Can Echo Show Use Facebook Messenger?

Can Echo Show Use Facebook Messenger?

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Do you have an Echo show at home? Wouldn’t it be good if Echo Show could connect to Facebook Messenger? You could access your Facebook messages from Echo Show if Echo Show could use Facebook Messenger. Let’s find out if it can.

What Is Echo Show?

The Echo Show is a smart speaker with a screen. Unlike Echo Dot and its various generations, Echo Show and its generations have a screen. The smallest Echo show has a 5.5-inch touch screen display. It works on the Fire Operating system, an Android-based OS by Amazon.

Till now, seven versions of the Echo show has been released, namely,

  • Echo show first generation: released in 2017 with a 7-inch display
  • Echo Show second generation: released in 2018 with the 10-inch display
  • Echo show 5: it has a 5.5-inch display
  • Echo Show 8: released in 2019 with an 8-inch display
  • Echo Show third generation:
  • Echo show 10
  • Echo show 15: released in 2021 with 15.6 inches 1080 full HD display

Echo Show 10 and its successors are no longer a tabletop Echo device like its predecessors.

What Is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is a messages app inbuilt with the Facebook app. It allows you to chat with your Facebook friends and even video call them. You can also share Facebook posts with Facebook friends and send them to users accessing Facebook Messenger.

What Is Facebook Portal? 

Facebook Portal is a newly launched smart display device with an AI-powered camera by Facebook, similar to the Echo Show. It also has an Alexa as a built-in voice assistant.

It is the correct device to use Facebook Messenger. It allows you to do video calling through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Can Echo Show Use Facebook Messenger?

But if you want to use Facebook Messenger on echo show, you will be somewhat disappointed. Echo Show is a smart speaker with a screen with Alexa enabled, but you can’t use Facebook Messenger.

You cannot download Echo Show apps using Play Store or App Store. Only apps that are available on the Alexa app can be downloaded. Currently, the Alexa app supports Echo Show, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Red bull TV, Food Network Kitchen, and Tubi. Shortly, sling TV will also be made available on Echo Show through the Alexa app.

Also, you can access many other apps using Alexa skills like audible, Amazon Prime Music, and such. There is no skill on the Alexa app related to Facebook or Facebook Messenger. Therefore, one can’t use the Echo show on Facebook messenger.

For video calls on Echo Show, one can use other Skype (available on Echo Show 8 only) or the Alexa app. One can also video call from the Echo Show to another Echo Show or Echo Spot.

Can Echo Show Use Facebook Messenger

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Can Echo Show Use Facebook Portal?

If you have an Echo Show, you cannot use it to video call on Facebook Portal. The Echo Show is by Amazon, whereas Facebook Portal is from Facebook, and thus both companies do not allow to use each other.

Echo show uses Amazon services for video calling, whereas Facebook Portal uses Facebook products like Whatsapp or Facebook messenger to video or use the device.

Use Of Alexa Skills On Echo Show

The main purpose of the Echo show lies in the Alexa app and its skills. It is easy to use Alexa skills on Echo Show. Go to the Alexa app on the Echo Show. Follow more > Skills and games > search for the skill and Enable to add it.

You can use skills like Uber, Allrecipes, game skills like Jeopardy, and many more. You can also use a few apps on Echo show by commanding Alexa. The user can just say, Alexa, open YouTube”, or “Alexa, open Prime Video” on Echo show to open them.

In Echo show 5, this is down through Alexa’s drop-in feature. For this, you need first to download the Alexa app on your mobile device (and not on the Echo show). Add your Echo device within the Alexa app under the Devices tab.

Now go to your Echo Show’s Settings. Go to the communicate tab and then find the Drop-in section within it. Turn on the Drop-In feature.

Follow the same steps on your Alexa app to drop in the video call on the mobile app. This way, you can make calls and messages from one Echo device to another.

How To Enable Skype On Echo Show?

Skype is only accessible on Echo Show 8. This is also enabled using the Alexa app downloaded on a mobile device. Go to more on the Alexa app.

Now, follow Settings > Communication > Accounts tab

Now, click on your Skype account. Sign in to your Skype account and sync your Skype contacts with Alexa. Now, on the Echo show, say, “Alexa, call (your Skype contact). It will place the call through Echo Show.

If you want to place a video call through Echo Show, you can use other video call platforms like Discord. All you need to do is say, Alexa, open Firefox. Type in and sign in to your account.


Can Alexa connect to Facebook Messenger?

No, Alexa cannot connect to Facebook Messenger on Echo devices. However, Amazon does have a Facebook Messenger skill that can be used on selected devices like Kindle and others.

How do I link Facebook to the Echo Show?

One cannot link Facebook to Echo Show. You can only upload your Facebook photos to Echo Show using the Alexa app downloaded on your mobile device.

How does Echo show work for video calls?

Echo Show doesn’t support FaceTime, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, but it supports Skype. After signing in to a Skype account using the Alexa app on the mobile device, you can command Alexa on Echo show to place calls. Say, Alexa, call (any of your Skype contact names).


In short, the Echo show cannot use Facebook Messenger. However, it can use other messaging and video calling services like Skype, Discord, and Alexa skills related to messaging and calls.

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