How To Turn On/Off Sonos Roam?

How To Turn On/Off Sonos Roam?

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Got a Sonos Roam recently? Stuck on how to turn on/off Sonos Roam? No, worries! Find the power button at the back of the device and press it once to turn it on. Then, press the power button for 5 seconds to turn it off completely.

What is Sonos Roam?

Sonos Roam is a recent addition to Sonos smart products. Sonos Roam is an innovative portable speaker that you can carry along with you anywhere. It fits in precisely anywhere like your water bottle.

With Sonos Roam, you can enjoy songs on the go, connect it to your other Sonos speakers for multi-room listening, talk to your favorite voice assistant, and a lot more.

Sonos Roam not only supports wifi but Bluetooth (one feature Sonos lovers were keenly waiting for) also. Moreover, you can control it with the help of the Sonos app downloaded on your device.

It is also compatible with Airplay2. This means you can play any songs stored on your Apple device and listen to them through Sonos Roam. It also allows you to talk to Siri and command it to skip the song and increase the volume.

Sonos Roam is powerful in sound quality as it is fitted with 2 class H amplifiers, one tweezer, one mid-woofer, supports automatic TruePlay, and allows bass, tremble adjustment through the Sonos app.

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How To Turn On Sonos Roam?

So, Sonos Roam has several buttons on the control panel located on the top. These buttons allow you to increase and decrease the volume, pause and play the playing song, and mute/unmute it. It also has a LED on top of the microphone button.

At the back of the Sonos Roam, there is an extra button that helps power up Sonos Roam. It is placed just above the USB C charging port. After you have fully charged it, use this button to turn it on. Press it once to turn on Sonos Roam if the Roam is off or in the stand-by position.

The same button is also used for several other purposes.

How To Turn Off Sonos Roam?

Now, if you want to turn your Sonos Roam off, you need to use the same button found at the back of the Sonos Roam.

To turn the Sonos Roam off completely, you need to press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. Once you hear a chime and see that the LED on top is turned on, this ensures that the Sonos Roam is now turned off.

How To Put Sonos Roam On Sleep Mode?

Putting Sonos Roam on sleep mode is different from turning it off. Don’t mistake Sonos Roam sleep mode for its turned-off mode. To put Sonos Roam to sleep, you need to press and release the power button at the back of Sonos Roam without holding it off for long.

Similarly, as in turning it off, you will hear a chime, and the led light will be turned on. This ensures Roam has entered into sleep mode. The battery of Sonos Roam in the sleep mode can last up to 10 days.

To remove Roam from the sleep mode, press the same power button again and connect the USB C cable to put it on charge. Alternatively, you can also place it on the wireless charging stand.

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How To Troubleshoot Sonos Roam ‘Not Turning On’ Problem?

There can be various reasons why your Sonos Roam is not turning on. Here is troubleshooting all the common reasons that could be involved in not turning it on:

1. Sonos Roam Not Charged

Maybe instead of turning it off, you kept it on sleep, which drained its battery. If your Sonos Roam is left on sleep for more than 10 hours, it has to be recharged to use again. This could be one of the reasons for not turning it on.

To troubleshoot this problem, just keep your Sonos Roam on charge for at least 2 hours. It becomes fully charged in 2 hours. You can charge it using a USB C charging cable with an adapter or placing it on the portable wireless charging stand.

2. Defective Battery

Another reason your Sonos Roam may not be turning on is due to a defective battery. Some of the reasons for battery failure include being overcharged or excessive exposure to heat. This deteriorates the battery life the most.

Before taking your Sonos Roam to a local technician, it is better to always talk to Sonos customer care. You can then pay a visit to their service center if the battery needs to be replaced.

3. Water Penetration

Though Sonos Roam is built tough with IP67 and is drop resistant, you still cannot erase the probability. It is waterproof up to 3 feet deep in water and could stay there for 30 minutes. However, there are still chances that its internal components get damaged.

If your Sonos is not turning on after such an incident, contact Sonos customer care and get it fixed from their service center.

4. Reset Sonos Roam 

No matter the reason, the top troubleshooting that helps and resolves most of the problem is factory resetting the device.

The same goes with Sonos Roam as well. Before banging your head on finding reasons, just give a quick reset to your Sonos Roam. Who knows, it could set things right.

To factory reset Sonos Roam, follow:

  • Simultaneously hold the Play/Pause button on the control panel and press and release the power button on Sonos Roam.
  • Do not release the play/pause button
  • Keep it on hold until the led light on the control panel flashes orange and white.
  • This indicates that the Sonos Roam is reset now.
  • Try powering it off/on again and see if the problem resolves.


Sonos Roam is an incredible smart portable speaker that stays with you wherever you go. You can make the most of it by accessing it directly from the device’s control panel only.