How To Use Echo Show As A Security Camera

How To Use Echo Show As A Security Camera

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Are you planning to go on a long vacation with your family but are worried about your home’s safety while you are away? Amazon’s Echo Show comes with home security features that allow you to activate several security features to protect your home while you are not present. Apart from the security features available on your Echo show, the smart device also allows you to watch the live feed from your home smart security cameras on it. You can easily turn your Echo Show monitor as a security camera monitor and access your live feed even while you are on vacation.

This article will quickly explain all security features available on your Echo Show which you can use to enhance your home security.

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Echo Show

Amazon’s Echo Show comes with a vibrant 10.1 inch HD screen, a fabric design, and a built-in smart home hub. Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, makes it extremely easy for you to play music, set alarms, make video calls, and use your smart home products through voice commands.

You can make video calls to your friends and family through your Echo Show. Echo Show can make calls to any person that has Skype, Alexa application, Echo Spot, or an Echo Show. Controlling smart home devices has been made easier with the help of Alexa.

Your Echo show can easily control many smart home devices such as lights, security cameras, TVs, and Locks. Echo Show lets you listen to music and podcasts from your favorite music streaming applications such as Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, and Apple music. It also allows you to catch up on your favorite shows on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

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Home Security Features On Your Amazon Echo Show

Amazon’s Echo line of products comes with built-in home security features along with their smart voice assistant. Alexa’s Guard mode, Drop-in feature, and Doorbell API are some important security features that can be activated on your Echo Show.

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Alexa Drop-in Feature

You can use Alexa’s Drop-in feature to turn your Echo Show into a security camera as the Drop-in Feature permits you to start video calls and voice calls instantly. When you are not at home and want to check if everything is okay at your house, you can use this feature to turn on the camera on your Echo Show. Simply authorize a video call by saying, “ Alexa, drop in on Echo Show”.

Using Your Echo Show As Your Security Cameras Monitor

Other than using your Echo Show as a surveillance camera, you can also link your Echo Show with security cameras that are Alexa-enabled or compatible with Alexa-enabled devices. Some Alexa compatible security cameras that can be connected to your Echo Show are mentioned below:

  • Google Nest
  • Netgear Arlo Smart Security
  • Ring Security cameras
  • Logitech
  • Abode Home security Cameras

Connecting Your Home Security Camera To Your Amazon Echo

  • STEP 1: Open your Amazon Alexa application and go to the smart home menu. Select Skills and locate the specific skill for your security camera.
  • STEP 2: Select the skill and enable it. Once the skill has been enabled, you need to link your account with Alexa
  • STEP 3: Go to the Add Devices option on your smart home menu and click on discover devices. Locate your security camera and pair it with your Alexa device

Once your security camera has been linked to your Amazon Echo device, you can now start streaming a live feed from your security camera on your Echo Show. You can simply ask Alexa to show you the security camera.

Alexa Guard

Alexa Guard is another security feature available on your Echo Show. When you are away from home, you have to switch on the Away Mode. When the Away mode is turned on, several security measures features such as smart alerts are activated. These smart alerts immediately alert you when they hear things such as the smoke alarm going off, the sound of something shattering, etc.

You can automatically lock security systems and smart locks as long as they are compatible with Alexa with the help of the Guard feature. Alexa Hunches is another feature that informs you when your smart home devices are being utilized or are inactive during periods that seem unusual.

Alexa’s Doorbell API

The Doorbell API feature permits you to connect your Alexa devices to compatible smart doorbells. With the help of Alexa, you can get alerts for all doorbell activities when you are away and simply view it on your Amazon Echo Show.

Once your Echo Show has been linked with your smart doorbell, you can use voice commands to answer the front door or show who is at the front door. You can also use your Echo Show or Echo spot as an intercom device to communicate with the visitor at your door.

The best thing about the security features offered by Amazon Alexa on your Echo Show is that it is totally free of cost and you do not have to spend a single penny on securing your home. Smart Home Security devices these days are mostly compatible with Alexa.

If you’re planning to purchase smart home security products for your house, you should first check out its compatibility with Alexa. It would be very convenient for you if all the smart home products at home are Alexa-enabled.

It would save you the time and hassle to have to look at different applications to check your security monitors, doorbell notifications, and Smart Home device’s activity status. With the help of Alexa, you can manage everything with the help of a single device.

How To Use Echo Show As A Security Camera
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With the various security features offered by Alexa, you would not have to worry about the safety of your house while you are away at work or on a vacation. Just kick back, relax and enjoy your day at work or your day by the beach.