Green Light On Your Alexa: What Does It Mean And How To Turn It Off

Green Light On Your Alexa: What Does It Mean And How To Turn It Off

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Alexa allows you to use voice commands to execute various tasks such as dimming the lights, setting up an alarm, or listening to music through your Echo device. The most defining design characteristic of the Amazon Echo range of smart speakers is the ring light feature. Whenever you call out “Alexa” to give a voice command, the ring light turns on to indicate that it is now ready to process your voice command.

There is a range of colors that light up, which are often status indicators or notification lights. Sometimes your Alexa’s ring light may turn green. This article will guide you on removing the green light as well as give you a brief idea about what the different colors indicate.

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What Does A Green Ring Light On My Alexa Indicate?

A green light may emerge on your Alexa on two occasions. When a flashing green light appears on your Alexa, it means that you have an incoming call in place. To disable the green light during such a situation, you can simply pick up the call or give Alexa voice command to answer the call.

In case you do not wish to pick up the call, simply reject the call to disable the green light from flashing.

If there is a spinning green light on your Echo device, it means that your echo device either has an active call in place or a Drop-in ready for you. If you notice an active call in place, the green light will automatically disappear once you hang up the call. Simply hang up your phone manually or say “Alexa, Hang Up”.

If you notice that your Drop-in mode has been activated, then there are a few things you could do.

Turn Off Your Drop-In Feature

In order to turn off your Drop-in mode, you need to open the Alexa application and head to the Communicate section. Once you open Communicate, head over to Contacts and select it. Once you have selected Contacts, proceed to select My Communication Settings and then use the toggle button to turn off Drop-in.

Review Your Alexa Voice History.

Sometimes Alexa might mishear commands and start a call or Drop-in. You should check your voice history to confirm whether Alexa misheard a command. Open your Alexa application and select the more which is on the right side at the bottom of the screen. Select Settings and go to Alexa Privacy. You can either select an entry or review commands given during a specific date range.

Turning Off Communications For Your Alexa Device.

You can use the Alexa application to turn off all communication on a specific Alexa Device. Doing so allows you to disable all forms of communication options on your Alexa device. To disable communications, open the Alexa Application and head over to the Select Devices section. Select Echo & Alexa and find the Alexa device whose communication you want to turn off. After selecting your Echo Device, select Communications and then turn off Communications, Announcements, and Drop-in. By disabling announcements, you will be stopping all broadcast messages to your device. Disabling the Drop-in feature will prevent members of your family and contacts from connecting to your Echo device.

The steps mentioned above would help you get rid of the green light on your Alexa device.

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What Is The Light On My Alexa Device Indicating?

As mentioned earlier, the lights on an Alexa device are how the device communicates its status. So what is the light on your Alexa device trying to tell you?

Green Light On Your Alexa 04

Yellow Light

A slow burst of yellow light that emerges every few seconds on your device means that there are unread messages or notifications that you have not checked yet. The yellow light acts as a reminder to bring to your notice that you may have missed certain messages or notifications. You can simply ask Alexa to check them for you by saying, “Alexa, What are my Notifications?” Or “Alexa, What are my messages?”

Cyan Light On Blue

When there is a cyan spotlight on a blue ring, it means that your Alexa device is currently listening to your voice command. Once the command has been understood by Alexa, the light ring glimmers briefly, and it means that it is now processing the request that you commanded.

Red Light

A solid red light comes up when you press the microphone button on/off. A red light usually shows that Alexa is not listening to you or is unable to listen to you because the microphone is disconnected. Press the microphone button again to enable your microphone. If your Echo Device has a camera, a red light bar means that your video will not be shared.

Spinning Cyan Light

This light shows up when your device is starting up. If the device has not been set up, the light will turn Orange.

Orange Light

A circling orange light indicates that your Alexa device is in setup mode or is trying to connect to the internet.

Purple Light

This color briefly shows up on your Echos light ring after you make any commands when the Do Not Disturb feature has been activated. A purple light that shows up during the initial stages of setting up your device means an issue with the Wi-fi connectivity.

White Light

The white light on your Echo device indicates the volume levels of your speaker. When you increase or decrease your device’s volume, the white light will show you the volume level. A spinning white light means that your Alexa Guard mode is on, and you have activated the Away Mode.  To get rid of the spinning white light simply return Alexa to Home mode.

Amazon’s Echo range of smart speakers allows you to use Alexa, its virtual voice assistant, to control various aspects of your smart home. With the help of different colors available on your echo device, you can easily identify what Alexa is trying to communicate to you, making your life extremely easy and efficient.