Best Speakers for Vinyl: 8 Great Choices for Record Players

Best Speakers for Vinyl

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Vinyl records continue to be pretty much the hottest thing in music. With a wonderful vintage appeal and an even more wonderful sound, it’s no wonder so many people are buying them and so many artists and record labels continue to make them.

But what is the best way to hear those records? With the best speakers, of course!

If you’ve already got even a decent quality record player or turntable, you will find that good speakers for records will make a huge difference, bringing out that famous analog warmth and musicality like never before.

So let’s have a look at some of the best speakers for record players on the market today, in this 2023 buyer’s guide to speakers for turntables.

This is a fairly in-depth article, so if you’d prefer to just see the picks, here are my top choices:

What Makes a Good Speaker for Record Players?

In order to find the best set of speakers for a turntable or record player, first we have to get the technicalities out of the way – but in a short and simple way that doesn’t, hopefully, feel like we’re attending a lecture on engineering…

Active Speakers for Turntables

First, we want to look at an active speaker system, which simply means that the speaker has an amplifier built right in. 

If you have a turntable with speakers, that ‘table has an amplifier built in too, and it should have plenty of power for those small speakers. But even if your new speakers aren’t that much bigger than those built-ins, they will need a much higher level of power.

And so to make sure there’s enough juice, and to make sure the amp and speaker are perfectly matched and will sound the best, manufacturers simply include a high quality amplifier in the speaker’s cabinet.

The Right Connection for Turntables

Your turntable or record player will almost certainly have a wired connection – that is, a pair of wires coming out of the back to let you connect to an active speaker’s auxiliary input.

All of the speakers we will look at in this buyer’s guide to the best speakers for turntables will have an input for those wires – except for the inexpensive Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker, which is pure wireless – and so you will definitely be covered and ready for a very simple plug-and-play.

Many modern turntables and record players will also have a Bluetooth wireless connection, which is a pretty slick way of bringing old-school and high-tech together. And because this is such a fantastic feature anyway, and will make your new speakers a zillion times more useful and flexible beyond the wonderful world of vinyl, all of my top recommendations will also have Bluetooth capability.

A couple of technical notes before we move on…

  • You may well be wondering about a phono preamplifier, or phono stage, and a few years ago I would make sure that all of my picks have a built in preamp.

These days, though, most record players and turntables have their own preamps, and so I am able to concentrate instead on speakers that sound the best with records, without worrying if those speakers have a preamp – indeed, only two of my choices have a phono stage inbuilt – the Klipsch R-51PM and the Kanto TUKW.

If your turntable does not have a phono preamplifier, I would strongly suggest that you consider getting an outboard preamp – like the cheap and brilliant Pro-Ject Phono Box E or the superb but still affordable Parasound Zphono – rather than getting a pair of speakers that doesn’t sound as good just because they have a built in phono stage.

  • Also, please note that I am focusing here on the best speakers to connect to a turntable or record player, and not specifically on speakers to hook up to a separate stereo system.

If you have a turntable connected to a larger stereo system, that system will have its own amplifier already, and while any of the choices in this article will still work great – and sound great – you might want to check out one of Speakergy’s many articles on the best non-amplified (passive instead of active) speakers.

I would especially recommend a few specific articles:

And now that we know what we need, let’s talk about what we want, and focus on the really important stuff – how they sound!

The Best Sounding Speakers for Vinyl

There is no question that vinyl is as cool as it gets, with a look and feel that no other form of music playback can offer.

Vinyl records are also remarkably easy to find – ok, maybe not as easy to find as a digital download or stream, but not only are the hippest and most popular recording artists, new and old, making vinyl records these days, there are typically thousands and thousands of (absurdly cheap) used records in any thrift shop, and still a bunch of used record stores around.

But the real reason vinyl records are more popular than ever is the sound – they have a warmth, a realism, a dynamic energy and a lovely musicality that digital – as good as it too can sound – has never quite managed.

So in this guide to the best speakers for records and turntables I am especially focusing on speakers that can really convey that warmth and musicality, that realism and presence, and let any record’s analog glory shine through.

‘Nuff said! Now let’s get into the speakers themselves, with a list of the 8 best speaker systems I have found for turntables and record players – simply listed by price, from most affordable to nicely premium.

The Best Speaker Systems for Turntables in 2024

Best Speakers for Record Players – Budget

Crosley S200A-WA 4″ Active Powered Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

What I Love:

  • Super-Affordable
  • Fun and Dynamic Sound
  • Good Stereo Imaging
  • Nicely Made and Great Looking

Possible Downsides?

  • Not as much deep bass – though quite good for the money

Crosley is one of the leading manufacturers of excellent and affordable record players, and so it makes sense that they would also make the best inexpensive speakers for vinyl.

And the Crosley S200A are definitely that – a pair of active stereo speakers with a clear and refined sound that, for all its accuracy and quality, is also really fun – dynamic and engaging, with surprisingly strong bass and amazing stereo imaging.

These are inexpensive speakers, for sure, but the Crosley S200 are really well made, and have a nicely vintage appearance that is just right for records. And they are brilliantly designed speakers, with pure analog turntable connections, digital connections (for the best sound from your PC or phone as well) and a nicely stable high fidelity Bluetooth wireless connection.

Cheap, yes, but only in price, the Crosley S200A are amazingly premium in sound and in fit and finish, and are an easy choice among the most affordable speakers for vinyl records.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Record Players – Affordable

Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Portable Speaker – Black & Brass

What I Love:

  • Very Well Made and Durable
  • Rich, Musical Sound
  • Great Sound Projection
  • Classical Styling
  • Surprisingly Accurate

Possible Downsides?

  • Won’t really fill bigger spaces – but not designed to…

For a surprisingly low price you can get a legend – the Marshall Emberton. Yes, of course Marshall as a company is as legendary as it gets, but I really mean the Emberton itself, which for an affordable portable is probably the most highly rated speaker in its class, and is truly loved by anybody lucky enough to have one.

With a wonderful warmth that combines perfectly with real detail and accuracy, the Emberton really brings the musicality of any vinyl record to life, and that same warmth and accuracy help digital music sources sound their best – and sound a tiny bit more like, well, vinyl. And the Emberton will play really loud, and without a touch of strain or distortion.

Built like a rock, and fully IP7 water resistant, the Emberton has a very nice rubberized outer casing and a solid metal grill, and a sense of style inspired by classic Marshall stacks from back in the day. But though the style may be old school, the engineering is fully up to date, with superb Bluetooth wireless circuitry, amazing battery life and a lot more.

I should clearly state that the Marshall Emberton does not have a wired input, and so only works with turntables or record players with Bluetooth. That said, given its amazing sound – so perfect for vinyl – and its beautifully executed vintage aesthetic, it is still my clear choice for best Bluetooth portable speaker for records at this affordable price point.

Best Speakers for Records – Affordable

Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

What I Love:

  • Amazing Sound Projection and Stereo Imaging
  • Low Distortion
  • Wide Frequency Response and Surprisingly Extended Bass
  • Cool and Highly Usable Remote Control

Possible Downsides?

  • At this price, not really

I love Edifier speakers, and every time I hear their products I am frankly amazed that such superb sound comes from something so inexpensive.

This is maybe best seen, or heard, in the Edifier R1280 which, despite its low price, is maybe the most highly rated of all Edifier speakers. With an amazingly clear and low distortion sound – highly accurate but with just a touch of warmth – as well as impressive stereo imaging and lots of power and musical dynamics, these are very exciting speakers, and work especially well with records.

Besides sound, we also come to expect from Edifier particularly fine fit and finish – and in this way the R1280 stereo speakers, with beautiful finished real wood cabinets, definitely don’t disappoint.

And we especially expect the best tech – and with their superb drivers, punchy and powerful amp, high fidelity Bluetooth, digital and analog wired inputs and a beautifully designed remote control the 1280s have all of this covered as well.

A wonderful pair of small stereo speakers with big, exciting and highly engaging sound, the Edifier R1280 active speakers are a fantastic value, and allow people on a budget to really hear their vinyl records in all their glory. And they also may be the very best speakers for anything and everything else as well – digital downloads and streaming, videos and movies or any other audio.

Best Speakers for Records – Mid-Priced

Audioengine A2+ 60W Bluetooth Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

What I Love:

  • Amazing Value
  • Powerful and Dynamic Sound and Tons of Power
  • Great Bass and Nicely Extended Highs
  • Very Accurate and yet Forgiving Sound – good for both old and new records
  • Superb Fit and Finish for the Money

Possible Downsides?

As much as I love the affordable Edifier speakers, just above, I have to say that for not that much more money you can definitely reach the next level.

The Audioengine A2+ are, for their still quite low price, full-on audiophile speakers, with incredibly low distortion, amazing detail and clarity, superb stereo imaging and palpable presence, and deep bass that, while not as boosted or bloated as with some speakers, is nicely emphasized, fast, controlled and clearly defined.

In fact, this is just the kind of speaker I love – affordable, high fidelity and yet still really fun, with a sound signature that will work perfectly with all kinds of music and appeal to pretty much any listener.

The A2+ have fully audiophile-level Bluetooth wireless, as well as wired analog and digital inputs, and all of the circuitry and internal amplification is of the highest quality imaginable – in fact, way better than you would expect at this price. I could say the same for the finish and the beautiful look of these Audioengine A2+ speakers, with a minimalist aesthetic and a superb gloss finish reminiscent of super high end products.

Quite possibly the best value of any product on this list of best speakers for records, the Audioengine A2+ are a fantastic pair of speakers for turntables – or for anything else – and are especially nice for budget audiophiles or anybody who simply loves music.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Record Players – Overall

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ (Series II) Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What I Love:

  • Room-Filling Sound
  • Punchy and Dynamic
  • Beautiful Warmth and Musicality
  • Tough, Durable and Well Made
  • Voice Prompts and Assistant Ready

Possible Downsides?

  • I’d love to see an even higher waterproof rating

Speaking of ‘next level,’ as wonderful as the inexpensive Marshall Emberton (above) is, this Bose SoundLink Revolve+ is a whole new experience.

The sound of any Bose speaker is unique – and pretty special – and the Revolve+ is an especially good example of that sound, with a smooth and easy sound that is a tiny bit dark and yet astonishingly clear and open, extended highs that are equally sharp and silky and deep bass that is nothing short of stunning for a speaker of this size.. Dynamic energy is unparalleled at this still affordable price point, and the way a Revolve + can fill a room with sound is truly amazing.

Yeah, the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ is a great sounding speaker, and I love the way it makes records sound – or the way it allows records’ sounds to fully come through – but I also love the design and features. There is not just latest-generation Bluetooth wireless but excellent analog wired connectivity for turntables, as well as great battery life, premiumbuild quality and real toughness, and a well designed and useful app.

If you’ve already heard a Bose speaker – any Bose speaker – you don’t need convincing, but if you haven’t you are in for a treat. Big, rich sound, shimmering highs, deep bass, room-filling imaging and amazing musical energy come together with superb material and build quality and intelligent design to make the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ my top choice for a portable Bluetooth speaker for turntables.

My Favorite Speakers for Vinyl

Klipsch R-51PM Powered Bluetooth Speaker,Black

What I Love:

  • Superb Bass for their Size
  • Exceptionally Low Distortion
  • Amazing Stereo Imaging
  • No Listening Fatigue
  • Extended Connectivity Options including Phono Preamp

Possible Downsides?

  • Not everybody loves the look of the tweeters – though everybody loves their sound…

While we’re on the subject of legendary sound, it doesn’t get any more legendary than Klipsch. And even considering all the established and time-honored speaker manufacturers out there, I myself – and, of course, millions of others for many decades – think that the Klipsch sound is as good as it gets.

No other speaker I can think of – at least none that aren’t obscenely expensive – has the ability to play music with such bright, clear and detailed sound but with essentially no distortion. This is the magic of the proprietary Klipsch compression horn tweeter, which allows for not only the highest levels of musical fidelity, musical engagement, detail and crystal clarity, but endless hours of fatigue-free listening.

But this is Klipsch, a company just as legendary for room-shaking bass, and the Klipsch R-51PM has so much bass, that is so fast, clear and clean and goes so deep,  that you’ll swear there must be a subwoofer in the room. And yet this bass, strong as it is, always remains well balanced with the mids and highs, and the overall signature is ideal – for records or for any music source, movies, games and more.

While the Klipsch R-51PM are perfectly fine as regards technology, with great connectivity (Bluetooth wireless, analog and digital wired) and top-tier circuitry throughout, these are my favorite speakers for vinyl records simply and solely because of their sound – far more accurate and as musical than anything else I know at this level, and a speaker I could listen to for hours and hours, and live with for years and years.

Best Speakers for Turntables – Premium

Kanto TUKW Powered Speaker with USB DAC & Headphone Out

What I Love:

  • Phenomenally Accurate and Neutral
  • Very Low Distortion
  • Next Level Stereo Imaging
  • Superb Material and Construction Quality & Fit and Finish
  • Excellent Inbuilt Phono Preamp
  • Exceptional Value
  • Great Remote Control

Possible Downsides?

  • None that I can think of…

I am tempted to say that the Kanto TUKW active stereo speakers aren’t, perhaps, for everybody.

They are an almost relentlessly accurate speaker, and do not cater to popular tastes and standard sound signatures – and so if you love big, boosted bass, or a bit of extra warmth, something like the Klipsch R-51 (just above) or even the superb Klipsch The Sixes or Klipsch The Sevens (truly special, if pricey, active stereo speakers, either one of which many would consider the ultimate speaker for turntables) may be the way to go.

But even the best Klipsch speakers, as dearly as I love them, don’t have the sheer neutrality of these superb Kanto TUKW active bookshelf speakers, which are in pretty much every way the perfect affordable-premium speakers for audiophiles.

Said in another way, I don’t choose the Kanto TUKW as the best speakers for turntables at this level because they are somehow specially tuned for vinyl, or their own sound signature somehow nicely complements the sound of records, but because these speakers will present that wondrous vinyl record sound perfectly every time, without alteration or ‘improvement,’ without their own colorations or commentaries – just the stunningly dynamic, detailed, musical and magical sound of records.

And yeah, every speaker to this point has a bit of its own sound – they are all amazingly accurate at their respective levels, and are all especially good for vinyl records and turntables, but they are not dead neutral. Indeed, no speaker, at any price, is truly dead neutral, but the TUKW are as close as I’ve found under a thousand dollars, and as a result they are among the most beautiful sounding speakers I know – if simply because they let the beauty of the music through so perfectly.

They are also beautiful to look at, with truly premium cabinets and absolutely the best craftsmanship overall, and their fantastically futuristic looking tweeters and woofers will definitely start some conversations.

With fully lossless high fidelity Bluetooth wireless, analog and digital inputs, a truly audiophile grade phono preamplifier and a stunningly powerful high resolution internal amplifier, the Kantu TUKW are equally superb with analog records or digital music sources, and despite their somewhat spendy price point they are surely among the best values on the audiophile market today – very highly recommended!

Best Speakers for Turntables – Period!

KEF LSX II Wireless HiFi Speaker System (Carbon Black)

What I Love:

  • The Best Sound Quality on All Levels
  • Incredible Stereo Imaging
  • Premium Material and Build Quality & Gorgeous Finish
  • Superb Tech
  • Fantastic Company
  • Streaming and Assistant Ready
  • The Finest High Resolution Digital Convertor (ok, not so much related to vinyl records, but very important)

Possible Downsides?

  • No phono preamplifier

Ok, time to come clean – I’ve claimed that the Klipsch R-51PM are my favorite speakers for records, and that the Kanto TUKW are unmatched as far as accuracy and sound quality, but in truth I love these KEF LSX II far more than the beloved Klipsch, and they are far more neutral and accurate than even the wonderful Kanto.

They are also quite a bit more expensive, even though I consider them an almost unbelievable value. But for the higher price you get a speaker that is competitive with essentially any high fidelity audiophile speaker at any level, and absolutely the finest material and build quality, fit and finish you can find –  as stunningly beautiful in appearance as they are in sound.

The KEF LSX II loudspeakers are so incredibly low distortion, and with such neutrality and clarity, that the subtle sonic cues that set a good vinyl record apart – like musicality, spatial imaging, detail and micro-detail, dynamics and micro-dynamics, deep bass definition and speed – come through fully and effortlessly.

If there’s a downside to this, the noise of dirty or damaged records will come through with equal ease, as will the sonic flaws of poorly recorded original masters, That said, even decent quality records and recordings will sound amazing through the LSX II, which are inexplicably forgiving given their accuracy and resolution.

As much experience as I have with high end audio, and as much as I love to listen, and to write about, these highest levels of music listening, here we reach a phenomenon which I can never quite explain – how a truly top-tier pair of speakers (and the KEF LSX II may be the least expensive product I can include at this rarified level) can be so utterly neutral and still sound so  much more beautiful than any lesser speakers that have their ‘own sound.’

So I just chalk it up to the fact that music itself is beautiful, and the more we hear of the original music and the original performances the better. Audiophiles, as well as more casual listeners and music lovers at all levels, claim again and again that this is what is so special about vinyl records – that they sound more like the music.

And the exact same thing can, and should, be said about these KEF.

The KEF LSX II active wireless speakers have the best tech going, the finest internal components, circuitry and wiring period, the most beautiful and perfectly finished cabinets, the best company behind them, and so much more. But above and beyond all of their other excellences, they simply sound more like music than anything at this level – not to mention many speakers that are far, far more expensive.

This is what audiophile listening is all about, and I have to believe that these still (somewhat) affordable LSX II would satisfy even the most demanding of audiophiles, and delight anybody and everybody who simply loves music.