Best TV For Sonos Beam

Best TV For Sonos Beam

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Sonos Beam is a smart soundbar. A soundbar is usually coupled with flat OLED HD TVs to pitch up the sound quality. A flat TV does not necessarily have good speakers with high fidelity. Soundbars thus is used to act as powerful speakers for them.

How To Choose The Best TV For Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam has an HDMI ARC port and an optical audio port at the back. This allows you to connect Sonos Beam to your TV through an HDMI or an optical cable.

Also, Sonos Beam comes with both an HDMI cable and optical audio adapter without buying them separately. This makes it easier to choose a TV for Sonos Beam.

Your TV should necessarily have either an HDMI port or optical audio port as your first priority.

If you are looking forward to forming a surround sound system, look for a TV with multiple HDMI or HDMI ARC ports. Then, when you connect multiple devices like a game console, Blueray, it will ensure no delay in the audio.

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Best TV for Sonos Beam

Here are some of the best TV for Sonos Beam we could bring down after thorough research.

Sony X900H

Sony X900H can be preferred for use with Sonos Beam. It has four HDMI ports. It will support HDMI 2.1 with firmware updates, to be released in December 2020 and Spring 2021.

Apart from these, it has some exceptional picture quality features like full-array LED, Triluminous display, X-motion clarity technology, and 4K HDR.

It also has a special game mode that alleviates the experience of playing on Playstation and Xbox accentuated by Sonos Beam audio/sound quality. The narrow bezel and minimal design allow focusing more on the picture and less on the TV frame.

In terms of audio features, it supports Dolby Atmos, an X-balanced speaker, and Acoustic multi-audio. This Android TV is also Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistant compatible.

As per the reviews, there is no lag behind audio when multiple devices are connected.

Sony X950H

Sony X950H is a smart Ultra HD LED TV with HDR. It comes in varied screen sizes, starting from 49 inches. However, you may find some features missing in 49inch than in its high screen sizes like X-wide angle, Hands-free voice search, and dual-position stand.

Apart from these, all its models support X-motion clarity with 120HX refresh rate, X1 ultimate picture processor, Netflix calibrated mode, Acoustic multi-audio, and Dolby Atmos sound technology.

It also supports Alexa and Google Assistant hands-free control along with apple Airplay 2 and HomeKit compatibility.

It is best for Sonos Beam as it has an HDMI eARC port that allows you to send sound to multiple devices through a single cable and splitting it into various devices.

Sony A8H

Sony A8H is another exceptional TV that is compatible with Sonos Beam.

It has an HDMI eARC perfectly suited for connected Sonos Beam to it. However, it may have the potential but currently does not support HDMI 2.1.

However, this OLED ultra HD TV supports an X1 Ultimate picture processor that is the best in Sony. Further, it also has a picture contrast booster, game mode, Trimulous display, and Acoustic Surface audio.

This Android TV also supports voice assistants like Alexa and good Assistant. It is compatible with Apple Airplay 2 and a Home Kit as well.

Samsung OLED Q80T

Samsung is a QLED TV meaning it produces 100% color volume vision with HDR. Samsung Q80T fits best for Sonos Beam for it has 4 HDMI ports that allow for easy connection between the two.

Besides this, it has a full array, ultra viewing angle with anti-glare, 4K quantum processor, and objective tracking sound.

The Objective Tracking Sound means it has 4 built-in speakers that are placed strategically to follow the sound as per object. For connectivity, it has Bluetooth, Wifi, USB, Ethernet, and HDMI (of course). The refresh rate is 120Hz which is considered best.

For connectivity, it has 4 HDMI ports (including HDMI eARC in 3rd port), 2 USB ports, one optical audio output port, a cable antenna, and an auxiliary port.

It has built-in Alexa and Bixby (Samsung’s voice assistant).

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LG OLED BX is best when to comes to connections. It comes with 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, Ethernet, ARC, and analog audio in/out.

Thus, a Sonos Beam can easily be connected with this TV and other devices simultaneously.

In terms of picture quality, the LG BX has pixel-level dimming that has millions of pixels that emit their own light, providing sharper, brighter, and clearer picture quality. It has a 4K alpha 7 generation 3 processor that allows faster picture loading.

It works on LG webOS, OLED motion Pro, and LG Think AI. It also supports surround sound with Bluetooth surround-ready LG Bluetooth speakers (sold separately). These speakers, coupled with the Sonos Beam would work as the ultimate home theatre system.

For sound and vision, it also uses Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision IQ that allows it to adjust the brightness according to the ambiance lighting. When the sun is down, the brightness will adjust automatically to suit the eyes.

For gamers, LG BX comes with features like g-SYNC compatibility, HDMI 2.1 support, faster response time, immersive HDR gaming, and more.

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LG NAN O85 with Nano cell technology is another TV suitable for the Sonos Beam soundbar. It has versatile connectivity featuring 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, HDMI eARC, optical digital in/out, and Ethernet. It also supports HDMI 2.1, missing in most Sony TVs.

This LG TV works on LG AI ThinQ. The picture processor used is an alpha 7 Gen 3 processor. It also has an auto picture setting known by Filmmaker Mode and also provides instant sports updated under Sports Alert.

For gamers, the HDMI 2.1 support is bliss. Also, Nanotechnology pertains to the number of pixels i.e. it uses 8.3 million active pixels to provide clearer and brighter images. Also, the nano colors allow for lifelike natural colors on television with wide angles. It also comes with one year warranty.

TCL 6 Series

TCL QLED Roku TV is considered the best for Sonos Beam as also recommended on Sonos community and other troubleshooting communities online.

The picture quality on TCL TVs is exceptional as it uses Dolby Vision HDR. In addition, the mini LED technology allows viewers to view all compromised situations without having to adjust the brightness and contrast.

Another feature that contributes to its picture quality is Contrast control zones that allow keeping optimized striking contrast between the light and dark zones in a picture.

You can also voice control your TV through Alexa, Google Assistant, and Roku’s mobile app. For gamers, its TX-certified game mode allows the ultimate gaming experience with no time lags.

For connectivity, it has 4 HDMI ports, of which the 4th port supports HDMI eARC. It also has a USB port, optical audio port, Ethernet, cable/ANT, and an auxiliary port (for headphones and adapters).

It does not support HDMI 2.1, though.


If you are not on a strict budget, LG OLED CX is an amazing TV for Sonos Beam. It is loaded with amazing features and versatile connectivity features.

For picture quality, it makes use of features like pixel-level dimming, Alpha 9 gen 3 picture processor, OLED motion pro, and more.

It works on LG webOS 5.0 and magic remote that allows streaming movies and shows over wifi and internet easy and user friendly.

For gaming, LG OLED CX features technologies like NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync that allow for a fast response rate and responsive and smooth gameplay.

It has ample options for connectivity. It has 4 HDMI ports of which the 2nd port supports HDMI eARC/ARC and the 4th port support HDMI 2.1 as well. It has 3 USB ports, cable antenna port, Ethernet, optical digital audio out and 2 mini-jack ports.

Also, the TV supports Bluetooth 5.0, making it easy to connect your Bluetooth-enabled devices to it and listen to music through the soundbar.

Vizio P Series

If you think you are already spending a lot in buying the best soundbar like Sonos Beam but couple it with an affordable TV, Vizio is the best buy.

Vizio is known for its various features within an affordable price tag.

For superb picture quality, Vizio uses a lighting fast IQ 4k HDR picture processor. Further is also uses active pixel tuning that adjusts the brightness and contrast of the screen as per ambient lightning.

For gamers, it has a special V-gaming engine that makes the latest game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation automatically responsive with Auto Game Mode.

Also, it has a Vizio SmartCast that allows users to easily search for their favorite streaming app and surf through shows and movies without a smart remote or via Vizio mobile app. It also comes with 150+ free streaming channels, so you don’t have to buy any subscription to view them.

The only downside is you cannot download the extra app on this TV. You can only use apps what has already been there in it.

For connectivity, it has four HDMI ports with an HDMI ARC port and one USB port. It has inbuilt Dolby Atmos, still complimenting with a Sonos Beam soundbar will bring out its full potential of sound quality.

LG LED Nano Cell

Lastly, another TV best for Sonos Beam is this LG LED Nano cell TV.

This is a 2019 model with a LED screen that uses Alpha7 Gen 2 intelligent processor. For picture quality, it uses Nano color technology that provides crisp and clear images.

For connectivity, it has 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, one Ethernet port, cable antenna port, and other auxiliary ports.

To prove its smartness, this LG TV integrates with both Alexa and Google Assistant with the help of LG ThinQ AI technology. Additionally, it is also compatible with apple airplay 2.

Since it is an old model, you may have second thoughts about buying it. However, if your sole purpose is to connect Sonos Beam to it, it will sort your purpose very well due to its multiple connectivity ports. Users found it a bit sluggish when using its smart features.

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Related Questions

Do I need a 4K TV to use a Sonos Beam?

No, you do not necessarily need a 4K TV to use a Sonos Beam. The only requirement to connect a Sonos Beam to your TV is it should have an HDMI ARC port (for best results).

Moreover, a Sonos Beam can also be used with old TVs with the help of an optical audio adapter (sold with the Sonos Beam itself).

What if my TV is more than 5 years old or doesn’t have an HDMI ARC port?

No worries, even if your TV is old, Sonos Beam can still work with your TV using the optical cable adapter that comes with Sonos Beam. Alternatively, you can also make use of convertor devices like HDMI to optical cable converters and other needed convertors.

I have a 4K TV! Does the Beam sound better with it?

No, a 4K TV will have no positive bearing as such on the sound coming for Beam. Sonos Beam is sufficient enough to improve the sound quality coming from the TV.

In case, your TV is equipped with Dolby Atmos, then it could make Beam sound better.

Can you connect Sonos Beam to TV wirelessly?

As Sonos Beam does not support Bluetooth, it cannot be connected to a TV wirelessly.

It can only be connected to the internet wirelessly with the help of wifi, which makes no sense as you will still have to connect Sonos Beam to TV through HDMI or optical cables.


These were some of the best TVs for the Sonos Beam soundbar. When finding a TV for a Sonos Beam, the only requirement that one should follow is to look for ports behind the TV. The TV should necessarily have an HDMI ARC to connect Sonos Beam to your TV.