Can I Play Netflix On Sonos

Can I Play Netflix On Sonos

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To be able to stream your favorite shows with high definition video in the background is the best feeling. Isn’t it? When we can’t go out for movies, the least we can do to satisfying ourselves is by turning your own space into a home theatre. Let see if Sonos speakers can help us with that or not.

Most of us enjoy streaming services and can binge-watch them. One of the most-watched streaming services is Netflix. And the most common question asked is, Can I play Netflix on Sonos?

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Let’s troubleshoot this and know if you can and if yes, then how.

Sonos speakers are known for their compatibility and wireless connection. If you love to play music and audio through Wifi-enabled devices to be heard in your house, that’s what Sonos speakers are made for.

They were founded in 2002 to convert your home sound system according to the digital age.

Coming to the point, if you have Sonos speakers and iPhone devices at home, you should continue to read on.

Further, if you have at one of these Sonos speakers, namely Beam, Sonos One, Playbase, Play:5 (2015), Sonos Move, Sonos Five, Sonos Arc, or Sonos One SL, you are on the right track.

Further, if you want your Sonos speaker to play Netflix audio, here are the listed requirement:

  • iOS device
  • Airplay2
  • Above mentioned Sonos speakers
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What is Airplay2?

Airplay is a familiar word for Apple device users. AirPlay 2 is the updated version of AirPlay that gets added to your Apple device on updating to iOS 11.4. AirPlay 2 enables Apple device users to stream music to multiple devices through it.

If you can connect the dots here, AirPlay2 is the medium that will help you play Netflix on Sonos.

That takes us to:

How To Add Airplay 2 To Your Sonos Speaker?

If you have at least one of the latest Sonos speakers, you can add AirPlay2 to your Sonos speakers. Let’s see how:

Step 1

If you already haven’t downloaded the Sonos Controller App, you will need to download it on your iOS device. If you already have it, make sure it is updated to the latest version, either by visiting the App Store or through alerts.

Step 2

Once this is done, Open the Apple Home app on your Apple Device and add your Sonos speaker to it. For this, open the app and click on plus (+) sign on the top left corner. Pres on Add Accessory. It will ask you to Use the Homekit Setup Code or Hold iPhone near the accessory and Don’t Have a Code or Can’t Scan at the bottom. Click on it.

Next, you will see your nearby accessories visible on the screen. Click on each of your Sonos speakers to add them to Home.

That’s it. Your Sonos Speakers will not be seen As AirPlay 2 device and you can stream Netflix, Youtube, Podcast, and much more.

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Playing Netflix On Old Sonos Speakers

If you have one latest Sonos speaker and one old Sonos speaker, you can still stream Netflix on Sonos speakers through AirPlay2.

Here are the following steps to be followed:

  • Connect the new Sonos speaker to AirPlay and start the playing content
  • Open the Sonos App and tap on Rooms.
  • Click on Group non-compatible speakers with your Airplay compatible speaker


  • Open the Sonos Controller app and click on Settings
  • Choose System and then Airplay
  • Finally, toggle on Group Non-airplay speakers

That’s it! The three of your devices are now connected, and you can enjoy Netflix on Sonos.

Airplay 2 compatibility with Sonos speakers will allow you to control Apple Music with Amazon Echo, Alexa enabled device, Google Assistant, Siri, and do a lot more with your Sonos speakers.

Airplay2 has given another reason to get your hand son Sonos speakers. With Airplay2, one can transfer any sound to Sonos speakers through Apple devices.

It can also be used for multi-room audio playback.

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What More You Can Do With Sonos Speakers?

There’s a lot you can do with your Sonos speaker that can enhance your experience of the home sound system.

Boost your wifi network with BOOST

If you have poor Wi-Fi network around your area with poor signals, Sonos speakers are compatible with BOOST to tune in to your favorite music and audio easily. You can add BOOST in the settings section of the Sonos App.

Listen to audio with the same bass with TRUE PLAY

Sonos speakers are also equipped with TRUE PLAY tuning that allows the Sonos speakers to adjust to the sound irrespective of the place they are kept in. No matter where it is kept, be it cupboard, another room, etc, and make the speaker sound as well it can.

This can be enabled through the System Settings on the Sonos app as well.

Control Sonos through Spotify

If you are a Spotify fan and already have a premium subscription of it, you can as well control your Sonos speaker through the Spotify account. You don’t necessarily have to use the Sonos App to control your Sonos speaker then.

Allows parental controls

Sonos speakers are smart enough to enable parental control as well. So, no more awkward situations with songs playing on Sonos speakers. This can be done through System settings under section Parental controls.

However, for now, this is only compatible if the songs are playing either through Apple Music or Amazon Music.

Makes playlist on Sonos speakers

Yes, Sonos speakers are also capable of framing a playlist to play it all again without finding your favorites again. This can be done through the Sonos App. First, it allows you to add your song to the favorite list by tapping in the bottom left of the app. Once a list is created, it is added to My Sonos and played.

Not only this through My Sonos in Sonos App, but you can also add a song to it, add a new playlist, edit playlist clear recently played songs, and much more.

Connect to other Sonos speakers in different rooms

Grouping Sonos speakers together enable you to play the same sound on all speakers irrespective of where they are placed in the house. Whereas, Ungrouping them will make them play different sounds individually.

You can group and ungroup Sonos speakers through Sonos App and visiting Rooms tab.

Crossfade on

Don’t we all hate it when the current song playing ends, and suddenly, there is complete silence before another song starts playing? Crossfade features never let that happen. It helps in blending songs immediately when the currently played song is about to end.

This can be enabled by ticking on the Crossfade option on the Now Playing screen itself.

Allows to set an alarm

Sonos speaker can also act as an alarm for you by waking you up to the song of your choice. You can also set a sleep timer on it so that you can sleep to your favorite song.

This can be done by clicking the three dots on the right corner when the song is already playing. Set the sleep timer and doze off after selecting the duration.

Use Night Sound

Wondering what Night Sound features in Sonos speaker are for? Enabling Night sound transforms the Sonos speaker to adjust to the surrounding sounds so that it doesn’t feel too loud on a quiet night.

Listen to your favorite shows

Have something important to do? No worries, you can still listen to your favorite streaming shows on Netflix or the football commentary from another room when Sonos speaker plays it all along.

Connect the audio by grouping to another Sonos speaker and enjoy your show at your comfort.

Play your music anywhere

Want to impress others with your Sonos playlist. No worries, you can list show it off onto their Sonos speaker by connecting it through your Sonos app. Isn’t that amazing.

Know your listening habits

Sonos can also help you know your listening habits with the help of the Sign in to with the help of the Sonos app and have a ready playlist based on your listening habits.

Can I Play Netflix On Sonos


Sonos is so overflowed with amazing features. And with the advent of AirPlay 2, you have got all the more reason to binge-watch shows on Netflix with superior sound quality at the comfort of your home.