What Is The Best TV For Sonos Arc?

What Is The Best TV For Sonos Arc

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The best TV for Sonos Arc is one with HDMI eARC connectivity port. Samsung Q80T, Sony X900H, LG Nano Cell are some of the best TV for Sonos Arc.

What To Know About The Best TV For Sonos ARC?

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If you are looking forward to buying a TV for Sonos Arc, make sure to look for the below specifications:

  • You should buy a 4K HD/UHD TV
  • It should have an eARC/ARC port for connectivity
  • It should have a good picture quality (look for the ultra-viewing angle, anti-glare, contrasts, bright colors, fine details, etc.).
  • Look out for the HDMI 2.1 for a better experience
  • To enjoy Dolby Atmos, the TV should support it as well
  • It should support popular streaming apps and allow you to download apps as well.

How To Get Dolby Atmos And Is My TV Compatible?

Dolby Atmos is the highest standard of audio compression technology used to produce a surround sound experience.

Sonos ARC also supports Dolby Atmos. This means Sonos Arc has inbuilt speakers placed in a manner that accentuates Dolby Atmos. Under this audio technology, the sound is distributed among the speakers to provide realistic feel. For instance, in a rain scene, the sound of the rain is sent to the speaker closest to the listener such that it allows for 3D feels.

In Atmos, each object is treated dedicatedly to create a more 3D realistic audio experience.

To enjoy Dolby Atmos,

  • The TV should support eARC
  • The show should be recorded in Atmos
  • The streaming service should support Dolby Atmos

Most of the programs and streaming services do not use Dolby Atmos yet due to its higher bandwidth.

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Our Recommendation For The Best Tv For Sonos Arc


LG BX is a 65-inch screen OLED. It supports 4K resolution and is LG’s top alpha 7 Gen 3 processor. It also has pixel-level dimming, which provides the right brightness, contrast, and stunning pictures on the frame.

LG uses its webOS platform for streaming apps and lets you stream shows and videos from Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Google TV, Vudu, and more.

To control it, it comes with a Magic Remote that supports voice and motion control as well. The motion control works just like a laptop touchpad.

For gamers, this TV is best when paired with Sonos Arc. Also, it is flushed with gaming techs like NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync for the best no time lag and high refresh rate gaming experience.

For connectivity, it does support eARC (most important for being connected to Sonos Arc). You will find 4 HDMI ports (including eARC and ARC), 3 USB ports, one Ethernet port, and optical digital out port at the back.

The refresh rate is a favorite as well at 120HZ. For a 65-inch display TV, it is conveniently priced as well.

Also, for creating surround sound 2.2, it can be accompanied by two LG speakers with Bluetooth. It also supports Dolby Atmos sound and Dolby Vision IQ sight.

There’s more! It also has Alexa and Google Assistant as inbuilt voice assistants. LG BX OLED is also available in a 55-inch display.

Samsung Q80T

Samsung Q80T is known for being an affordable 65-inch OLED TV. So let’s see if it’s as good as it is claimed to be.

This TV will gather plus points for its picture quality. It has a VA panel and direct full array that keeps the blacks darker and whites brighter. Also, it has ultra-viewing with anti-glare, which means even when the sun is bright and directly has its rays on TV, you will see a vibrant picture with no glare. Ultra-viewing angle enables you to see a colorful picture from far offside angles as well.

It uses a quantum 4K processor that makes it AI-worthy. The refresh rate is 120Hz and has four inbuilt speakers placed up and downward-firing positions.

It has an inbuilt Alexa voice assistant, Google Assistant, and Bixby (which is Samsun’s own voice assistant) to make it smart. It supports a multi-view split that splits your screen into two, enabling you to watch two different things simultaneously.

It comes with a remote that controls everything flawlessly. 4 HDMI ports (including eARC), two USB ports, one optical digital out port, Ethernet, and an Antenna for connectivity.

For gamers, it has FreeSync, an active voice amplifier, and more. It also has an impressive Ambient Mode that allows your TV to blend with the texture of your wall.

It is available in various screen sizes from 45 inches to 85-inch.

Sony X950 H

This Sony 950H Smart LED TV is available in 55-inch, 45-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch and85 inch as well.

You can expect everything you expect from a smart TV. It has built-in Alexa compatibility. Talking about picture quality, it has an X1 Ultimate picture processor that keeps the color contract, clarity, and realism in the content intact. It also has TRILUMINOS Display that adds depth and right gradation to the viewing content.

Like any other TV, it also has a full array led that keeps the dark image darker and the white image brighter.

It not only supports Alexa and Google Assistant but Airplay 2 and HomeKit as well. It is an Android TV that makes streaming apps and shows easily through your home Wi-Fi network. It also has voice search makes searching for new shows and movies easy.

Also, for motion clarity, it uses X-motion Clarity technology. It also has Dolby Vision, HDR, IMAX enhanced, and Netflix Calibrated Mode, making this TV perfect in terms of picture quality.

For sound quality, you can connect it to Sonos Arc as it has an eARC HDMI port. In total, it has 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, an optical digital port, and an RF tuner. It also supports Bluetooth.

LG Nano Cell

LG Nano Cell uses out-of-box technology to provide dynamic picture quality. The Nano Cell technology uses 8.3 million active pixels of 4K resolution that delivers picture quality 4 times better than Full HD. In addition, the precise and vibrant colors at wide angles, balanced lighting provides it accurate picture quality.

For no time lags in sound and picture quality, it sues the Alpha 7 Gen 3 processor, which also ups the game with AI picture, AI sound, and 4K upscaling.

The refresh rate is 120HX, making it favorable for gaming as well.

You can never complain when it comes to its connectivity. It has 4HDMI ports (including an eARC port), 3 USB ports, one optical digital out, Ethernet, and RF.

Overall, LG nano Cell is a good fine budget Tv for Sonos ARC with an IPS panel which makes it perfect for wide viewing angle. This particular model has a 65-inch display screen.

Sony X900H

This TV can be a great alternative for anyone who can’t afford Sony X950H with no disappointment.

The difference between Sony X900H and X950H lies in its Display technology, picture processor, contrast, and sound technology.

X900H uses Full Led Array, whereas its successor uses Advanced full led array. It uses X1 4K HDR picture processor against X1 Ultimate. Also, for contrast, it uses X-tended Dynamix Range. It also does not support a Wide viewing angle.

The other features at Sony X900H remain the same i.e., its Alexa, Google assistant inbuilt, compatible with Apple Airpl2 and HomeKit, uses Xmotion clarity, and more.

What’s shocking is Sony X900H supports HDMI 2.1 while its successor does not, which may be one of the other reasons to go after Sony X900H instead of its successor. HDMI 2.1 will make this Tv capable of VRR (variable refresh rate), ALLM (auto low latency mode), reduced time lag, faster refresh rates. However, the same will be available through firmware updates scheduled for Winter 2020 and Spring 2021.

Samsung QLED Q90T

Asa the same suggests. Samsung QLED Q90T is a successor of Q80T.

Before discussing the details, let’s know what makes Q90T different from Q80T. The main difference lies in backlight and HDR. All of the other features are relatively the same.

In Q90T, you will find up to 20x direct full array (i.e., the arrangement t of lights), whereas in Q80T, the full array 12x was present. It also varies with the screen size. In Q90T, 85-inch screen Tv supports 20x, whereas the 65inhc, 55inch, and 75 inch supports a 16x full LED array.

Similarly, in quantum HDR, Q90T has 16x HDR, whereas its processor had quantum 12x HDR. More the HDR, the better the details in the picture.

The rest of the features in both the models remains the same i.e., the ultra-viewing angle support, built-in Alexa, object tracking sound, Quantum dot technology (one of the main benefits of QLED TV), real game enhancer, active voice amplifier, and more.

TCL 6 Series

TCL 6 Series is available in 55-inch, 65 inch and 75-inch screen display.

It is flushed with every sort of connectivity port in abundance. In terms of picture quality, it is a 4K ultra-HD toppled with Dolby Vision HDR making the picture and color clarity at its best.

It also uses mini-Led technology to light up the screen. It is also QLED i.. e uses quantum dot technology and has contrast control zones. These both features make the picture brighter and wider in color volume. Also, the darks are darker, and the bright colors are brighter.

For gamers, it has a dedicated THX-certified game zone for no input lags, a faster response rate, and no image smear.

For connectivity, it has 4 HDMI ports (including an eARC, no HDMI 2.1), one USB port, one optical audio out, a 3.5mm headphone jack, Ethernet port, antenna, 3.55 mm connector, and one RF.

Overall, the picture quality and performance are spot on. However, for more enhanced sound quality, it can be best paired with a Sonos Arc soundbar with no issues. Also, about streaming apps, it supports all the popular streaming apps except Twitch.

Vizio P Series

Vizio always makes it to any list due to its affordability.

Vizio uses quantum color and an active full array backlight for the picture quality, making it illuminate with vibrant colors. It also uses Ultra Bright 1200 technology that highlights the details more accurately such that details are not lost.

For the processor, Vizio has a Vizio IQ Ultra processor which is Vizio fastest and smartest chip. Also, it supports 4K upscaling.

The best part about Vizio is that it supports HDMI 2.1, which means you can get a viewing experience with no time lags and faster refresh rates at 4K resolution.

For sound quality, it supports Dolby Audio as well. Unfortunately, it lacks a bit of connectivity as it is only ARC-compatible. However, you can still use it with Sonos Arc. Also, you can control it through Alexa and Google Assistant.

What Is The Best TV For Sonos Arc?

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FAQ about best TVs for sonos arc

Does Sonos Arc work with an old TV?

Yes, Sonos Arc can work with old TV through the optical digital adapter that comes in handy with Sonos Arc. Alternatively, one can also use a converter device to connect an old TV with Sonos Arc.

Can Sonos Arc connect to the TV wirelessly?

No, there is no way Sonos Arc can be connected to TV wirelessly as Sonos Arc doesn’t support Bluetooth.

Can Sonos Arc control TV?

Yes, Sonos Arc can control the TV as it has inbuilt Alexa and Google Assistant. You can change the volume and turn the TV on and off through voice.

How much TV is suitable for Sonos Arc?

Any TV that has HDMI eARC or ARC support is suitable For Sonos Arc. There is no particular requirement whatsoever.


It is easy to connect a Sonos Arc to a TV if it has an HDMI eARC connectivity port. All the above Tv models specified have such ports and much more. A good Tv for Sonos Arc should also support Dolby Atmos to make the most of it (though not mandatorily).