How To Connect Sonos To Samsung TV

How To Connect Sonos To Samsung TV

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Pairing your Samsung TV with your Sonos speakers or Home Theatre system allows you to have a unique experience where you can enjoy both clear and richly detailed sound along with high-resolution videos. Enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your homes.

But connect Sonos to Samsung TV?

Setting up your Sonos system with your Smart TV is a straightforward process. Sonos comes with the Sonos App, is compatible with Apple Airplay 2 and some speakers come with built-in voice assistants such as Alexa.

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Sonos devices That Can Be Connected To Your Samsung TV

Most Television sets come with two or four HDMI ports. One HDMI port will be labeled with Audio Return Channel (ARC). Connect one end of the HDMI to your Sonos soundbar and the other to the HDMI ARC port to sync your audio and pictures. Doing this also automatically pairs the TV remote control to the Sonos Soundbar.

If you happen to own a Television set that is an older model and does not have an HDMI ARC port, you can use the Optical Audio Adapter that has been provided to connect your Sonos Soundbar to your Television set.

Voice commands through Alexa will not work when your soundbar is connected via the help of the Optical Adapter. The following Sonos devices can be connected to your Samsung Smart TV via an HDMI ARC cable:

  • Sonos Arc
  • Sonos Beam

The smaller speakers from the Sonos family cannot be connected directly to your Television like the Sonos beam and Sonos Arc.

However, they can be connected to the Television through your Sonos Soundbar. Sonos allows you to control your speakers through the Sonos App wirelessly. Doing this will enable you to manage different speakers hands-free.

To wirelessly connect your Sonos speakers to your Television, you will need to have at least one Sonos device connected to your Television through a wire.

Once connected, you can use the Sonos app and connect your Sonos speaker or speakers to your Wi-Fi network. Please note that you need to connect your speakers to the same Wi-fi network that your phone or computer is connected to.

Once your speakers have been linked to the Wi-fi, simply connect them to your Sonos soundbar that is connected to your television set.

The following Sonos devices mentioned below can be connected to your TV wirelessly through the help of your Sonos Soundbar:

  • Sonos One
  • Sonos SL
  • Sonos Beam

Some Sonos speakers will have a 3.5mm input port at the back. You can use an AUX cable to connect your speaker to the Television by connecting the cable to the headphone output of your Television.

Not all Television sets come with a headphone output, so it is best to check if your Television has that port. Sonos speakers that come with an analog connector are as follows:

  • Sonos Play 5
  • Sonos 5
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Connecting Your Samsung TV To Your Sonos Sound System Through Bluetooth

Apart from Wi-fi and cables such as an HDMI cord or an AUX cable, you can also connect your Sonos speakers to your Samsung TV through Bluetooth.

Such a connection is only possible if both your Sonos speakers as well as your Samsung Television set are Bluetooth-enabled.

In order to connect your Sonos speaker to the TV through Bluetooth, you will have to use a streaming service such as Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.

Simply go to the setting section of any of your streaming platforms and search for your Sonos speakers. Make sure you have turned on your Sonos speakers and kept them on Bluetooth pairing mode.

Once you select your speaker, it will wirelessly connect to your television set and start playing your Television’s audio. Not all Sonos speakers are Bluetooth-enabled, so it is best to check out the specifications of your Sonos speakers before trying to connect them to your television set via Bluetooth.

Sonos Speakers And Airplay 2

The Sonos speakers are compatible with AirPlay 2, making them work extremely well with Apple TV.

Once your Sonos speakers have been connected to the Sonos application, you will be able to access these speakers through Apple TV.

To enable this feature, you simply need to link your Samsung Television to Apple TV.

Once linked, you can easily stream all shows on Apple TV and play them through your Sonos Speakers. This feature is only available if you have Apple TV.

Samsung One Remote

How To Connect Sonos To Samsung TV

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Another way to connect your Samsung TV to your Sonos speakers is through the Samsung One remote. Samsung One remote uses radio-frequency or Bluetooth to connect to the TV, so you need to adjust some additional settings for it to work with your Sonos sound system.

Follow the steps mentioned below to connect your speakers to your TV through the Samsung One Remote.

  • Select “Sources” from your Samsung TV’s Home Menu and choose Universal Remote. Make sure your universal remote has already been set-up
  • Click on “Start To Begin”.
  • To add your Sonos sound system select “New Device” and then select “Home theatre System”
  • Search for Sonos and change the input to Optical
  • Check whether the power source is set up by doing a “Power Test” and wait for a pop-up confirmation.

Once the above steps have been completed, go to the universal remote setup and select any other input device that needs to be set up and select “Use with Home Theatre”

After you have completed all the steps, your Samsung One Remote will be ready to work with your Sonos Home Theatre devices.

Simply finish setting up the configuration of the TV remote with the Sonos speakers by going to settings from the Sonos App.

Select the Samsung TV and open the remote control setup and complete the instructions.

Sonos speakers either come with Bluetooth or Wi-fi connectivity. Some speakers like the Sonos Arc and the Sonos Beam can be connected directly to your Samsung TV.

Make sure you check the specifications of your speakers and your TV before trying to link the two together. If you plan to buy a Sonos speaker or soundbar for your Samsung TV, do check out what speaker would be best compatible with your TV.

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