How To Turn Off Alexa Alarm

How To Turn Off Alexa Alarm

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It is super easy to set the alarm on Alexa. You just say, “Alexa, set the alarm for (your time),” and it’s done. However, many scenarios arise when turning off the alarm. Do you want to turn it off before it rings? Do you want it to turn off automatically? Want it to turn it off with your voice? Confused right? Which one should you follow?

Thus, here are all ways to turn off the Alexa alarm.

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How To Turn Off Alexa Alarm With Voice 

If you want to turn off the Alexa alarm with a voice, this means you want to use the Alexa voice assistant. Turning off the Alexa alarm with voice is easy. You need to know the right voice commands to do so.

You need to first wake up Alexa with its wake word (whatever you use like Alexa, Echo, My Computer, etc) to turn it off. When Alexa lights up, you can use one of the voice commands to turn off the Alexa alarm like:

“Alexa, Stop Alarm” If You Want To Turn It Off Before It Rings. 

If you have more than one alarm, Alexa will ask you to stop which alarm. If you have only one alarm turned on, it will turn it off. It will only stop the current alarm from an occurrence. If you say, “Alexa, cancel,” it cancels all the alarms that are set to ring sometime during the day.

‘Alexa, Stop”

You can also say, Alexa, stop to turn off the Alexa alarm with voice when no music is playing around. You can also replace the words Stop with cancel, silence, Hush, end, halt, discontinue, etc. However, do not use the word quiet as this word is used to decrease the volume of the device by one step.

How To Turn Off Alexa Alarm Without Voice 

Not a big fan of talking to Alexa through voice commands. No, worries, you always have a choice. You can turn off the Alexa alarm without your voice or saying any voice commands.

There is only one way of turning off the Alexa alarm without voice i.e., by using the Alexa device itself.

Whatever Alexa device you have, be it Echo, Echo Dot, or other smart speakers, use the control panel to turn off the Alexa alarm. However, the Alexa device should be placed at your arm’s length for this method.

You can use the Action button on your device control panel to turn off the ringing alarm. This also works well if your room is too noisy with background music and Alexa isn’t able to hear your voice. Just pressing the action button will turn the alarm off. The action button is in a shape of a dot.

How To Turn Off The Alexa Alarm

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How To Turn Off Alexa Alarm Remotely 

What if your Alexa device is not kept at your arm’s length, and you still want to turn the Alexa alarm off without getting up from the bed? How do you turn it off remotely?

To turn off the Alexa alarm remotely, you need to use the Alexa app. We are sure if not the Alexa device, your mobile device is always near you (in which the Alexa app is installed). Here are the steps to follow to turn off the Alexa alarm using the Alexa app:

  • Open the Alexa app on the mobile device
  • Tap on the main menu with three horizontal lines
  • Go to Reminders and Alarms
  • Tap on Reminders, Alarms, or Timers under it
  • Select the alarm you want to turn off and toggle it off.

That’s it. The alarm will no longer ring. If it’s ringing, it will stop ringing. By far, this seems like the most convenient option. You do not have to remember the command. You do not have to stretch your arm out to turn it off. Just pick up your mobile device, and it will require less than a few seconds to turn it off.

Related Question: 

Will the Alexa alarm turn off automatically?

The Alexa alarm will turn off automatically, but it will take some time. Therefore, it is better to disable them manually through the Alexa app or voice commands.

What is the Alexa alarm sound?

Alexa alarm sound is like a series of chimes. However, you can change it using the Alexa app or by enabling a certain Alexa alarm skill.

How long does the Alexa alarm sound last?

An Alexa alarm when starts ringing goes on for a few minutes if the snooze is not hit. If it is snoozed, it will stop for 9 minutes before it starts ringing again.

How to add more alarms on Alexa?

In the Alexa app, go to More> Alarm and timers> Add a New Alarm> Select a sound, and that’s it, a new alarm is added to Alexa.

You can set the alarm on Alexa in a similar manner.


Clearly, turning off the Alexa alarm is no rocket science. Anyone can figure it who has been using the Alexa device for a while. If you are a new user, we have covered it for you. Using the Alexa app is the handiest method of setting or turning off the Alexa alarm. For those friendly with talking to Alexa, just saying, Alexa, stop will do the job.

Wasn’t that too simple?