Can You Connect 2 Phones To Alexa

connect 2 phones to alexa

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It can be fun to have an Alexa-enabled device like Amazon Echo at home, thanks to all the exciting features supported by Alexa. Fortunately, Alexa is not restricted to just one user now. You can add multiple users by creating multiple Amazon accounts so that everyone can connect to Alexa when needed.

In effect, you can connect two or more phones to Alexa via multiple Amazon accounts. This is an excellent option for family members or roommates who can maximize the Amazon device. The phones must have the Amazon Alexa app to create an account. All the accounts created can then be linked to the Amazon device. You may remember that only one account can communicate with Alexa at a time.

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Amazon Household

It is possible to create an Amazon Household for multiple users to communicate with Alexa. Each member can have an Amazon account which can be added to the Amazon Household. Once the setup is complete, you can switch accounts by talking to Alexa.

Getting access to the digital content of different users is the greatest advantage of adding multiple accounts. If any member got some music from Amazon’s digital music store, the others could also enjoy listening to it using their respective accounts.

Particularly for family members, Amazon Household can act as something that brings the family together by keeping everyone updated. Accounts that are linked can share to-do lists and calendars that everyone in the family can easily access. This is even possible with Amazon devices that do not have a display.

An Amazon Household can accommodate up to two adults, including yourself, four teenagers in the age group of 13 to 17 years, and four children below 12 years. There is a special feature called Amazon kids that can be used by kids below 12 years of age. Teenagers added to Alexa cannot access the device directly through their personal profiles, but they can still order products or stream video if they wish.

Adding Adult to Amazon Household

Go to the Amazon Household website and log in with your Amazon account. Now click on Add Adult. Give the necessary information like name, email address, and country of the adult you want to add to the Household. Once this is done, you will be asked to confirm if you want to share your Amazon Wallet. This is to prove that both of you live in the same household.

You can check or uncheck checkboxes depending on what items you want to share with that person. This includes ebooks, games, audiobooks, and other digital content saved on your account. Click Continue.

Once again, confirm the adult’s name and email address and tap the Send Invite button, which invites them to join your Amazon Household. The person can open the email and click the Get Started button to join the Amazon Household.

The other person can go to the Amazon website, and tap Continue to accept the invitation. They should agree to share their digital wallet and check or uncheck the items they want to share, just like you did before sending the invitation. Open your Amazon Household screen, and you can see you and the other adult as members of the Household.

Can You Connect 2 Phones To Alexa
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Adding Teens to Amazon Household

Go to the Amazon Household page and click Add a Teen. The next screen details how the teen can use the account. Come down the page and click Get Started button. Enter the teen’s name and birth date and click Continue.

The next screen is the Amazon Teen program, where you can approve the purchases of the teen when they buy something online. You have three options here – Automatically approve all orders, Review and approve all orders or Automatically approve orders up to a certain amount.

On the last page, you can enter the teen’s email address or phone number to send a link to them. They can create their profile with their name, email address or phone number, and password by clicking the Create your profile button seen in the invitation email.

Adding Kids To Amazon Household

Go to the Amazon Household page and click Add a child. In the pop-up window that opens, type in the child’s name, birthday, gender and select a profile icon. The Amazon Household page will now show the kid’s name also.

You can now give the child access to the Alexa-enabled device by setting up Amazon Kids. Open the Alexa app, press Devices > Echo & Alexa, and choose the device you want the child to access. Press Amazon Kids under Device Settings. Enable Amazon Kids by turning on the switch, and you can see a pop-up window. Press Setup Amazon Kids and choose the name of the child you added to the Amazon Household, and press Continue.

In the next screen that appears, click Continue so that Amazon can collect information from the listed profiles. Log into your Amazon account and press I Agree to give parental consent for the kid’s account just added. Now click Continue.

You will now see a screen for Amazon Kids showing the details of the enabled features. You can swipe left on the next screen to see the different features.

Once the setup for the child is done, your Amazon device switches to their account. The child’s profile settings can be changed at the Amazon Parent Dashboard, where the child’s interaction with Alexa is displayed. You can click the gear icon to change the child’s age filters and content options.


Creating an Amazon Household can be a wonderful experience, especially if you are a family. This is a great way to bond with the members of your house and share interesting content. You can create a new account and get linked to Alexa to avail of her features with just a phone.