? Whereas, when it comes to sound quality- mainly, two options are available- Bass and Stereo.

For instance, if you choose to install two speakers in your kitchen, go for identical ones like two Sonos Ones or two play 5s. Rest, the true play technology inbuilt in the Sonos speakers will further help you to decide the number of speakers that your kitchen needs and the favorable points to place them.


Another very important factor to consider if you are planning to install Sonos Speakers in your kitchen is its durability. As we know, the kitchen is a place where your equipment can be prone to moisture and heat.

Thus, to get the optimum value of the money you invest, plan wisely, and don’t forget to consider factors like durability and toughness while buying a Sonos speaker for your kitchen.

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Best Sonos Speakers For Your Kitchen

These Sonos Speaker recommendations will surely enable you to grab the best deal. Consider checking every product in detail.

SONOS ONE SL- All-Purpose Smart Speaker

Being the most versatile, Sonos One SL is an extraordinary speaker to choose from for your room. Talking about the design, it is compact and easily durable for any size of space. You can easily use it on the kitchen countertop or insert it on your office bookshelf.

You can even use it readily in your bathroom because of its water-resistant nature. It is immune to humidity because of which you can easily enjoy it at steamy or airless places.

Considering the sound quality, it gives a thrilling experience to hear it resonate. Just pair it with Sonos one or another One SL to encounter a stereo experience and thorough sound. You can connect and control it using the Sonos app, Apple Airplay 2, or any android phone.

It can be completely used for building up a home system by connecting Sonos speakers in various rooms over Wi-Fi and create an arrangement that combines the rooms altogether and binds people.

The setup is very effortless and connects in just a minute. While using it with Apple Airplay 2, you can ask Siri, the virtual assistant, to play Apple Music and glide directly from your iPhone or iPad.

To summarize, here is why Sonos One SL is a great pick over any speaker:

  • The size is compact, which makes it best to pick for any kind of space.
  • The sound is brilliant, rich, and can charge up the entire space.
  • Easy setup and two Sonos coupled together can make up a stereo arrangement.

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SONOS ONE (Gen 2) – Hi-Tech With Voice Built-In Technology

Sonos One is a Generation 2 more efficient speaker that is an advanced version of the normal Sonos speaker. The design is compact and durable, suitable for any space. An easy fit for the kitchen worktop, office bookstand, or even in the bathroom. It has amazing water-resistant technology that makes it quite secure to use in humid places.

This is a powerful smart speaker that has built-in voice control. The sound is room-filling and can be controlled using Amazon Alexa, which is built upright to manage it with your voice, Sonos app, Apple Airplay 2, or any android device.

You can effortlessly play music, set alarms, inspect news, solve your queries, and much more without using your hands. For a stereo experience, connect two Sonos Ones in the same space together. You can also use a pair of these speakers as a rear home theatre adjoining with Playbar, Playbase, or Beam. The setup of the system is easy and connects wirelessly to other speakers to enjoy dazzling in any single or multiple rooms.

The top-notch features of the Sonos one (Gen 2) that makes it the best buy are:

  • It has built-in voice control that makes it effortless to use and hands-free.
  • The design is compact to make it fit for all kinds of spaces.
  • It has a powerful impact and can be enjoyed as a home theatre and stereo space with wireless connections.

Best Sonos Speakers For Your Kitchen 07

SONOS BEAM- Smart Soundbar for TV

Another efficient version of the normal speaker is the Sonos Beam Smart Tv speaker. It is built with a compact size of about 25.6 inches. The Beam does not hold back any furniture or blocks the television.

It is very convenient to use because of its size and gives an amazing experience when connected with the television. Sonos Beam has automatic remote detection, which makes it more durable.

Talking about the sound quality, it delivers high definition sound for your TV charges the room with an ample amount of sound. The Beam has a smart, compact soundbar to enjoy music, watch TV and entertainment media.

You can also listen to the radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and play video games. It has Amazon Alexa voice control that delivers easy, hands-free usage. The setup is simple and requires just two chords. For extra bass, add Sonos One SLs or Sonos Sub to enlarge the sound effect.

To sum up, here is why Sonos Beam is a great choice:

  • The soundbar is smart and compact that delivers dynamic sound to enjoy different activities.
  • It has built-in voice control that makes it easy to control and manage with the TV.
  • Has automatic remote detection and gives extra bass when coupled with another Sonos one.

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SONOS FIVE- Smart Precision Magnified Sound

Presenting the best of its kind, Sonos Five Speaker is a magnificent deep bass speaker with smart technology. It has an ultra-wide soundstage that has two carefully-angle side tweeters creating a spatial extension for the magnified experience. It has a 3.5 mm line-in port that is easy to connect and use.

When we talk about the speakers, the first thing we notice is the sound, and Sonos Five has a brilliant clear sound quality that is tuned by the renowned producer Giles Martin. For a stereo experience, place the speaker horizontally or couple it with another one placing it right in which automatically adjusts to produce a detailed and enlarged sound effect.

It comes with peerless acoustic features and is designed with high resonating woofers protected with a sealed architecture that resists reverb and echo. It is compatible with managed by the Sonos app, Sonos S2.

In the center, a tweeter is placed that controls any vocal playback. You can connect your CD player or any other device directly with the customized sound.

Here are some top features that make it the best buy:

  • Sonos Five has a smart stereo sound that produces enlarged sound with its perfect architecture.
  • The setup is simple, easy and is tuned by the Giles Martin.
  • It has a Trueplay feature that puts the tuning capability in your hands and adjusts the speaker’s sound to the sole acoustics of the room.

SONOS AMP- Durable Amplifier with RCA Output

Think about an amplifier with such a versatile design that can be mounted on a wall or placed on racks, and the very first one that comes to mind is Sonos Amp. The architecture is so unique that it supports outdoor, floor-standing, or stand type structures. It features a specially developed heatsink for the effective flow of air and heat management.

This amplifier has an auto-generated root cause analysis technology that helps it make user adjustable.

When connected to a speaker, the sound quality is so amazing that it reaches every corner of the room and is an all-purpose amplifier. You can easily enjoy stereo sound effect while watching movies, shows, and video games or a massive home theatre just by connecting it to a good Sonos speaker or TV.

A subwoofer output is given for the powerful streaming of entertainment videos, even at the backyard, where you need to expand outdoor speakers.

Summarizing why you should pick Sonos Amp:

  • It is versatile and can be used on walls, ceilings, racks, or bookstand.
  • It can be powered with outdoor speakers to play and enjoy music and audios at the backyard.
  • It optimizes airflow and works with AirPlay 2 on Apple devices.

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SONOS PLAYBAR- Ascending Smart Sound Bar

Talking about a mountable speaker system, Sonos Playbar is a soundbar designed for TV, music, movies, and more. The sound system is so impressive that it tunes itself automatically when placed below the TV or clipped on the wall. Sonos Playbar is precisely tuned by Oscar-winning sound engineers to focus on human voice and can be controlled with the Sonos app or your remote. The bass is quite impressive and builds a home sound in different rooms over Wi-Fi.

Presenting a few important features:

  • Easily mounted on walls and tunes itself automatically.
  • Bass is crisp and controlled with the Sonos app.
  • Connects readily over Wi-Fi to play a stereo sound effect.
  • The subwoofer can also be connected if it is powered and used with a Sonos connect.

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Why Sonos Speakers Are Ideal For Your Kitchen

Easy to setup

It is incredibly easy to set up- be it adding more speakers to the already existing system or installing the new system from scratch; everything comes super handy with Sonos app and guide.

Moreover, the customer assistance offered by them is the best, from rectifying any issues to replacing defected speakers, they will get you sorted with no hassle.

Lucid Streaming

Sonos speakers are worth your investment because the uninterrupted music experience that they offer is just the best. It offers more than 60 services to stream your favorite music and content. Isn’t it great?

Supports all the major voice assistants

Sonos speakers support Apple Airplay 2, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant. You can easily access and use anyone at a time. Thus, you can control your speakers and enjoy flawless service handsfree.

Premium Sound quality

Apart from all the advanced features that the Sonos Speakers offer, they sound majestic. The sound offered by it gives you a complete surround sound experience in a crystal clear quality.

Best Sonos Speakers For Your Kitchen


The Sonos speakers are governed by the smart Trueplay Technology, as much as 32 speakers can be easily controlled. They can be paired with your smartphones, iPhones, or Tabs. All you need is a good speed internet connection. Its working is even more stable as compared to Bluetooth; the music will stream uninterrupted even if your phone rings.

It renders a completely customized experience, where different music can be easily at different volumes in the various areas of your house. The best part about it is that you get to stream content from more than 60 services like Google Play, and Spotify. So, if automated music is your idea, Sonos Speakers will surely get you sorted.