Can You watch YouTube TV on Echo Show

How to watch YouTube TV on Echo Show

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The problem that most people face when they wish to watch YouTube TV on Echo Show is that there is no official YouTube app, skill, or even any kind of support from Google, which allows you to stream it on Amazon Echo Show. This is because Google has exclusive ownership of the native support for smart displays, which includes YouTube. Google and Amazon have developed built-in functionality to allow the YouTube app to be used on Fire TV, but the same has unfortunately not been accomplished for Echo Show.

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So, Does This Mean That One Cannot Watch Youtube TV On Echo Shows?

Fortunately, there is an easy workaround to this issue that will enable you to stream YouTube videos on your Echo Show. Lucky for us, the second-generation smart displays of the Amazon Echo Show came with web browsing capabilities, which you can tap into to enjoy YouTube streaming.

Update Your Echo Show Device

So far, the line-up of Amazon Echo Show devices includes three brilliant speakers that come with touchscreen displays. The speakers include the 5.5-inch model, the 8-inch model, and the 10-inch model.

Before we even think of trying to stream YouTube on Echo Show, you need to make sure that your device is a second-generation Echo Show device, as this is the generation that Amazon released with web browsing capabilities. If you find that you own a first-generation Echo Show device, then first, you will need to update your software. Here are the steps to update your Echo Show device.

  1. Go to the home screen of your Echo Show device and click on “Settings.”
  2. Go to “Device Options.”
  3. Click on “Check software updates.”
  4. If there are any software updates available, then click on that and finish the updates.

Hack To Watch Youtube Easily On Echo Show

Now that you have updated your software, you will be able to stream YouTube on Amazon Echo Show through the web browser capabilities of the devices. There are two ways in which you can browse YouTube on Echo Show. You can do so either through Mozilla Firefox or through Silk Browser.

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Watching YouTube through Mozilla Firefox

The popular web browser Mozilla Firefox comes installed with all Echo Show devices as well as their corresponding updates. The steps to streaming YouTube videos through Firefox on your Amazon Echo Show device are quite simple and easy. Firefox comes installed with all Echo Show devices as well as their corresponding updates.

First, command Alexa to open Mozilla Firefox by saying, “Alexa, open Firefox.” When you give this command, Alexa will open up the web browser on your display, and you will be able to see the home page of Mozilla Firefox. Next, you have to command Alexa to open YouTube by saying, “Alexa, open YouTube.” Alexa will then open up YouTube on Mozilla Firefox for you, and you can then begin streaming videos by giving voice commands such as “Alexa, play “All I want” on YouTube” or “Alexa, play “Love Story” on YouTube.

And there you go, watching YouTube TV is quick and simple on Mozilla Firefox. There is also an advantage to browsing YouTube on Firefox, as this web browser happens to be one of the only web browsers that support YouTube TV outside of Google Chrome.

Watching YouTube Through Silk Browser

Silk Browser does not actually support YouTube TV, and this is why it is better to use Mozilla Firefox to watch YouTube TV on your Echo Show device. However, if you still prefer to watch YouTube on Silk Browser, you can do so by following the below instructions. This is actually pretty simple as watching YouTube on Silk Browser is the same as watching it on any mobile browser.

Command your Echo Show device to open up Silk Browser by saying, “Alexa, open Silk.” Silk Browser will get launched on your display, and you will be able to see the home page of this web browser. You can then browse for YouTube in the search bar that pops up, and begin watching videos. The web browser also usually has YouTube as one of the first bookmarks on the browser’s home page, which you can click on to begin streaming videos from YouTube.

As we have already mentioned, this is similar to how you would browse YouTube on any mobile browser, which means that you can even log in to your YouTube account and get all of your subscriptions in the same place.

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Setting Your Default Browser

If this is your first time launching a web browser on your Amazon Echo Show, then your Echo will ask you to set a default browser. You can choose whichever one you would prefer. However, we would recommend choosing Mozilla Firefox as the default option, especially if you are going to be streaming a lot of YouTube videos because this web browser supports YouTube TV.

However, whichever web browser you choose, you will still not be able to command Alexa to open up YouTube on your Echo device. This is unfortunate, but something that can’t really be helped as your Echo Show was not built for the purpose of YouTube. You might find it a bit frustrating to tap and swipe your way through it all before landing on YouTube on your Echo device. But at least you are still able to access your way into watching YouTube on your Echo device.

And there you have it! A hack to watching YouTube TV on your Echo Show device. This is nowhere close to a YouTube app, skill, or some form of native support, but at least you are still able to search for videos and stream them on your device!